Thursday, May 19, 2011

Lilac Time

The rain has finally stopped, the sun is shining in the most beautiful way, and oh my goodness, the lilacs are in full bloom!
 I don't believe I have ever in my life lived in a home without several lilac bushes on the property.
I have 4 big bushes here at the cottage.
Victoria just grabbed a basket and the clippers and harvested some for me:>)
You can't even tell she took any from the bush.
♥I wish you could smell these.♥
Do you have lilacs?


  1. oooh they ook I smell them allready.....aaargh :-)

  2. They look gorgeous and I can almost smell them through the computer! My lone lilac bush is not doing to good this year. It only has a few blooms :( Have a good weekend!

  3. Hey Kathy,
    I love lilacs! Mine are done blooming, however while I was in NY I got to have lilac season all over again!

    My sister-in-law has the most beautiful grape kool-aid colored lilacs.

    The aroma is truly divine.

    janet xox

  4. PS....a little FYI on pruning lilacs. When they are finished blooming that is a good time to prune, but don't wait too long as they will soon begin to 'set' buds for next year. If you prune after that you are basically removing next years flower heads...not a good thing.

    Never leave the dead flower seed head on your plant, be sure to dead head it off asap.

    Many times when folks say their lilac failed to bloom, it's because they either failed to prune or pruned too late.

    Sorry...I didn't mean to hog your post

    Janet xox

  5. Yes, yes! I'm a big fan. Your photos of them are simply beautiful. <3

  6. Absolutely stunning! Love your pictures. Mumzie

  7. L-o-v-e-l-y! And I've never lived anywhere that there were lilac bushes...

  8. Our lilac bushes do not have one single bloom on them. So sad... Maybe I should follow the instructions left by Janet on pruning. There is nothing quite as uplifting to the soul as the smell of lilacs. That basket full is out of this world! I also like your shoes from the last post.

  9. We had lilacs in the houses I grew up in, but living in a New York apartment, no lilacs. I love them and was thrilled to be at the Lilac Festival in Rochester this weekend. Of course, had to blog about it earlier this week. Your pictures are beautiful.

  10. Of all the flower scents, lilac has always been my favorite. We grew up with 4 big bushes in the yard...three different colors of lilacs.

    Love the fully basket!

  11. Wow, that is flower power! The basket full is beautiful. The fragrance must be out of this world.

    Happy Birthday, Kathy!

  12. Beautiful!! I only have one small bush that I planted last year. It did get alot of flowers this spring, but because it is so small, I didn't cut any off to bring inside. Now I regret it after seeing your pretty display! I bet the smell wonderful.

  13. Your lilacs are so beautiful and I can almost smell them! Ours are just now budding, and I can't wait till they bloom! Thanks for sharing with us Kathy!

  14. NO! I don't have lilacs! And I'm not even absolutely sure that I've ever smelled a fresh lilac cut right off the bush! Can you believe that? The lilacs at Whole Foods have no scent at all, and they don't seem to grow where I live, or where I grew up. I wish I could get around that somehow! ::Jill

  15. Oh they are profuse!!!! Don't they smell the best?!!
    Mine did not do well and my cherries are pitiful. Such is life :/
    I got a new hydrangea today to replace 5 I lost in last year's drought.

  16. Beautiful. I wish I could smell them too. They don't do as well here in NC. I used to live in Michigan and remember that heavenly fragrance. Many years ago my cousin had her wedding reception outside at lilac time. The smell was unforgettable ~ even all these years later.
    Enjoy your pretty lilacs.

  17. When we lived in California it didn't get cold enough for lilacs. So happy to have some in the neighborhood now. Yours are beautiful. Thinking of planting a lilac hedge in the backyard. Mimi

  18. Oh those are gorgeous lilacs! I just love their fragrance and wish I was there to smell this basketful!

  19. These are my all-time favorite, best smelling flower of all time!
    I don;t have even one bush..I am on my way to look for one, tho. Do they need full sun?
    Beautiful photo...and I also love your new shoes. Your girls know you well..and I have ALWAYS wanted a white, wooden porch...maybe because I grew up with them.

  20. Oh my goodness, I can almost smell that heavenly scent! (what a gorgeous basket full of loveliness!!) Lilacs were new to me when I moved to Colorado in 1998, and I was instantly smitten! We had a huge bush that was right by the big dog house/shed that our dogs bunked in at night, so every night when I put them to bed, I would pause to breathe in that incredible that memory! Alas, lilacs don't grow here in Texas, and I miss them terribly, but seeing your abundance makes me smile and take a deep breath all over again...

    LOVE the table runner someone gifted you, so cute...and those shoes, divine! I've been out of pocket all week again and today is the first day I've been able to spend at the computer, so I'm a bit behind on everyone's news. Hope all is well with you dear friend! Enjoy your remaining weekend...

    Hugs & Blessings,

  21. Oh, how I would love to be there in your garden to enjoy the lilacs. We're from New England where we always had lilacs, now living in Lake Havasu, Arizona, where they don't exist. Such gorgeous blooms and heavenly smell ... things we miss.

  22. As usual, your post is breathtaking in its simplicity and beauty! THis post makes me long to see because I love the smell of lilacs...(I don't!)....but because it reminds me of how MUCH I love and miss you!

    Much love,


  23. So pretty! I love how sweet they look in the basket, absolutely beautiful.
    I love your shoes...and yes cute shoes do make the world go round..
    Have a sweet day and hugs, Elizabeth

  24. Lilacs are one of my favorites. Lovely photos. :)

  25. Oh my gosh!! I'm Soooooo jealous! I absolutely love lilacs and they're very had to grow in Georgia. I can just imagine the divine fragrance from that gorgeous basket. Lucky you!

  26. Soooo gorgeous! Their fragrance is so heavenly just wish the season was longer! Love your blog! Have a great week! xx AnneMarie xx

  27. So purty! Lilacs would not grow up here on the mountain. You'll have to keep me stimulated.

    Smiles, KJ
    Idaho City

  28. Oh Kathy, they are gorgeous!!! I wish I could smell them right now. :) I really need to plant at least one bush this year... :)

    Hope you have a wonderful holiday weekend!


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