Monday, August 30, 2010

Shipshewana, Indiana

Earl and I are taking a few very needed days off. Cooling our heels at a beautiful B&B just outside Shipshewana, Indiana.  Today was spent at some antique malls, small shops in Shipsie, including a much anticipated foray to the fabric emporium Lolly's. Earl was very patient. Very, very, patient. :>)
Below is the first course of our delicious breakfast. The second course photo was blurry, but trust me, it was a treat!
So now, here we are in Amish country and we have another day and a half to kill and, well, we've kind of seen it. I know, there is a lot to see, but we are realizing that the days of being happy tramping through antique shops has given way to a yearning for something a little more fun. We're stumped.  Anyone familiar with the northern Indiana area who has some non-tourist trap ideas?
What do you all do when you go on vacation? It's got to be cheap (there's the bugaboo!)
We plan on hitting the Shipshewana flea market in the morning, but the sidewalks seriously roll up here at 5 p.m. sharp! Any ideas?


  1. We were just at Shipshewana last month for an antique fair. Our lake house is about 40 minutes north of there, just over the Indiana/Michigan border. Gee, I wish I could give you ideas of where to head out to but I'm really only good with Michigan. You may want to try the Indiana lakeshore...New Buffalo/Michigan City area. Check a map to see if it is worth the drive. Good luck.


  2. I have not been there at all..hmmm...walking and taking pics?
    I'm glad you are getting away :)

  3. Ok, let's see...

    There is a tour of quilt gardens-the innkeepers probably know where you can start/have brochures you can follow.

    We love the Bonneyville Mill in Bristol. It isn't exciting but we enjoy it and it's free. There is also a dahlia garden there. Picnic tables if you want a place for lunch. I highly recommend their whole wheat pastry flour. (No, not for lunch.) ;-)

    The Goodwill in Elkhart is the girls' favorite one. You'd find it near the toll road-look for the Quality Inn-it is right by it, kinda behind.

    Napannee has Amish Acres. Don't remember how much it cost and it's definitely a touristy place.

    The hardware across from Yoder's is...hmm...unique. Full of stuff, including cute decor things sometimes. They have a booth at the flea market so you'll likely see anything you might like there.

    Did you get a Jojo's pretzel while you were in the mercantile? Yum!

    Did you hit E & S yet? I seem to spend hours in there every time I go, stocking up.

    How about Mennohof? One of the quilt gardens was in front of Mennohof last year, it may be again?

    If we think of anything else, I'll be back. Call me if this isn't clear and there's something you're interested in.

    Enjoy the rest of your getaway!

  4. I'm no help at all...I have never been there. But if you are in the Asheville area Oct 16th, I am having a blogger lunch at my house, followed by antiquing...wish you could come! Earl could come too! Mr. Comforts and a few other husbands are going to hang out.

  5. So sorry Kathy...I never heard of Shipshewana ;-(
    Wish I could help.

    Janet xox least you're not in class ;-)

  6. So sorry Kathy...I never heard of Shipshewana ;-(
    Wish I could help.

    Janet xox least you're not in class ;-)

  7. We have always wanted to go to Shipshewana. Lucky you! I think I would browse all the Amish shops and watch the horses & buggies. That is free. Relax and enjoy each other - isn't that what this outing is all about? That is free also! I'm sorry that you have had trouble leaving comments on my blog. I really do not know how to change it, but thank you for the comments.

  8. Kathy,
    I've been to Shipshewana before and loved that fabric store. While we were there...we traveled over to Indiana Dunes National Park, it is about an hour and a half from Shipshewana.
    Have a wonderful time on the rest of your trip.

  9. If you haven't been there yet, or heard about it, you MUST ask someone how to get to Das Essenhaus? You can not miss going to that restaurant, seriously. And it's not too far, just to the next town Middlebury! Middlebury has some fun shoppes too!

  10. YES.. I love Shipshe! I do agree they do close up shop at 5 and on Sundays.. but I still love to visit. We stayed at Bright Morning Star B&B. Have you been to Rise and Roll, Yoder's Popcorn. How about having dinner with an Amish family?

  11. Hi Kathleen Grace,
    Sounds like fun to me...
    I have never been to Amish country in Indiana. I have always want to visit and purchase a hand stitched quilt. I look forward to seeing more photo's.
    Have a safe and fun trip!

  12. I have never been to Shipshewanna but have always wanted to go. I'll be watching your posts and comments for information to file away for a future trip. Hope you have a good time!

  13. Kathy, I'm so glad to see you and Earl were able to get away! I hope you did find some different fun. I've never been to Indiana, but I enjoyed reading the recommendations by others. I hope the two of you found something just right.

  14. I've never been to Shipshewanna, just the name of the town sounds like a beautiful place to visit.

    I think I would find a cozy spot to sit and read a good book!

  15. Enjoy your special time, this sounds like a very quaint town, I love to visit antique stores and eat at quaint restaurants. Do i sound jealous, you bet! lol. Your breakfast looks delicious and healthy. Thanks for sharing.

  16. Oh we're horrible travelers! We can usually be gone one day and then we all want to go home!


  17. Oh how I wish I would have seen your blog post earlier this week because I would have met you at Garden Gate Cafe for lunch. You were so close! I hope you had a fun time. Did you make it to Yoder's Department store to look at fabric too? Lolly's is my favorite by far. Hope you had a good time!

  18. Oh How I wish I was with you.
    We missed our trip to Shipshee this summer because of the move! I love Lollys and the great kitchen shop upstairs!
    Last time we were there we took the back roads home and stopped at silver lake to climb the sand dunes {we really enjoyed that}
    I enjoy driving along the shore and looking at the wonderful cottages and the water!
    Get a map and go back roading you will find some cute lil towns and awesome historical homes!
    Have fun!
    Hugz, Dolly

  19. Never been to that part of the country. But that meal sure looks good and nutritious!

  20. O, I know you found something wonderful to do..
    Have fun.


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