Monday, June 16, 2014

Touring through Blogland

I was recently contacted by Penny at The Comforts of Home and asked if I would participate in a blog hop.   I thought it sounded like fun, I am supposed to answer four questions and since I seem to have such a hard time actually getting around to writing my bio I thought this might help inspire me to get it done. ;>)

1. What am I working on?


 I have a lot of projects on the board right now. I have several pillow designs just waiting for sewing time, my ruffled flag pillows have been in such demand that I will be restocking the shop with some in the next week or two and I always have a quilt or two that I am slowly working on as I have time.


I am currently working on more Kitchenaid decal designs for my etsy shop.  There are so many ways to turn a plain white machine into a pretty part of the kitchen décor and I am having a lot of fun coming up with new designs and colors!


Earl and I are also looking into some ways to bring the business to life on a more local level. It’s a slow process but we have really great things in the works that I will be telling you about in the near future.

2. How does my work differ from others of its genre?


Although I have seen decals other places, for the most part they lack the detail and vintage look of what I am producing.  The process of creating the art and assembling the decals is labor intensive but the results are fun, colorful and unique.  I love what I do so the time and effort are worth it to me.  Of course my first love is always sewing and fabric design, so you will see more of that in the future too.  My fabric design is influenced by so many things, gardens, colors I see, vintage art.  I follow whatever pops into my head.

3. Why do I write/create what I do?


That is a good question.  I have always had a need to create, when my girls were little I did some craft shows, but the expense, hauling, sitting all weekend and hoping it didn’t rain so the crowd would show up was kind of a pain. I eventually gave it up while I homeschooled my kids.  I found blogging in 2007 and was immediately drawn to it.  My mother in law was battling cancer at the time and I began the blog as a way to not only keep far away family members updated on her health (she beat the cancer!) but also as a way to document and share my projects.  I was shocked when the first comment appeared from someone I did not know.  Over the years I have found a wonderful community of like minded friends through blogging. They have been the catalyst for my growth as an artist and designer. They have encouraged me, inspired me, given me advice when I needed it and given me the confidence to pursue my dreams. As a result, I can honestly say that blogging has been one of the biggest influences in what I do, and Etsy has provided the perfect opportunity to make my designs available from  the comfort of my own home.

4. How does your writing/creating process work?


I like to do my own thing.  As a blogger you can’t help but be influenced by current trends in color, and what is popular now, but I tend to steer away from doing what I see everyone else doing. I most often design items that I would like in my own home, but can’t seem to find anywhere else.  This Spring’s seed packet pillows for instance, I couldn’t help but think they would make adorable throw pillows mixed with my beloved gingham. I need to get more of those in the shop! As for my writing process, I pretty much sit down and bang out my thoughts just the way I speak in real life.  I’m a shoot from the hip, fly by the seat of my pants writer, which is pretty much how I approach everything else.

 And now that you know a little bit more about me, let me introduce you to another blogger who I love to visit!


"Hi, my name is Patty and I blog over at Lemon Lane Cottage.  I started blogging to connect with other like minded women about decorating, crafts and life in general.  But what I found while typing over the years is so much more.  I still post about our cute little cottage and my passion for creating but now I'm sharing with friends.  I hope you'll become one of them.  xo, Patty"


I hope you'll run over and say hello to Patty, she does beautiful work and shares a lot of fun things!


  1. Kathleen
    Your post are so inspiring.
    what you are accomplishing makes me want to really delve into making my dreams become a reality.
    Thanks so much for sharing in a real way!

  2. Since I love to create with my hands too this posting was very interesting. I like that you do your own thing. I do my own thing too and find that is way more rewarding than to copy-cat others. Will be interested to hear how you are trying get your business going on a more local level. I'm always on the lookout for ideas to better my own business. Keep up the good work, Kathy!

  3. What cute ideas for the KitchenAid mixer!!

  4. You do the most amazing work! If I had a standing mixer, I'd want it to look this beautiful. Not only that, but your photography is stellar. You make me want it...whatever it is! Thanks for the insights into how you do things and why. Off to follow a link...

  5. Thanks for taking the time to do the tour Kathy! I loved reading more about you.

  6. I always love stopping by to visit you but it's fun to know a bit more about you. And I loved seeing the Kitchenaid decals you did for me. I really need to get back to blogging so I can share them - and give you a bit of advertisement - soon.

  7. We are very much alike Kathy. Although you seem to be much better than I at staying focused and finishing a thing or two. Thank you for the shout out. It has been fun hearing from your friends today.

  8. Your words are so inspiring! I love everything about your blog and you! Thank you for the insight to who you beautiful!

  9. I LOVED this post, Kathy. It's always good to learn a few other things about our blogging friends.
    You are so talented and do such lovely of my favorite crafters.:)
    Going over to see Patty.

  10. Hi Kathy,

    I loved reading this post. I have always loved how original your work is, and how you are a true designer.

    Those decals for mixers are really wonderful. I always love your bunting and pillow designs too. I am always inspired when I visit your blog.



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