Wednesday, July 1, 2009

Rustic cake stand

With two daughters, you know that weddings are something I often think about. No, neither one is engaged, but a mom can't start planning too soon can she? So I often think about how we are going to make the day special without spending a fortune, 'cause let me tell you their weddings will be big on money saving creativity and short on $$! With all the popularity of going green and rustic elegance right now I asked Earl to whip up a little cake stand from some wood pieces we had. Can you see this as a centerpiece on each table at the reception? Topped with flowers and surrounded by green vines and candles?
I don't know if this would fit with what my daughters would want, but in the meantime it's in the shop. Now I'm going to go eat that cake:>)


  1. Hey, I'm all for crreativity and originality. That stand takes the cake! (pun intended!). My own daughter's wedding was not your traditional wedding; it was in the morning with a brunch reception. We saved lots of $$$ by doing things a little bit differently. And it was great!


  2. Your creativity will flow, I promise you!! My daughter is a fashion major and we had to do her wedding on a dime with all those fashion people there. Needless to say, we loved it but I have never been so creative in all my life!

  3. Your comment on my blog is about the funniest thing I have read in AGES, and had me laughing so hard!

    And let me tell you, you came along at the exact right moment as the hunger was beginning to, uh, GNAW persistently at me!

    Even looking at Earl's gorgeous cake didn't tempt me, thanks to you.

    When Jack and I married in 1999, the cake is the one thing we did splurge on. Everything else we did ourselves or on the way down low, moneywise. We cherish it just as much as if we'd spent tens of thousands, but instead we used the savings for a lovely Hawaiian honeymoon - and to buy our first house! Ten years out, we wouldn't change a thing.

    You are so creative, your daughters' weddings will be more beautiful than anything lots of money would buy!

    Hugs, Ronda

  4. Wow, that is so special and I think they would look fabulous. And, certainly, "one of a kind". Just think what your creativity can do with the whole wedding!Love it. Love it.

  5. PS Forgot to mention! The way we saved the most money was by having our wedding on a weekday morning, thus saving HUGE dollars - THOUSANDS - on venue and catering costs. This requires that your friends and family love you enough to take a vacation day for you - ha! But we checked with them ahead of time, and it all worked wonderfully.

  6. That is soooo cool! You guys are quite the creative duo! That cake looks just so pretty! I love the pretty elegance of the cake next to the more rustic cake stand. Gorgeous!!


  7. You are so clever! Somebody with a cabin themed home would love that too.

  8. Kathy that is soooooo Cute!
    You guys are a great pair!

    Hugz, Dolly

  9. That is kinda cool! It would look perfect in just the right setting! :)

  10. Hi Kathleen, Loved the cake stand very creative, I think you daughters would love it especially since it was created with such loving hands. Have a most blessed 4th of July with your family and friends!

  11. How fun???? I think about the same thing with my daughter and I have started a scrapbook of ideas to save money. Good luck with yours

  12. Kathy, that is so creative! I never would have thought of that but I LOVE it!!!! I love anything that reminds me of the forest, nature and spring/summer!!! I think your daughter's would love it too, I can so see that at a wedding!!

    Love ya,

  13. That is wonderful! My gosh but you are the creative cutie! I CAN just see it with daisies and burlap and would be gorgeous!

    Some lucky duck beat me to that sweet red, white and blue heart! It was adorable!

    The mosaic tabe you girls worked on was so pretty! Is ther anythig you can NOT do? NAH!! You are so talented!!


  14. WOW!!!! This fabulous, you are very creative.

  15. I love it!!!! That is absolutely beautiful!!! That to me looks better than most of the wedding cakes that I have seen in ages!!!


  16. Now that is wonderful! I can see it with a glass cloche on top, filled with moss and a bird's nest. (after the cake is gone)

  17. What a cleaver idea about the cake stand. I don't think it looks to rustic, you can do a lot to make it fit any style wedding. Now send me some of that lovely looking cake,,,,, yummmy lol


  18. Kathyyyyy!!!! I so love it!!!! Soooo much more fun and exciting than the old run of the mill. I would LOVE being at a wedding like that. Did Earl make that cake too?

  19. This is so unique and the cake is lovely :)


  20. Hi Kathy,
    Wow...natural and creative-what could be better! And the cake looks delicious...

  21. Dear Kathy,

    I love it! It looks great :) I may just have to borrow that idea when my honey and I renew our vows :) I am confident that when the time comes for your daughters that your creativity will flow abundantly :)

    I love it! Hmmm, I may just borrow that idea when my honey and I renew our vows :)

    Thanks for stopping by my blog. Funny that we had the same cookie jar growing up :)

    Have a Blessed Independence Day!


  22. I love that cake stand. What a great idea. I'll take a piece of that cake please!

  23. Kathy,
    I'm with you, I would love to eat that cake also. Earl is a genius, what a wonderful cake stand. I love thinking about weddings too. I have been hand-painting a guest book for my daughter's friend.

    Such fun things to think about.

    Kathy, my sister just joined's 1000 markets. It's a beautiful new shop like etsy. I am thinking of opening up a shop there too. Have a peek.

    Have a wonderful 4th of July weekend.


  24. I love it. The combination of rustic and elegance! Your daughters are so lucky to have such a creative mother. Their weddings will be beautiful and memorable

  25. What a fabulous idea...that Earl sure is talented...and did you really bake that looks wonderful....fancy yet rustic at the same time...I love the idea...but then again my whole house is filled with furniture made from tree limbs...Have a wonderful 4th!! Sue in Atlanta

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