Tuesday, May 15, 2012

Little Birds Fly

We put Victoria on a plane headed for Guatemala this morning. The trip is part of a  cross cultural experience that the University requires for graduation. How did any of us graduate in the past without trips to foreign lands? Anyway, she will be gone for three whole weeks and
this is the furthest my baby has ever been from me!
I'm a bit of a wreck about it since I'm a ridiculous worrier and overprotecter of my kids.
Even when they're adults.
So if you're the praying sort ,(and I know a lot of you are), just keep her in your prayers for this worry wart of a mom ok?
 In other news, my girls totally get me. Look what I got for Mother's day! This awesome old crate that I plan to fill with an assortment of candles, and flowers over the course of the summer. I was actually looking at one of these at an antique shop this spring, left without it, went back for it and it was gone! They picked this up without even knowing I had wanted one. It was filled with a beautiful assortment of scented votives.
They pretty much rock;>)


  1. These children of ours have opportunities and experiences that we never dreamed possible. Keeping Victoria (and you!!!) in my thoughts and prayers...I'm sure she'll have an amazing time.

    As for your mother's day gift -- WOW!!!! Those girls know you!!! Just perfect for you.

  2. No need to worry! (haha) It will be a good experience for Victoria. This will probably just be a start for her traveling outside the U.S. Both of our boys have traveled numerous times to foreign lands. Your Mother's Day gift is so cool! I like the idea of plants and candles together in the crate.

  3. Blessings to your daughter. Your coleous are gorgeous and I love the variety.

  4. Wow, you got one awesome Mothers Day present! I'll pray for your girl, isn't it hard to let go? Hugs ~ Mary

  5. Your girls are amazing Kathy. What a wonderful gift.

    Victoria is off on a wonderful adventure and I know that she is truly prepared. She has you and Earl as parents :-)

  6. Dearest Kathy,
    I will be remembering your darling daughter in my prayers. It's difficult watching our children spread their wings! My two sons both had first adventures far far away...My oldest in Albania for 2 weeks teaching Vacation Bible School and my youngest serving in Bosnia and, then, Iraq. During these times I have spent much time on my knees asking God to watch over them. He knows our Mother's hearts and honors our fervent prayers.
    Carolynn x x x

  7. How excited she must be. But I too am a worrier and would be nervous wreck just like you. What a great gift. I've been looking at coleus to plant somewhere in our yard. Haven't ever planted those before. Have a lovely day!

  8. Hi, Kathleen! Some day I need to do this too :o( It makes me sad, I understand you so. Victoria has a great time I think :o) She is a lucky girl to have you as a mother, and you`re a lucky mother - this box is super cute.
    Have a very nice week

  9. Hey! Greetings from Guatemala!! What a coincidence, huh? I came for the first time to read your blog today, and look at the piece of news I came across with :o) Since I've always felt this sort of connection we bloggers have (though my blog is down at the moment...personal issues) I have this urge to tell you that if anything is needed by your daughter down here in this country, do not hesitate to contact me! I'll gladly be of any assistance.
    Take care!

  10. Hello Kathy,

    You daughter looks to be as beautiful inside as she is on the outside! I will keep her in my prayers.

    Yes...they do rock...what an awesome gift!

    Janet xox
    The Empty Nest

  11. I'm praying! For both of you! Love how your girls haveyuou 'pegged'.

  12. Hi Kathy,

    Congratulations to your other daughter for graduating, she looks so cute in those pictures.

    Your daughter is traveling to quite an adventure. I can only imagine how you must feel. That invisible cord that connects us to our children is forever tugging, isn't it?

    I will be praying for her safe trip, and for you to be filled with the peace of God.


  13. awwww, your baby girl. Well, she is gonna be just fine because a lot of us will be sending up prayers for her safety. All mothers feel this, I am sure. When mine leave for a weekend, I spend the entire time praying for their safe return.

    I am so in CRATE ENVY....this is so cute and you can do so much with it. Love it.

  14. Happy Birthday!

    I love your Mother's Day gift-good job, girls!

    Praying for Victoria while she's away...and for you, 'cause, believe me, I get it.

  15. I'm sure she'll be fine and it will be wonderful experience for her (I'm a worrier too - I probably would have flown with her :D I'm that bad!)

    Love the crate!!! What a wonderful gift.

  16. How fortunate for your daughter! I'm sure she will have tons of stories and pictures to share when she gets home. Praying that her time there and the trip home will be safe.


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