Tuesday, December 16, 2008

A baptism and a tour

Earl and I had the privilege of attending a little country church this Sunday for the baptism of our Godson Nicholas. Isn't he a sweet dumpling? His mom and dad can not put him down and when they even think about it the whole family is waiting to take him in their arms and give him a cuddle so I don't know if the poor child will ever learn to walk. Really.
The church they attend is a little country church that is just amazingly beautiful. Built in the late 1800's it has the heavy woodwork and tiny old pews that you just don't see anymore. Decorated for Christmas with bright red poinsettias on the altar and the sun streaming through the stained glass windows, it will take your breath away. I thought I would show a few pictures. I wish I had thought to take my camera, but I had to rely on my daughters which isn't as good. A lot of the pics did not come out but here is what did. This beautiful nativity scene was the centerpiece of the altar, surrounded by bright red poinsettias it was perfect. This congregation has a group of quilters who make prayer quilts for people who are ill or who are going through a rough time. This one is for a pregnant woman that someone asked for prayer for and the people of the congregation come forward after church is over to tie some of the strings on the quilt as they say a prayer for the person it will go to. They did this for Earls mother when she was going through treatment for cancer and it is such a treasure to her. this was draped over the organ at the front of the church and it will be there until it is finished and given to the person it was made for. Isn't that beautiful?

These Stained glass windows were actually made by the congregation for the church fairly recently. The windows are original but only had plain squares of colored glass at the top in a patchwork effect. The congregation made these intricate windows for the lower panes and the effect is breathtaking. I am such a pushover for these beautiful pieces of art. I have always wanted to make some windows like these for our church. Maybe some day. The brilliant colors of these windows along with the Christmas decorations was just amazing! Is anyone else in love with these old gothic chairs? Is it wrong to covet something in a church? No doubt, but these old chairs make my heart go pitty pat. God knows that it was only a momentary temptation to put this into the back of the van after everyone else left. Really. As long as you don't yield to it temptation isn't a sin.

Isn't this a beautiful family? Congratulations Rick and Marie and baby Nicky. We love you! It was a beautiful morning:>)


  1. Kathy, your godson is simply gorgeous!! And the smile on his dad's face? You can see he is already the apple of his eye!

    The Church is beautiful...and I don't think you are "coveting" that chair -- you are appreciating it's beauty (now, if you were trying to stuff it into the trunk of your car.... lol!!)...

    do you know how beautiful the picture of Nicholas is with the snow falling down on him? It's a wonderful effect!

  2. Kathy, Yes they are such a beautiful family. Nicky is so adorable I love his chubby cheeks!
    Such a pretty Church.
    Blessings ~Mary~ :-}

  3. What a darling little boy and a beautiful family! Thank you for taking us along. That little church is gorgeous. I love the idea of the prayer quilts. Tying some of the quilt while praying for the person makes it so special. And those stained glass windows? Oh, they nearly took my breath away. I love little country churches where the congregation has taken such pride to instill their faith and talents into the building and the love they share together. ~Adrienne~

  4. LOL - somehow I think he'll learn! He is a cutie! The church looks beautiful. The windows....so lovely. The prayer quilt is such a lovely, lovely thing to do!


  5. What a sweet and precious baby! Thank you for sharing the lovely photos of the church.

  6. Kathy,he is a beautiful baby. And, the church is gorgeous. What a special time.

  7. Oh, Kathy! Nicholas is such a beautiful baby! I can see why he doesn't want for holding:-)

    I love the pictures from the church. The gothic chair caught my eye as well.

    Please stop by if you can, I have posted a prayer request for a special person.


  8. What a gorgeous baby!!! what a perfect description to call him a dumpling....

  9. What a darling baby! I am in love with those cheeks!

    The church is beautiful! What a special time of year for this celebration!

    For Unto Us A Child Is Born....

  10. Kathy:
    I would want to hold Baby Nicky too. The church is incredible and as a quilter the prayer quilt thing really touched my heart.
    Thank you. Leave the chair alone!
    Roberta Anne

  11. Oh what a beautiful little fella...and so blessed to have YOU as his God Mother.
    Thank you, Kathy...
    love, bj

  12. What a sweet baby
    and such a lovely post!

  13. Beautiful baby, beautiful church. Mimi

  14. That baby is pretty smoochy, isn't he?! I'll bet he is good natured too.
    Gorgeous old church. Full of love too, I can tell. Wow those people are crafters!

  15. Sweet baby. Kathy, my mom's church has a group of ladies that make prayer quilts and she participates. And she was a recipient of one a year ago when she had a stroke...it was so sweet of them and she loves it...been nice if Pastor had done his job and shown up at the hospital too..but that's another story ;)

  16. What a pretty baby and a sweet family! I just love old churches. The ladies who quilt are doing such a wonderful thing. Every thing just looked lovely. blessings, Kathleen

  17. Kathy

    How can you resist those chubby cheeks? Gorgeous!

  18. What a precious baby and special post!

    We wish you and your family a very joyful and Merry Christmas!


  19. You got some great pics. I only got one good one so it's nice to see yours.

    BTW-I didn't get a link or anything in the email you sent me for Julianne. When I replied back to you, it didn't go through again. Can you try sending again? Thanks.

  20. Sweet dumpling, to be sure!!!!!

    I have a Nicholas....he's now 30

  21. He is so adorable! Those cheeks! What a sweetie!

    And that church is so gorgeous! We would love a beautiful church building like that, so rare to find though. Love the stained glass and yes, I would covet that chair too. :-D

    Thanks for your encouraging words over on my blog, Kathy. We are so blessed to be heading off to serve in this way that we hardly consider what we have to go through suffering. Just inconvenient :-D

    It is good for me to keep it all in perspective, this too shall pass!

    Thanks for the prayers,

    Christmas blessings,

  22. Morning, Kathleen! What a little angel and the church is so beautiful! What a wonderful occasions. Thanks so much for coming to see me today!
    Be a sweetie,
    Shelia ;)

  23. Your decorations are so sweet and congratulations to Rick and Marie! Merry Christmas to you and your family!

  24. What an adorable family and congratulations to Nicky on his babtism. What a cutie pie!!!!



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