Thursday, June 28, 2007

EEk!I think my camera broke!

So right about now you are asking how I am posting the picture above. I used my daughters camera. It is ok, but as you can see the pictures aren't as clear as the ones from my camera. I will have to find a place to fix it because I have grown VERY attached to it since I began blogging! Anyway, I finished the bookmarks for my bookmark swap and since I cant seem to get them in focus with Lauren's camera (I tried) you may have to wait until my swap partner gets them and I provide a link. Bookmarks were not as easy a swap as I thought they would be, they need to be flat to be useful and that is kind of limiting when you are putting something together that you want to be out of the ordinary. I am mailing them out today, so hopefully they will get to my swap partner in time. It was fun though, I hope she likes them. Oh, by the way, the picture above is a little patriotic shadow box I made for the fourth of July. I used a vintage print and some odds & ends of ribbon and stars.


  1. That patriotic shadow box is really neat!

  2. I love the patriotic shadow box!!

    The bookmark swap sounds like a lot of fun, I cant wait to see the ones you made!


  3. I love what you are showing here! Really cute.
    Our post office closed this a.m. before I could get my package! We don't get delivery at home here. I'll have to wait til Monday :(

  4. My camera broke last month and I had to rush out to get a new one, I am so hooked on photos. I told my husband I take photos EVERY DAY and he thought it was just a bit obbsessive. And maybe it is, but isn't it fun?
    Thing is, my old camera was NOT broken, just jammed and my son fixed it a few weeks later when it was too late to return the new one!! Maybe I rushed too much, but now I have a purse camera and a studio camera. So that isn't bad at all. I can be even more obsessive about taking pictures!


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