Thursday, December 18, 2008


Am I a little late to the game? Have you seen enough Christmas decorating to make your head spin? Ah well, I have made this a fairly short post so I hope you will bear with me. I didn't do much this year, but I did enough to give the house a little Christmas sparkle and that is all I needed to make me feel better. I am so blown away by some of your decorating collections and the beautiful things you do. It will certainly make me map out a better strategy next year for my decorating!
I found this little cottage ornament at Marshalls the other day and I loved it. It goes well in my little cottage:>) The poinsettias were actually free when we purchased our Christmas tree! The man we paid gave us three coupons to take to a local nursery and the freebies were just beautiful. They have really brightened some corners of the house. God has been so good to us this season with deals like this. With Earl off work we havent had much budget for frills. This little side table is in the dining room.

I had some new silver candles from last years clearance sales and the big red mercury glas ball is an old favorite. The lace runner came in a package of beautiful lace from Earl's aunt when she visited. She knows I love that kind of thing and brought me a bag of the most fantastic old things!

Some sparkly silver trees and my favorite sheep that I purchased last year from Mary at Merci Notes . Love their sparkly little hides! You might not be able to tell but they are covered in glitter!
In the living room bookshelves I just added a few things to my new and growing collection of blue and white plates. On this shelf my favorite glass block star candle holders. They hold tea lights and I love them. Wish I could find more.

I added some silk poinsettias to the top of the bookshelves with some red ribbon and lights. It looks so pretty with the old folk art church that Earl's great grandfather made. Tomorrow I will show you the tree. Tonight we are dining on pheasant that Uncle Arthur brought over and having a dinner party with our dear cousins and our godson. I can't wait to squeeze him to pieces:>)


  1. Kathy I love that little cottage with the red roof! I would love to live in it :-). Your decorating looks lovely. I really like the white poinsettias on top of your bookshelf/hutch.

    The snow flakes falling on your blog are very fun....

  2. Hi Kathy, I love the white poinsettias! That's so neat that you got those other poinsettias for free! I realized yesterday that I don't have one poinsettia in the house! Oh well!

    I'm also blown away by peoples decorations (and I haven't made through one whole list yet). I've realized that I'm obviously challenged in the floral arranging/garland making area! LOL! Some of these garlands are so gorgeous and elaborate!

    Anyway, I love all your pretty Christmas touches!


  3. Oh, we NEVER get tired of looking at CHRISTMAS !!
    Your decorating is just beautiful, Kathy. I love the white on the top of the hutch...along with that fabulous old church...
    You have done very well, indeed.
    and, as you said, God has been so good to us this entire year that I feel as if we've already received all the gifts we need...or deserve.

  4. you are not too late. I am still decorating...

  5. I loved looking at your Christmas decorations:) It all looks so pretty. God sure does take care of us:) My husband sells real estate...and God provides a sale just at the right time, like next week:)!!The sales are far a few between.
    Merry Christmas!!

  6. Everyone's starting to get busy for next week so I'll wish you a very Merry Christmas with your family....enjoy the time with your daughter...

  7. I love your little vignettes for Christmas! You did such a lovely job decorating. I never tire of seeing everyone's decorating for Christmas! It makes me feel festive for my lack of it, LOL!

  8. Well Kathy your sweet lil cottage looks beautiful!
    I love all the pretty touches!

    I am going to Marshals this weekend to see if they have a cute lil red cottage ornament!
    I love it!

    You always find the cutest things!

    Merry Christmas dear friend,
    Warm Hugz,

  9. I think things are looking very festive at your house! I keep wanting to do more and more but just have to make myself STOP finally!
    I'm hoping things will get better in 2009 and this season will be just a distant memory for you and your family!

  10. Kathy:
    Everything is really lovely and I had to laugh because I told my hubby just today that next year I am going to have a better plan and I am starting on September 1st.
    Roberta Anne

  11. Those poinsettias are gorgeous and for free! Your home is looking quite festive. Mimi

  12. I have those same silk ponsettias and I was gonna break them apart to stick in a garland.
    But now after seeing yours
    I am going to leave mine in bunches and put them on top of our fireplace mantel.
    Pamela from OH

  13. Everything looks so festive and pretty! I like the way you have displayed the white poinsettias.
    I wish you a very Merry Christmas and an even better New Year.

  14. Good morning, Kathy -
    Your home looks so festive and cozy! That little cottage ornament is darling. I couldn't have resisted, either, if I had seen it. So sweet! Everything looks lovely, my dear. God is good to us, isn't He? Pointsettias for free! Wow. Hope you have a wonderful weekend.

  15. Kathy, I love all of the whites with the touches of red and sparkly. Everything looks magical.

    Thank you for sharing with us.

  16. It all loks wonderful...white is such a good colour for Christmas I think, truly magical!

  17. It is all beautiful. Thanks for sharin gwith us

  18. So pretty! That was a sweet surprise about the Poinsettia,huh?
    Christmas is upon us! I doubt I'll be around again...hope yours is very merry!

  19. Everything is gorgeous! I love the poinsettias over your cabinet!! Look at how cute you and Earl are in your wedding picture!


  20. Oh Kathy, I LOVE that little cottage ornament, and it is perfect on the crystal dish!


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