Friday, October 28, 2011


It just goes to show what some old sheet music, half a jar of gel medium and a lot of glitter will do. Lol
I won a $50 gift card to the local gourmet grocery store. How fun is that?
I think if I hadn't run out of steam (and time) I might have done the lettering differently, but all in all I was pretty happy with the results, and no messy carving.
Today is my day off and I have a huge list of things I want to accomplish. Odd how having less free time actually spurs you on to make the most of the free time you do get isn't it?
Cleaning and fluffing the house never felt so good.
Here's hoping you make the most of the time you have this beautiful fall weekend too. What do you have planned?


  1. Congrats Kathy! What a great gift card. Have fun spending it! I was a winner today too. I won an apron drawing.
    You did agreat job on your pumpkin, it's no wonder you won.
    Have a great weekend-hope you have it off!

  2. Yeah!!!! I knew you would win! I love your sheet music pumpkin! Have fun with that gourmet food GC!!

    This weekend we have friends coming for dinner tomorrow night. I need to clean my studio....and we are suppose to get below 32 on Saturday, so I need to pick what ever I can from the garden.

    Oh! And I might start tearing off the dirty fabric on the settee that I want to refinish.

  3. Your pumpkin IS beautiful! I am glad you won. That gift card to a gourmet grocery store is fun to be sure. Have a wonderful day off and hope you have a little time to create something instead of only cleaning house! This weekend if full of replenishing my stock of lotion and soaps for the next craft show. Done really well last weekend.

  4. Congrats! What a great prize! You and Earl can have some fun with that!

    PS-Are you really fine with having us down on Sunday? I don't want to overburden you. If it really is ok, what can I bring?

  5. Boo!
    Love your pumpkin!

  6. OOO, yay...gourmet groceries are THE BEST.
    Congrats, is a darling pumpkin...

  7. Good for you! Love love love your brown transferware find - wow you did great! I looked on ebay to see if I could find what it was and they had a single plate listed for $23. I need to find more time to go treasure-hunting :)

  8. Cute pumpkin! I'm wanting to decoupage one, too, but haven't found any simple ones to purchase yet.
    I'm getting the house ready for our two youngest grandchildren who will be staying with us for several days while mom and dad go away to celebrate their anniversary. Busy, busy, busy!!

  9. Hip Hip Horraay! A big congrats Kathy!
    How much fun you will have shopping at the gourmet store! Oh goodness! :o) Can I come for dinner?

  10. THAT is awesome!!!!
    You deserve the big win! I'm so happy for you :) Great start to the weekend, huh? :)

  11. Congratulations!
    Have fun fluffing your nest :)
    Hope your weekend is a great one!

  12. So lovely!!! Congratulations to you! Happy weekend.

  13. So happy that your beautiful work won the's gorgeous!!

    I agree..having less free time makes you want to do as much as you can with what you've got! Biggest "plan" here was our son's graduation from University on Friday. Hospital visiting with MIL on and off this weekend and today we take youngest back to college after his reading week break. Hope you've been enjoying yours!

  14. What a clever idea and it turned out beautiful. Definitey on my list of things to copy for next year. Hope you enjoyed your day off. Patty


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