Thursday, May 6, 2010

Lilac Time

It's Lilac time everywhere right now.  Mine bloomed overnight a few days ago, and usually by now I would have every vase in the house filled. So far I have had time to grab just a small handful and pop them into an old stone vase.  The morning light coming into the dining room this morning inspired me to grab the camera. I had some focus issues but I still like the way the photo turned out. It's been a crazy week of mid-term finals, housework and getting ready to help oldest daughter get ready to move into her very first apartment
It can be daunting to get everything done, but I am trying to learn to not sweat the things that get left by the wayside. All any of us can do is get our priorities in order and do what we can. Stressing about it doesn't change a thing, it just makes us unhappy.  Having said that, I still look wistfully at your decorating projects and cute vignettes and wish....and I have some sewing that just needs to get out of my head and onto the machine!  It will. Eventually.  In the meantime, next chance I get, I'm filling my messy house with Lilacs while I still can:>) 


  1. Priorities do change when something new comes up. You hang in there. Enjoy your beautiful lilacs. ;)

  2. Cathy..I adore Lilacs..the thing I missed the most when we lived in Texas. Too hot for them there. Now that we are in Virginia, they were some of the first bushes we planted. Mine just finished blooming and I miss them already. Thanks for sharing yours!
    Janet xox

  3. absolutely love the sweet fragrance of lilacs, you are so blessed to have your own shrub. Glad you took time to 'smell the lilacs' during this busy season of your life...all will get done in it's own time :)

  4. Oh so lovely pictures!
    I love it!
    Have a nice weekend!

  5. Those of us in Texas..just can't appreciate the scent Lilace give off..we don't get to raise them here..our weather is too hot. I can remember the scent from trips as a child to other states in the spring.
    I just wanted to capture it and bottle it up.

    Have a good weekend.

    Cindy from Rick-Rack and Gingham

  6. Those are GORGEOUS! Even a small vase would cheer me. Lovely flowers!

    I'm with you on the busyness. I haven't blogged in weeks. Checking in and hoping things are going well with you.


    Sheila :-)

  7. I love lilacs!!! Before we moved our neighbor had an entire row of them separating our properties. They were splendid. Love them in vases!!

    Just bought a bush on Monday - it will take a year or so, but soon I'll enjoy again!!

  8. I love it, dear friend, when you can take time to smell the roses...errr....lilacs !!
    You KNOW life is too short to sweat the small stuff!!
    xo bj

  9. I soooo love lilacs. I planted one at this house about a month ago. It is small, about 2 feet tall right now. It had 3 blooms on it when I bought it, but now it is just leaves. Enjoy your lilacs....ignore the messy house.

  10. I love lilacs! Their beauty is new every spring!

  11. Muy bonita la foto.Lastima que a mí no se me den bien las flores,solo tengo árboles frutales enanos y esos si sobreviven.

  12. Hey Kathy - I have to echo the sentiments of my fellow Texan commenters - I sorely miss lilacs here. I had them in abundance the 8 years I lived in Colorado, and they were the most beautiful, intoxicatingly-fragranced flowers. Your photo is lovely...I can almost smell them!

    Blessings on your mid terms and upcoming're doing great!!

    Hugs & Blessings,

  13. What an exciting time Kathy. I know that it seems super busy, but what neat changes are taking place. :o) Your lilacs are gorgeous!
    I have something special for you and wondered if you might email me your address? :o)
    Sincerely ~ Tricia

  14. I SO love lilacs! I really want to set a beautiful white table with lilacs...but I haven't had a chance lol.

  15. Those are beautiful! I really miss lilacs. I have a bush that came with the house but it doesn't do well at all. A first apartment! How exciting!


  16. What a beautiful picture, I can almost smell them! Hope all is going well. I love reading your comments. It's suppose to get cold here this weekend but we'll have our lilacs to remind us that it is indeed spring!

  17. Your photo is so pretty, and I've been enjoying the scent of our lilacs outside only, if they were inside, I'd sneeze full time! But, oh, that is the most heavenly scent! I wish you the best on your upcoming school assignments!

  18. I'm very envious of your beautiful lilacs - one of my favorite flowers! I loved them growing up but they won't grow where I live now. Thank you for sharing!

  19. My two favorite scents are lilac and lavender. The lilac blooms don't last nearly long enough!

  20. I really hope they're still blooming when I get home!!! Have fun moving Lauren tomorrow!!! xoxoxo
    Love, Victoria :)

  21. Lucky you to have lilacs! I want to add them to my garden, but I'm not sure how well they'd do. I love them so much though I'll probably take a chance and plant a few anyway. ::Jill

  22. I love the smell of them! Hope you are hanging in there Kathy :)
    First apartment :) And a new quilt :)

  23. That's a hard thing to learn...letting things go. But it sure makes life easier and happier if you can do it. Mimi

  24. The lilacs are beautiful, Kathy.

    So true that it does no good to stress over unfinished things. I keep trying to figure out what I need to pare down, or do away with. Can't believe you are at mid-finals already!

    Happy Mother's Day!

  25. Lilacs are my favorite flowers. I hope you have a lovely weekend.

  26. BEAUTIFUL photo Kathy!!!!




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