Tuesday, May 29, 2012

Building a Potager

I'm going to let you in on a little secret. I'm not a gardener. Don't get me wrong, I love a beautiful garden. A lush, green little Eden where I can saunter out and pick something fresh for dinner. Or gather a bouquet of bright zinnias or cosmos. But the planting and weeding thing?
Mmmmm, not so much.
It has a lot to do with my traumatic childhood where I spent endless hours in the hot sun weeding the garden, the 3 acre garden which was then inspected for any tiny stray weed that we may have missed.
Kind of turned me off to the whole weeding/gardening thing.
So when Earl decided to put raised beds in the old foundation of a long gone shed I wished him well and left him to his work. It turned out to be very pretty and so much easier to take care of that I could occasionally be seen actually pulling a weed. It was so pretty (he planted an entire bed with zinnias just for me) we would pull the table out there for dinner on summer evenings.
And it wasn't long before I began dreaming about how lovely it would be if we added some pavers between those beds.
 The pavers were on sale yesterday at Home Depot:>)
Now I know some of you southern and California girls are already harvesting tomatoes and other things in your gardens. Up here in Michigan Memorial day is typically when we start planting. I have one whole bed weeded already and will have the rest done within a few days. (But look how lush those weeds are! You almost hate to pull them...Just kidding)
As luck would have it the spacing between the beds was just about perfect for laying the pavers.
I love it so much, it may make a gardener out of me yet!
I picked up some old tomato varieties at the Farmers market and they are ready to go in as soon as I finish weeding the darn beds. We still have some paving to do. We made three trips to Home Depot yesterday and then had to stop and head to a Memorial Day party, but I am beyond thrilled with the progress we have made and the way it looks.
I'll keep you updated on the garden as we make progress:>)
I hope you all had a wonderful Memorial Day weekend.  I want to give a warm thank you to all of the men and women in uniform who give so much for our country and our citizens.
God bless every one.


  1. I do believe that gardening is so much better when it's our own gardens. Weeding for kids just doesn't make for much fun. Your gardens are going to be so nice when in full bloom. I really like the pavers you laid. Makes for a great path. Can't wait to see your garden in bloom!

  2. Given your childhood experience with weeding (ugh!!) I don't doubt that you have an aversion to it now! I too love a lush, full garden but I don't enjoy the planting and the weeding either -- most of that now due to a bad back. Lucky for me the mister is an avid gardener and likes to do all of that...so bonus for me!!!

    Love what you are doing with the pavers...can't wait to see photos as the spring turns to summer and the beauty begins to bloom!

  3. The pavers look wonderful Kathy! I am looking forward to seeing it all finished and your garden growing. I miss my raised beds, more than I thought I would...

  4. I love how it looks already!!! It is going to be wonderful to have a paved walkway so you can admire your zinnias and pick your yummy tomatoes!! Happy Summer!! xoxo Debbie

  5. I was never a gardener but my sweetheart was. We've had gorgeous gardens through the years because of his hard work. When he started working twelve to fourteen hours a day he said there would be NO garden! I took on the challenge and I can't wait to get my garden planted. Today and tomorrow. A little behind schedule here because of our vacation travels. Can't wait to see more of your garden. Oh how I wish I had pavers between my raised beds!

  6. The pavers look great. I love zinnias too. Your garden will definitely turn out beautiful. Have a nice day.

  7. Your beautiful beds are perfect, Kathy! And the paths as well!
    Have a happy week

  8. This looks sooo nice, Kathy.
    I've been meaning to ask if Earl has started his job...and, are you moving?

  9. LOVE, love, love it Kathy!!

    I'm so happy you're getting into gardening :) Raised beds are pretty easy to maintain and they warm faster so you can often plant a bit earlier than if you were doing it straight into the ground.

    Can't wait to see all that you're going to grow!

  10. Oh, I can so totally relate! I love flower AND vegetable gardens but whine and moan like a child when it comes to the upkeep! I do like the weed garden idea though ...jk!
    And I do love the pavers in between the raised beds. He's a genius! I'm happy for you.

  11. Oh my word, I just love the pavers! It looks like cottage charm to me. How beautiful!

  12. Oh Kathy, it's so lovely. I love the pavers too, it looks like something you would find in an English garden. I used to have a gorgeous garden in Ontario. I don't garden as much anymore, but I think if I had a Potager like yours, I would be inclined to be planting.

    Enjoy your beautiful garden.


  13. It's going to be sooo great! Nothing like a fresh out of the garden tomato. Mimi

  14. Thank you, Kathy, for your thoughtful post. We Americans have so much to be thankful for...and, we owe such a debt of gratitude to those who serve.
    "All gave some...
    Some gave ALL."

    Good for you for overcoming a negative childhood experience and forging ahead (with your sweet husband by your side)! My husband is often telling me that together we can make "new tapes". It seems like when we do...The old things begin to quickly fade away.
    Thanks for sharing, sweet friend!
    Carolynn xoxo

  15. Your pavers look fantastic. I love how organized it is. :0) My garden this year is tiny but perfect for our needs. I would love to learn how to grow flowers. :0) How beautiful your zinnias will be. :0) I wish I lived in a cooler climate. I miss an actual winter. :0) Heat and I dont mix. :0)

  16. Hi Kathy!
    I tried so hard the other day to leave a comment here and it wouldn't take!
    Well, your potager looks wonderful from here...I know you'll enjoy the fruits of your labor! and Earl's :)

  17. Love that idea! I'm thinking about doing that in between our raised beds.

    Enjoy your gardening,

  18. Great job. It is looking great. I hope you'll b back to show us the next stage...bet things are growing so well. Nice.
    have a good weekend.


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