Thursday, April 18, 2013

Springtime in Michigan

I have to admit, I've been green eyed with envy.  Some of you get Spring a lot sooner than I do.
Some of you southern girls are planting your garden, and some of you Californians are harvesting gardens you planted months ago!
But I live in Michigan, and we are having a rather late start to Spring here.
It's been cold and I have been (somewhat) patient, but the first signs always leave me breathing a sigh of relief. Spring is my favorite season.
 Thirty years ago I planted crocus bulbs under a tree by the driveway. One bulb survived and each year it is the official messenger that winter is well and truly over.
 Earl and I walked the old rail bed that has been turned into a hiking trail yesterday.
It is surrounded by woods and ponds and little signs that green is on it's way back. I love these old mossy stumps.
 This little path veers off the main trail and into a canopy of woods. So inviting:>)
The pussy willows are out, and they cast tender speckles of white against the grey of this pond.
This pond was filled with the little frogs we call peepers singing like they were the happiest things on earth! Click on the sound file below to hear them.
It is one of my favorite sounds of Spring, do you have peepers where you live?

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  1. I didn't know they were called peepers!
    I hear so many things out here and can't identify most of it :)
    Love walking in the woods!
    Shipping tomorrow, your little surprise :)

  2. That looks like a lovely place to walk. I enjoyed listening to the peepers.


  3. How interesting that Spring is your favorite season. It is my least favorite and not sure why. Maybe because we have LOTS of wind in Kansas in Spring. Yesterday we woke up to a blanket of snow!! Other days it is over 70 degrees. Not sure we have peepers here. If so that isn't what we call them. It maybe is too dry here for them. Enjoy your Spring, Kathy!

  4. Enjoy spring, Kathy. I'm glad it's finally coming to your region.

  5. What a lovely place to walk!

    Yep spring is officially here in Georgia! The trees are leafed out and even my roses are blooming. It actually feels more like the start of summer here so it's always so weird to see places where spring is just beginning!

  6. Your walking path beckons! :o)
    Happy Spring dear friend.

  7. We thought spring was here mid March but April came and winter came with it. They say spring is coming back by Thursday and boy do I hope so!

  8. Hello Dear Friend,
    Good to see that you and your family are doing good! :-)
    I to am anxiously awaiting spring!
    Last year I planted 100 crocus bulbs in my front lawn, by late fall I was sure the squirrels dug them all and ate them, BUT I am seeing blades of crocus popping up. YAY I cant wait til they all bloom!

    Take care Sweetpea,

  9. Hello Kathy. I found your lovely blog today. Spring is taking its time here in the Northeast too. It will surprise us one day. Have a lovely evening.


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