Wednesday, October 5, 2011

New Seasons

Change is inevitable. We've all heard that. Sometimes we embrace it, if the change is our idea and we know what's going to happen next, and we feel like we are in control.
 Sometimes we fight it. If it isn't our idea. If we have dug ourselves a nice comfy rut over the years. We can look outside and see there are new things to experience, adventures to be had, things to learn.
But we are so darn comfortable with things just the way they are.
Sometimes God changes things just to shake us up. To make us grow. Because if we aren't growing we are stagnating, dying, missing out on things that can make us braver and stronger and better.
 I'm one of those people who likes my little rut. I had everything going smoothly thank you. It wasn't exciting, sometimes my rut was irritating and frustrating and a little bit boring.
Still, better the devil you know than the devil  you don't right?
Change sometimes makes me cranky.
 I have a new job.  A full time job. I always obsess about new experiences. Do you? I worry, I fret, I think of the worst thing that could happen. And then when I've worked myself into a tizzy,  I deal with it and move on.  I start to think about the best that could happen.  I ask myself how I can make it work for me. How can I get around the obstacles I see and still make my dreams come true?
 I'm looking at this as a new season. The pressure has already started new ideas and goals percolating in my mind.  I'm looking forward to growth and moving forward and new ideas.
How about you? Any changes in your life right now?
What's the best that can happen?

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  1. You go girl!! Things are moving the the total right direction for you.

    Beautiful fall that how it looks in Michigan right now?

  2. CONGRATULATIONS!!!! Is your new job in graphic design? I'm just thrilled for you.

    I'm ready for some change. I wish we had been able to sell our house last year. I need a change!


    P.S. Your photos are beautiful!

  3. Changes...yes, not always welcome, but they are dealable with, with time and patience.

  4. love your beautiful, colorful pics. i agree with you that change is inevitable, and one can only 'control' how they react to it. viewing it as an opportunity to grow, is a great idea.

    wishing you a warm congratulations on your new job. may it be a wonderful opportunity for you.


  5. Changes can be frightening but they can also be very good even tho we do not see it that way at the time. I like your attitude about looking at it as a new season. Growth and moving forward are good things and so it will be for you. Someday your dream will come true, Kathy ~ never give up on that. My life has been full of changes. The biggest change probably was when my son went to Philippines and came back with a beautiful little Filipino (met on the Internet!!) to be his wife. That was a scary change for me but it has worked wonderful and is one of the very best things that has happened to me!! (and to my son!!) Those fall leaves are so beautiful. And I like your new blog design. Trust me ~ it will be okay in the end.

  6. Congrats, my friend! Yes, I worry myself into all kinds of tizzies on a regular basis. These leaves are spectacular!

  7. Change IS hard - especially when we don't choose it. But as you say, it makes us grow and trust God.

    Lovely photos of this lovely season.

  8. Congratulations on your new job! I'm not very good about accepting change, but once I do I am usually pleasantly surprised!

    Susan and Bentley

  9. Dearest Kathy...Oh, I feel your pain! Change is always so uncertain..but, you are right when you say that you are entering a new season. God has new appointments in store for you, my dear. Hold on...God's taking you to a new and exciting destination!
    Blessings and new found courage,
    Carolynn (one of your flickr friends)

  10. Beautiful fall pictures! And I love the wreath below!!!

  11. Great thought my friend..wise words...sometimes it is HARD to change...but with change comes growth...hugs today. xoxox

    oh I love your autumn trees!

  12. Gorgeous post. We don't have many Fall colors here in so. California so I really appreciate this.

  13. The changing season brings such beauty - and the changing season of your life will bring beauty, too. Rest assured, your Heavenly Father has something so special - only the best - for you.

  14. Ummm, how beautiful your fall photos are, Kathy. So colorful... We have no changes here to speak of...

    Your new job is such a blessing for you..I know change is hard. And, believe me when I say that it gets harder as you age. always seems to work out for the best.
    Nothing changing here much..we are so deep in OUR ruts that we'd need a ladder to climb out of them..and we'd probably be cussing all the way. :))
    xoxo bj

  15. Love your autumn pics! Love all your pics. You have a wonderful eye.

  16. Wow, gorgeous pictures! Could I use a few of them on my site for my hymns? Let me know!


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