Monday, October 10, 2011

Eye Candy

Just a little Autumn eye candy from our weekend. It has been perfect weather here, in the 70's, sunshine, blue skies that make the oranges and golds and reds seem even brighter.
 We decided to get out and enjoy it while we still can. There can't be many more days like this left.  We stopped at a teeny little cider mill yesterday and enjoyed the beauty.
 Have a great week my frends. I hope the weather where you are is all blue skies and sunshine.....except for my friends in Texas where I hope you get cozy rainy days that replenish your poor dry soil. I'm praying for rain for you:>)
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  1. Such beautiful Fall photos!!
    Thanks for sharing!

  2. Beautiful photos Kathy! It is cloudy here and will rain for the next three days...but we did have a beautiful weekend.

  3. Very nice photos. I just love all the pumpkins and gourds!

  4. The Fall is such a beautiful time of the year. The photo of Mums and Pumpkins is awesome ~ I LOVE Mums! they are my very favorite flower. Even if our days are not so full of blue skies and sunshine our hearts can be and that is what counts. The beautiful fall colors are reminding us that the best is yet to come!!

  5. Kathy
    It's in the 70's here too and sunny
    I never tire of seeing all the fall
    'eye candy'. Fall is so glorious!

  6. Love the mums. Fall colors are my favorites. Eye candy is right!!!

  7. Your pictures are gorgeous!! It's just like we are there. :o)

  8. Such sweet Autumn glory! Love these colours this time of year..your images are lovely. oxoxxo

  9. The natural colors of Autumn can never be beaten. So beautiful. Great photos....:)


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