Wednesday, January 4, 2017

Happy New Year!

A few days late to be sure, but why not wish happiness on more than day one?  I am seeing so many who have chosen a word or resolution, I must be a slacker extraordinaire, because I tend to think a New Year should be a blank slate. A time to let the pressures of last year fall away leaving the white nothingness of a clean sheet of paper to write my life on. Oh I do wax poetic.  Truth is I know I am not one for feeling pressured to chose a word or affirmative life action, so I tend to sit back and give myself the first few weeks off.  No pressure or expectations. It's actually a great way to start the year :)

Just to catch up on what has been happening, which is precious little to tell the truth, we spent New Years Eve with friends and actually left by around 10pm.  Both exhausted for some reason and just not up to hanging on until Midnight. We were well asleep by the time the New Year crept in, but were awakened by the mortars going off next door. No rest for the weary apparently, but I just realized I even freed myself of the expectation of staying awake until New Year.  I rock lowered expectations.

The next day was the big extended family Christmas party and Earl made his yearly Bushe de Noel, this time in the form of a birch log.  The outer "bark" is white chocolate with dark chocolate knots and details. The top is meringue piped in circles, baked and laid on top of the cake to simulate  the inside of the log, and the cute mushrooms are meringue too.  The cake itself is yellow cake layers with chocolate ganache filling. It was as tasty as it is pretty.  I always love seeing what he will come up with :)
You may remember my not so subtle hints for a certain traveler to think of Christmas while they were in England this autumn and pick up an Emma Bridgewater something for their mama.
Well the ever so gentle, almost subliminal suggestion worked beautifully and this little gem was waiting for me under the tree.
The other side of the mug says, "Mum is the best" and the inside rim says, "Mum is kind and strong"
It came with a darling Emma Bridgewater towel too, but the message on the mug just touches this mother's heart :)

I spent yesterday taking down the Christmas decorations. As much as I love the lights and fun of the Christmas décor, something about January calls for calm and quiet. It may be the only time of year that I actually wish I had an all white house.  At the moment it almost feels too blank and empty after the tree and lights have been removed. I have a very hard time with "winter décor" because I hate winter. I am over it completely by January 2.  Anything winter themed is not appealing at the moment. I am working on keeping some of the mercury glass and white decorations out in an attempt to spice things up. So far I have one corner of the living room redecorated.
Yes, I know the cords show, part of my easy going January attitude ;)  This is our library table, because this family librarys a lot.  Books tended to be strewn over every flat surface of the living room until we found this gorgeous table for a steal at a garage sale.  Now the books go here.
Family photos, a few silvery accents and some battery operated candles that are on a timer so I don't even have to light them.  Some of these items will eventually be moved as there are a few large items of furniture that I will be taking out of this room in preparation for a new flat screen tv that is coming soon.  2017 will see some improvements in the house, as most years have.

Now I am off to strip the old wallpaper off the walls in the back entryway! The new wallpaper is on it's way and with a little paint and elbow grease I will have a sparkling bright entry in a week or so.

I hope your New Year is going smoothly, and happily.  Ease up on yourself and enjoy a few weeks of possibilities and low pressure! And thank you to all who have been stopping by for so many years.  It makes me smile to read each comment!


  1. You and I think alike about words for the year...too much pressure. Where you and I differ is on winter decor...I like it as long as it is not all white and cold looking. it is my reality from now until April so I try to "embrace it." Oh those fireworks! And why are people still celebrating at all hours? Just because they can I guess. I love wallpaper so will look forward to seeing your project. (Your husband's creation is amazing...looks beautifully like a birch log, which makes a great winter decoration.)

  2. That cake looks amazing!! Stripping wall paper is not fun, I don't envy you. Happy New Year!

  3. Kathy I am like you in that I don't pressure myself to have a word or expectations...just faith and hope. I love the calm and space of January, haven't even put back the things that were moved for decorations, so we are a bit minimalist here!

  4. Choosing a word or words is just too much pressure, to come up with yet another 'thing'. Being relaxed is so much better for one's health and well-being.

    That cake is fantastic and it sounds like it was delicious.

    I just can't go all white, I need and love color. :-) Plus, I love the colors of different woods. All white homes are pretty, but it's just not me.

    Happy 2017 ~ FlowerLady

  5. I'm one that LOVES having a chosen word for the pressure at all on being POSITIVE...the word itself makes me feel good.
    I dislike winter more and more...I used to love it when I was younger and we went skiing and to the cabin in New Mexico with, since we've moved right in front of a swimming pool and summers are so nice with lots of grands going swimming, I LOVE summer. I am so ready for it...and I'm already planning my small, container garden....

  6. Oh- You must be my twin! I. too. don't pick a word for the new year and try to just rest in the beauty of the quiet. I DO NOT-I repeat- DO NOT- like winter...or the cold...or the snow...or the ice. I would much rather be somewhere balmy. If we get above the teens in January that is considered balmy weather for this area.

    I took down all my decorations and lights, too, and while it looks bare-I am glad for the undecorated pure peace of it all.

    Blessings to you- I hope you have a wonderful Jan. xo Diana

  7. Hi Kathy. For the last few years I've chosen a word and usually by Feb I've forgotten what it is!! I hope this year brings you lots of joy! Earls cake is amazing!

  8. Wow! Earl is a cake artist, isn't he! That is a gorgeous cake, but I just can't even attempt such fanciness any more. My word for 2017 is Simplicity!

  9. You're productive! I was so over winter before Christmas! And this week it's getting ugly again.

    The cake is fabulous. Just incredible.

    I'm torn between two words that are totally opposite -- Hygge and Action. Maybe I'll pick two. And by June won't have a clue as to what they were!

    And Happy New Year! Any day -- till it's the old year!

  10. Stripping wallpaper is no fun...but that cake is amazing. Unbelievably amazing. Happy New Year! ;)

  11. Happy New Year, Kathy! That cake is totally amazing! Oh, my Lord! Stripping wallpaper is work. I wish you the best.
    Be a sweetie,
    Shelia ;)

  12. i'm just starting to take down our Christmas decorations...and moving rather slow. After clearing out a room I'll create more vignettes. Stripping wallpaper is a horrible...messy...nasty.. project! The cake is amazing and wishing I could have a bit. Happy New Year!

  13. You are off to a quick start with your wallpaper. I admire that can do attitude. January is a strange month, right? It's exciting and waiting all at the same time.

    Wishing you a sweet, Happy New Year!

  14. I love your January attitude and may just join you for a week or two. While I did manage to put Christmas to bed until next December, I am not rushing to start any new projects...unless they involve pretty textiles. LOL Happy New Year my beautiful friend. May 2017 bring you much joy!

  15. Kathy, please tell Earl that I think is cake was absolutely delightful. It was a work of art. Fantastic!


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