Friday, December 5, 2008

Pretty dresses

Today Good Morning America had a piece on what Michelle Obama would wear for the inauguration. My husband turned to me and said, "Why would anyone care what dress someone is going to wear?"

I told him every woman in America cares. It's all about the pretty dresses! When my girls were little, family night was an old movie snuggled on the sofa. I remember taking them to the video store to find the classic movie we would watch. The question was always, "Are there lots of pretty dresses in it mommy?" Yes, we picked our movies for the longest time based on how many pretty dresses might be starring in it. Don't we all wish we had more places to wear pretty dresses?


  1. Yes, indeed! I'd love to have the problem of too many pretty dresses for the closets in my house!

  2. Yes, yes, yes! It is all about the pretty dresses. Just another example of something men don't "get". ;-)

  3. ooo, you hit the nail on the head when you said "it's all about the pretty dresses!!! OF COURSE IT IS, EARL !!
    love, bj

  4. I LOVE dresses. I really LOVE the 2nd one you show here, Kathy!!!

    I would LOVE to have someplace to go, to dress up like that.


    *when we open our B&B, we'll have a ball in our ballroom*

  5. Yes of course we do wish we had places to go and dress up in dreamy dresses.

    I stopped by to wish you a happy and joyful day!

    Love and blessings,

  6. I love pretty dresses and always wish I had somewhere to wear them....but watching a great movie with pretty dresses is almost as good!

    Enjoy your weekend..

  7. Beautiful.... I love the first one in pink... dreamy!

    Have a lovely weekend, Kathy...


  8. LOL! Oh dear...I actually do not own ONE DRESS!! Yep, that's right! I have some skirts but I haven't worn an actually dress in many years. I also hate panty hose and high heels!


  9. Of course we care. I have always loved a movie called Written On The Wind, a sort of precursor of Dallas. What was so wonderful about this movie? The clothes! They were beautiful designer creations on beautiful actresses. I want to know what Michelle wears to the festivities. I wasn't crazy about the black and red frock but she is new at this so I will cut her some slack. You go girl.

  10. Well, I rarely have a place to wear pretty dresses, but I sure like to watch them on TV and in movies! I like your theory of picking movies based upon the # of pretty dresses in it!

  11. I love pretty dresses!! I want to see all the sample dresses~Wish I could pick for her, lol. you found some great ones to post too!
    have a cozy weekend,

  12. Oh, and look at the dress that you have chosen for this post. When I lived in Hong Kong the American Club had a ball every year. We all got to wear long ball gowns and dance the night away. Such a fancy place, so glad I had a slimmer figure then. tee hee.

  13. Remember shopping for prom dresses? Trying on 100's of them to find the perfect one? Yes, is all about the dresses!

  14. Husbands also don't understand....the Oscars, The Macy's Thanksgiving parade and dog shows.....I'm sure men all over the world are glad there is no more "Miss America".....

  15. That is really a cute story about how you picked movies, Kathy! Those are some gorgeous dresses! Don't ya just love being a girlie girl? I know I do, LOL! :)

  16. Kathy will you be mad if I agree with Earl?
    I don't care what Michelle wears either LOL.
    Now can I have cheesecake???

  17. I's all about the pretty dresses!

  18. I'm ALL about picking movies just to see the pretty dresses (and how authentic they are)... Gone with the Wind, Pride and Prejudice, Elizabeth, Emma, etc, etc, etc.
    Patrici :o)

  19. Most definitely! I am lucky to get dressed up in my best jeans but once a month or so. :) LOVE those dresses! or are they gowns?

  20. If only we could be Cinderella for one night! Wouldn't that be enchanting?

    PS ...Happy 'belated' birthday to Dear Hubby.

  21. I think she'll look Jackie-ish, she like sheaths and plain dresses.

  22. Your right! And for me, it's the only reason to watch the Academy Awards once a year! Looks like we all love pretty dresses - when will men get a clue? Of course when power tools are your favorite thing,what can we expect??? Have a great Christmas, Kathy! And thanks for all your help this year!

  23. Kathleen,
    Heck yes, I'm curious too! Lori

  24. I love to watch the red carpets for the awards show but I dislike the shows anymore. I think Michelle's choice will be interesting, to say the least. Havent' been impressed so far, she does look much better in classics, as she is tall, slim, short waisted and long legged...hope she wears something bright OR yellow--makes her look sallow, but the brights look lovely against her skin....oh shoot, just have the woman call me, okay?

    Does anyone remember the frothy confection that Sarah Jessica Parker won a few years ago to the Oscars (I think)? All ruffles, and frills and pale pink....gorgeous.


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