Monday, October 6, 2014

Happy Monday

It almost sounds too simple doesn't it?

The weather here in Michigan has taken a turn toward the cooler. Lows in the 40's at night and high's not much more than mid to lower 60's.  And rain. I'm still hoping for some bright sunny days and maybe a warm day here and there, but the leaves are brilliant and the house is cozy so it's all good.
Yesterday I harvested the Dahlia's in the garden. We aren't spending much time out there lately and with the rain they were mostly on the ground anyway. I will cut as many of the zinnia's as I can get today. Let me show you a photo Earl took of me Friday night out by the cutting garden, I am
5' 10" tall and some of these zinnia's are taller than I am! I don't know what kind we planted or what kind of magic is in the soil. We tilled up a spot out where we used to have a garden before we put in
the raised beds, but I'm pretty sure the seed packet said these would grow to the usual 18"-24" height!
I have some fun planned for later this week. We have a field trip planned Wednesday to some orchards and an orchard/winery on the west side of the state. I can't wait to share it with you, I think it's going to be a really fun day! 
Happy Monday, I hope your week is full of Autumn fun :>)


  1. Goodness, those are giant Zinnias! Can you keep the seed?

  2. Simple but true! Deciding to be happy some days takes dedication but I always always choose happy.

    Your zinnias are amazing! We ended up with some that are probably 4' tall and they tower over everything else. Those have been the best bang for the buck this year by far.

    I don't blame you one bit for wishing that the warmth would stick around a little longer. Your climate is so cold and the winters are long. Here it's very mild.

  3. Love your graphic...must try that! The zinnias are AmAzing! Never have seen anything like that.

  4. You look adorable out there in your amazing zinnia patch. Just like I imagined you would!

  5. Peekaboo, I see YOU! What a pretty picture of you with your enormous zinnias! It must be all of that prep soil you did. Wow! I've never seen them so tall.

    I love the changes you guys made in the bedroom. What a wonderful place to sit and do work. We are at that same place with room redos. It's going to take some time, but someday I WILL have my sewing room. You need yours, too.


  6. is that teacup from Germany....a number of years ago I found the best tiny tea cups and saucers at a flea market and they had that exact same pattern...a little more brownish from age but the same thing...they were so pretty and I no longer have them so I'm assuming I got a good price on E-Bay for them...LOL...and yes the husbands rooms do show off his personality....he's a compulsive spender!! I do give him the business because the library (in the first pictures) is right when you walk through the front door...It was getting a bit cluttered so I made him re-arrange all those shelves and it looks much better now...

  7. What a lovely quote Kathy. I love he picture of you among the zinnias. They sure did grow tall! Sounds like you have some fun times planned.

  8. I loved seeing you peeking through the flowers! That cup and saucer is gorgeous. I'm on the hunt for a pretty ironstone cup and saucer for Fall. My Autumn days are full, but good. Our weather is gorgeous. It will change soon and we will hunker down for the winter months, so I'm enjoying every moment of sunshine and crisp mornings that I can.

  9. You are so darn cute peeking through those Zinnia's! Happy Monday - back!!!

  10. Look at my friend, Kathy hidin' in the flowers! You don't have any pants on, do you?!


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