Tuesday, July 14, 2009

The Morning Garden

Mornings here have been cool and sunny. Perfect weather to get out in the garden and do a little work. We have begun dabbling in raised beds for our veggies this year. I love how they contain everything neatly. Until now, vegetable gardening has been something I was really not interested in. If you want to turn your kids off of gardening, get them up at the crack of dawn and make them tend (weed) your 3 acre garden all summer. My parents had slave labor (us) and we had better get every. single. weed. I grew up detesting vegetable plots. And then there were the hours of canning in the hottest part of summer. Ugh.
But the past few days, out in the cool morning sunshine, weeding and mulching my little beds and seeing everything become neat and ordered has renewed an interest in gardening. Of course, it helps that my flowers are part of the garden and I get to see their beauty as I work. See the cute tomato marker above? My sweet sis-in-law made that for me:>)
Above, peas are almost ready, marigolds glow next to the tomatoes, in the upper right corner is some pink lavender I found a couple years ago at the farmers market. It doesn't smell as good as the purple variety, but I like it's uniqueness. In the lower right corner, my "black" hollyhocks, I love the single variety rather than the ones that look like powder puffs. They look so much more old fashioned. What's growing in your garden?


  1. Such prettiness in your garden. Lovely photos. In my garden? Roses, roses, and more roses. Hope you stop by for a visit sometime.

  2. Kathy I have pink lavender too. I bought a plant some years ago in teh Jersey (Channel islands) Lavender farm and it was a new variety then. It's very pretty I think.

  3. Hi Kathy
    Your garden looks great and I am so glad that you can enjoy working in the garden again after the "slave labor" you did as a kid ;)
    Hugs, Rhondi

  4. I love mornings when it is cool in this hot desert, honey. Your garden flowers look luscious, sugar.

  5. Looks wonderful Kathy! I have lots and lots of tomatoes coming along nicely. I also have canteloupe and watermelon...but I dont think we will get to eat these. Somebody else has already been sampling them...groundhog?


  6. We put in a raised veg garden last year...it does make everything so much more neat and orderly. Your flowers are so pretty. Love the pink lavender....I had never seen that before!

  7. Kathy, the garden looks spectacular! I especially love the tomato marker.
    We are already picking the peas and have had some success with the cauliflower. Since Dear Hubby increased the size of the garden this year ...I best get busy on finding some good freezing and canning recipes! Thanks for sharing your beautiful garden photo's, they are wonderful.

  8. What a clever SIL making that tomato marker. Looks so cute.
    Funny how it is more fun when you have some pretty flowers to look at

  9. What pretty photos..your garden must be really pretty. I love the single Hollyhocks better, too.

    When I told the twins about wanting to do a tablescape and picnic in the vineyard, they were delighted. Loved every minute of it. We had a lot of fun...then...when they found out about the ice cream social, they REALLY got excited. We had fun doing that, too.

  10. Good morning, Kathy. It is so nice to meet another childhood garden slave. As many rocks and weeds as I dispensed with in my young years, it is a wonder that I ever came to love gardening! HA:-)
    And the time my Daddy decided to plant 10 rows of corn still lives on as one of our worst summers ever!! Of course the freezer full of fresh silver queen that we enjoyed all winter did not draw any complaints.

    I have pink and black single hollyhocks in my garden as well and I agree with you, I love their old-timey look. I also love the tomato marker, so cute and clever:-)

  11. Kathy,what a gorgeous garden. I love the variety you have in your garden. I just finished your little painting of Hollyhocks. I didn't know which color to paint, but I think you will like the color! Oooooh tomatoes, I love tomato sandwiches. My sister, Susan just started her vegetable garden this year. Happy Wednesday.


  12. Everything is just beautiful...thanks for sharing! Your blog is just lovely :)

    Enjoy your day!
    (Treasure the Moment)

  13. Oh gosh, can I relate!!! I was part of a crew of "slave labor" also and live in a townhouse now to avoid any and all types of yardwork. My little courtyard area suits me just fine. Your garden is beautiful and I'm glad you "rose above" your beginnings and enjoy the beauty around you.

  14. Kathy, your garden looks so pretty! I love hollyhocks and usually I have a few but this year not one has appeared!

    My mother was very into vegetable gardening but she never ever made me weed or anything. It was her thing. Maybe that's why I love it so? I was never a garden slave LOL! I don't make my daughter come out and weed (every now and then she helps with the big tasks) but otherwise I fly solo!


  15. It's fun to see you using your tomato marker.

    Many days I'd actually rather pull weeds than pick veggies. Weird, I know. But we let our weeds get so huge that I get a spectacular sense of accomplishment when I pull them. ;-) Plus, when I pick something, there's always more to do-generally canning it.

    Hey, how did you get the cute heart in your address line?

  16. Your garden looks lovely. You're right though, it's a ton of work. Mimi

  17. Those are absolutely beautiful photos! Thanks for sharing. You have a lovely garden! :)

  18. It's funny how this works...things we disliked as children, can change into things we enjoy as adults.

    Love your garden...the pink lavender is definitely unique! I'd have been drawn to that myself.

    I have black hollyhocks too; cone flowers in 4 colours, roses, coreopsis, black eyed susans, daisies, candy tuft, geraniums, petunias, bell flower, balloon flower, phlox, evening primrose, day lilies, impatiens....to name a few!! :)


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