Sunday, June 10, 2012

A little more time in the garden

Well it's been a while hasn't it? I've been pretty captivated with the garden progress and spending much less time online. I had to show you the progress we've made. Earl has most of the old concrete foundation bricked and I went to the farmers market last Thursday and found a few things to plant. A full flat of basil plants, because we got the garden started a bit late and I'm fairly impatient to see it filled. A couple heirloom tomatoes called German Johnson and an Italian heirloom that looked interesting. I found some beautiful sunset colored marigolds to rim the beds with and I can't wait until they fill out.
 I also found these beautiful nasturtium plants that are waiting for one of the raised beds to finish being filled with compost so they can spill over the corners. Did you know you can eat these lovely flowers? The flowers and the leaves are great in salads with a peppery flavor, fun to add for a dinner party or just for every day.
 I also splurged on a flat of zinnias because I'm weak when it comes to farmers markets and flats and flats of colorful instant gratification. My garden buddy loves them too. Any time I'm on my knees planting or weeding she is cuddled up by my side. She and her sister love to lay among the lavender and other flowers in my flower beds.
I can't wait to get this little oasis finished and show you how it grows through the season.

On another subject, I've had a love hate relationship with the blog lately. Working full time doesn't leave as much time as I used to have to blog and visit. I'll be honest, I miss being home, but for the time being the job is funding some much needed updates around the house. I will be sharing some of them as they happen. There is a season for everything and I have decided to take the pressure off myself for the time being and just post when I can or when I have something special to share.
I still visit, I just don't comment as much. In the scheme of things I guess it's more important to live my life right now than to write about it. I totally understand that some of you may find that you comment less too. It's ok. Don't get me wrong, I appreciate each one of your sweet notes, but I understand. 
So tell me, (if you have time) what fun plans are you looking forward to this summer?


  1. Kathy, it is MUCH more important that you are living your life than worrying about blogging. Blog when you can, when you want to, when you have something you want to share. Life is meant to be lived as it happens, not as we add it to a "to do" list!

    Love how the garden is looking!!! :)

  2. We all go in and out of blogging. I love your garden so far.

  3. Your garden area is great. I love all the brick. No big plans for the summer, building a shed in our backyard takes up spare not hot or rainy days or weekends. Stop by and check out what I've done in my yard lately. I'd love to have a visit! Great gardens!

  4. Love those zinnias, want to go out first thing Monday and get some! You've inspired me :) I'll enjoy hearing from you whenever you have time, I sure understand your need to work (in this economy). Hugs ~ Mary

  5. I know what it's like to work full time and feel the pressure to blog but with limited time it's more important to take care of what's around you. Your blog will be here when things settle down and they will. I love your garden so far and I can't resist flats of instant gratification either!

  6. Kathy, your beds look very pretty! And I love your colourful pictures :o) My balcony garden looks now a bit jungly :o) No more plants :D
    Have a nice week

  7. Boy oh boy can I relate. My days are fast and furious. Go go go. They are temporarily that way, due to what is keeping me on my toes, but it is tough to blog and visit and keep all my plates spinning. So I am finding that I too am less at the computer.
    Your garden is coming along so beautifully. I adore the pavers around it!! And what a cute little helper you have there. :o)
    Have a lovely week dear friend.
    love, Trish

  8. Your garden is looking wonderful and it is making me miss my raised beds. Oh well, next summer! For now I will have to be content with my containers on the deck.

    I am happy to hear you are taking time for you! I will look forward to your posts, and visits, when you are able too.

  9. I'm enjoying your garden! I have Dwarf Nasturium seeds planted at the corners of two of my raised beds. Can't wait for them to be in full bloom! I blog when I can. It takes the pressure off of me and I know it will come from my heart!

  10. I firmly believe that everyone needs to live out loud enthusiastically. In other words do what you feel is best for you at the present, keeping in mind the future. That brings peace of mind and heart. Our plans for the summer are just keeping up with Farmer's Market and being with our darling granddaughter as much as possible, Those two things bring much happiness to my life so I guess that would be my "fun" plans!

  11. Zinnia are my favorite. They are so cheerful. Can't wait to see your garden a little bit from now. I am trying to finish up unfinished projects this summer.

  12. I love what you did. Just looks beautiful.

  13. Blogging comes and goes. I miss it when I am busy with other things, but tell myself that there will be time later. Life has busy and calm seasons.

    Your garden is beautiful - I've been working in mine in my spare time, too.

  14. How wonderful this is all looking, Kathy.
    It is going to be sooo pretty a little later.Glad you are enjoying it so much.

    Blogging without Obligation...only way to go. This is why I have never had weekly or even monthly link parties.
    hugs, bj

  15. Hi Kathy,

    Your garden is looking fabulous, and I adore the zinnias!!! And don't feel obligated to blog. Summer is a busy time, along with a full time job...something's gotta give!! xoxo Debbie

  16. Oh your kitty is beautiful!!! I just gave away one of our babies to a happy young couple.
    I've noticed how flowery fresh the kittens have been lately..don't know what they are sleeping in! I can't be a gardener with my health :/
    Nice to see you Kathy! :)

  17. Happiest Father's Day to Earl, the
    KING OF CHEESECAKE.....(i almost put BEEFCAKE) HAHAAA....

  18. hey dearie! oh yes, i "get it" about the lack of time to blog .... as you may have noticed on my blog. :P but hey, life is busy and the computer sure can be a time vaccum. yes indeedy. life is to short to have anxiety about all of the little details...and besides, we are more productive when we are moving. LOVE your garden and Nasturtiums are my favorites!
    love to you and hello to earl.


  19. Hi Kathleen
    Your flowers are going to look soooo pretty in your garden boxes...and we all understand what its like to be working fulltime or being involved with things that take time and it becomes hard to blog.
    Just blog when you have some extra time and something you really want to share...
    have a nice restful day

  20. Hi Kathleen!
    I'm like you in that I find myself not blogging as much as I had before. I'd rather blog about something interesting or worthwhile than to just rattle on about nothing :)
    I do love to blog and to read other posts but there just doesn't seem to be enough time for it right now.
    I've got several projects going on for my future grandchild (sixth) and then travelling from time to time seem to be filling my days this summer.

  21. Your veggie garden looks so great! Love the bricks in between. It really keeps maintenance at a minimum.

    I'm with you on the blog issue. Personally I just don't feel the need to blog like a I used to. So I to am just going to blog when the mood strikes me and I want to. It really takes quite a bit of time to photograph and write a post. Right now I just feel like doing other things with my time.


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