Monday, July 2, 2007

My garden is amazing right now and I just wanted to share some pictures with you! As it turns out, my camera wasn't broken, it was just jammed somehow, I couldn't seem to push the shutter button down, I think i still need to have it looked at because I have to push really hard to take a picture, but, yay, I can still use it! Any way, the garden right outside my bedroom/office window is glorious right now. The lavender is in full bloom and it is interspersed with my roses which are finally blooming and these gorgeous bright yellow lilies!
this is an overall view of what I see when I am sitting at my desk (except I am looking out, not toward the house obviously). I have been seeing a sweet little hummingbird feeding at the lavender, he seems to just love it. It is also full of butterflies and dragonflies and bumble bees. I love looking out at the flowers and seeing these little creatures visiting the garden. I also have a bird feeder right outside the window so I see the goldfinches, cardinals and purple finches. Beautiful!

These aren't the best pictures of the roses, the morning light seems to be a little strong or my focus is off or something, but, trust me, they are lovely.

It promises to be a very busy week for me. We have plans with friends for the Fourth of July, the parade, a day on the lake and fireworks and a bonfire. Can it get any better than that? I have also decided to paint my living room, usually it is a one day job, but I have decided to paint the woodwork too and that will complicate things and drag the job out longer. But I am looking forward to the change. I always have a little trepidation that I will not like the new color, but it is only paint right? I can always go over it with something else. Anyway, I will post progress as I make it.


  1. I just had to post and tell you what a delicious and delightful blogger you are. I always feel so lucky when I find a great blog to bookmark. This morning God blessed me with yours. I, too, have found that little Peace patriotic print to be beautiful. I made vintage cards from it. I am having fun looking through all your old posts. You seem wonderful! Hugs and prayers. G.

  2. Absolutely beautiful Kathy!! I am so jealous! The only thing I have growing is weeds and wildflowers! With five boys, I kept putting off planting and then never did it! Maybe next year...


  3. Good morning Kathy!
    Your flowers are beautiful! I love the bright yellow against the lavender ~ gorgeous combination! I know you're happy your camera wasn't broken! - I dropped & broke mine the very day I started blogging! Luckily found the exact same one on ebay for a fraction of what I paid 3 years ago! Enjoy your holiday activities - sounds like lots of fun!

  4. Oh my! Your garden is so gorgeous! Thank you so much for sharing!
    xo, suzy

  5. Hi Babe I am ready to create my back yard butterfly and Humming Bird habitat but I'm going to need help so get on the plane and come out your aunt Grace and I miss you.


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