Wednesday, May 19, 2010

Random babbling

I just couldn't resist this. Found at a church sale (hmmm, ironic) last weekend for 25 cents. Yes, there is a large inflatable ball of guilt inside.  Oh the things one can find at sales.

Can I just say this school thing is harder than I thought?  It's odd that learning about skills to be creative can completely stifle your ability to create.  The pressure of a deadline, looking at the (far superior) skills of others, professors who have very different tastes and aesthetics from your own, the lack of time to dream or think or wind down.  I have to keep reminding myself to be true to myself, but to keep an open mind.   I wonder if I have bitten off more than I can chew. And speaking of that, I think I'm gaining weight from hours and hours sitting on my hiney in front of the computer, so I need to work in some exercise time. And quit eating at odd hours and grabbing junk. *sigh*

This week I was thisclose to deciding to quit blogging.  There, I said it. But I have decided to try to get through the dry spell.  We'll see how that goes.  How do you know when it is time to let go of something that has been such a great part of your life?  Maybe when the big ball of guilt over not giving it the time it deserves, or that you want to give it, gets too heavy to carry.

Happier news? I got an A in my Advertising class.


  1. Yay!! First before anything else, celebrate that A!!

    I know how hard it is to go back to school. I've done it before too. It matters so much more to you when you are an adult. You have more life smarts and determination to do better than any of the 'kids'. At least that's how I felt.

    Nobody in that room is smarter or more creative than just each see things a little differently! That's a good thing.

    Keep your eyes and heart on your goals. You can do it!!

    I hope you don't stop blogging but to be honest with you...I probably will have to when I start back to work in the fall. There are only so many hours in a day. Maybe we should just stick with blogging whenever time allows. It is part of the creative process, right?

    I'm pulling for ya!

  2. Oh hang in there. Only you know what you can do. Try taking 2 weeks off completely from the blog or even reading others.
    Then see how you feel..mid-way are you chomping at the bit to share with us..are you not even dwelling on us in blogland...these are the signs of "what should I do."
    We will support you and will miss you if you decide not to come back.
    But you have to do what is best for you and your family!!!

    Hugs girl..good luck in school this week.

    Cindy from Rick-Rack and Gingham

  3. Congrats on getting the A!!!! I can only imagine how hard this is Kathy. Do you get a summer break from school?

    Don't worry about blogging... just blog when you feel like it. If it is once a month, so be it!

  4. It must be a big change to go back to school. Great job on the "A".

    It is probably wise to try to hang on and see if the time and desire come back to blog. It would be a shame to lose you.

    Keep up the great learning,

    Becky K.

  5. It's been a number of years since I went back to school, only to find it was a LOT harder than I thought it would be. Congrats to you on that A!!! Impressive! = ) I'd love to see you keep blogging, even if you can only do it once in a great while...try to lessen the expectations on yourself about that. We love your place and we'll be here whenever you post. = ) Blessings to you, my friend!

  6. You are meeting a challenge right now in many ways....Yay for the "A"!!!!! Celebrate yourself!!
    Don't give up on something that you love doing. With enough time things will even out for you to adjust to your "new" life.
    Take care.


    You just said that you have to be true to yourself (right!) and blogging is not a hobby you need to take away from yourself!
    1)It is free
    2)you can do it only when you feel like it
    3)we love you here!


  8. I think going back to school would be sooo hard!

    I know how hard it is to blog and I was just thinking about stopping a little over a week ago but I'm back to it sometimes you just need to take a break.

  9. Well, sweetheart, when I read about you thinking of quitting blogging, I sucked in my breath so hard, I coughed for 30 minutes.!!
    I can't even imagine not having you here, Kathy. Pls. don't give it up entirely...just a once a month shout out from you would at least keep us all in touch.
    To me, there is no GOOD or BAD blogging. It is something we all can do at our own pace...and I also know it isn't for everyone. I've had 2 friends that thought they wanted to blog but after a few weeks, decided they wanted to do something else with their time.
    As others here have said that YOU know what is best for you and your family ....but I am sayin', PLEASE DON'T DELETE YOUR BLOG...not until you have TOTALLY decided against having one. Once you've done that, then, it's probably time to move on. bwaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaa......

    I can't even imagine how hard going back to school must be. I am so in awe of you and Earl both.
    Congratulations on the A !
    My love, bj

  10. It's all about "balance" Kathy. Finding it and keeping it. Our interests change throughout life...some we can keep and do so happily, others lose their place because of a new challenge.

    Your hands are full right now with school...and A!! Am I surprised?? No!! But so very, very happy for you!! xo

  11. Hooray for you and your A. This shows that all your hard earned work is paying off! Both my daughter are in school and I don't know where they get the energy to do anything besides school and I think I can see what you are going through.

    Selfishly, I hope you keep blogging. It doesn't have to be often and it can always be a short post. This is your 'fun time'!!

    Hope you are having a good week, Kathy!


  12. Great job on the A!

    I'm in awe of all you are doing right now and I don't care if you can't update your blog very often. I love hearing what you're doing when you have a bit of time to update so I hope you don't completely ditch blogging.

    Love ya!

    Oh, and HAPPY BIRTHDAY TO YOU tomorrow!

  13. It's important to do what you need to do. I'm a full-time student as well - sometimes I wonder if I'll ever finish. But I take it course by course. Blogging, for me, is a treat, something with which I reward myself. My posts have been rather scattered and not very inspiring lately, but I do it for me, not for others. Find your own rhythm, don't feel obligated.
    That said, we all enjoy when you do post!
    Congrats on the A!

  14. Kathy, just think of your blog as a kind of journal and blog when you can. I'm happy to read your posts when you post. Don't let it stress you.

    I hope you stay the course with school. My father used to say that anything worth having requires hard work. I have to agree with that when it comes to education. I'm proud of you for making an A. I will tell you what I used to tell others when they would ask me how I maintained my GPA, and it's this... go into each course as if it's an adventure and try to find interesting points each day to learn. Convince yourself that learning whatever it is is going to be beneficial to you, and when you start looking at it that way, you can sit through the most boring lectures with real enthusiasm. Look for the pearls... like when we go thrifting. There are pearls in there!


    Sheila :-)

  15. So happy about the 'A'. You read my last blog post , so you know I totally understand about the blogging thing. It can get so overwhelming and demanding of our precious time. Your heart will tell you the right thing to do....just listen.
    your friend,

  16. I understand, you have alot on your plate. But, I hope you dont because your blog is delightful and so are your creations!

  17. Yeah!!! An A in advertising, good for you! Now, please, please don't go...I'm just getting to know you!

  18. congratulations on your A! that is great news. blog when you can. it should be fun not work. the less you stress about it the easier it will be to blog and not have to blog. when i figured that out it bacame fun again . hope i dont sound crazy :)

  19. Dang it! Keeka beat me to being the first to say happy birthday! But I win the prize for being the first one to say it on your actual birthday, so that counts for something, right? :) HAPPY BIRTHDAY MOMMA! I love you and I can't wait to celebrate with you!

  20. Congrats on the A. Can't even imagine how hard school would be for me. You are one brave girl to try it. I admire you greatly. I think I'd rather hear from you now and then than not at all. Do what you need to do though. Mimi

  21. Yay for your A! You should cut back on everything extra that is draining or stressing you while you're in school. If blogging is one of those things, by all means cut back....way back....but that doesn't mean you have to quit, Kathy. We'd miss you.


  22. Kathy, I know how difficult it is to juggle so many things. But you must stay blogging, because when you finish your schooling and begin to do graphic design, you already have your marketing base. Perhaps the people around you in class seem to create great designs. But you have something already have an Internet presence, 357 people following your blog to mention a few. We already understand the value of graphic design.

    It's like you out of everyone in your class, has an entire Internet fan group waiting to see what you will create, so that we can buy it!!!!!!!

    P.S. When I was working as a computer analyst back in 1978, I went away for school to the Xerox Leesburg Training Center. I was the slowest in the class learning how to use that darn Xerox 860. But, I went on to be one of the most sought after support reps. Why? I knew better than anyone else how it felt to struggle learning how to use that darn machine.

  23. I'm in a dry spell too....I don't have the time or creativity to blog....I do feel some guilt about it...but just do what you can! Even if we only see you once a month! Don't quit!


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