Tuesday, June 19, 2007

I originally started this blog as a way to keep up with family and friends and maybe stick my toes into the wide world of blogging. I have been so thrilled with the response I have gotten and the interesting people I have met through this little online diary. At the same time I sometimes wonder at the superficiality of blogging. I wonder if people really care what I got at the farmers market. I don't want this blog to be only about my latest acquisition at the thrift store or garage sale. There is so much more to my life than what I buy. Most of it isn't interesting enough to put down in words. Cleaning the house, trying to figure out what is for dinner, again. The many things I do each day that I have to do before I can do what I really want to do. I sometimes wonder how other women get so much crafting done that they can show a completed piece of art every day and even stock an etsy store. I am in awe. I see blogs about beautiful homes and wonder if their houses ever look like mine with socks on the floor and dust in the corners. My blogging hero is Brin at My Messy Thrilling Life who manages to not only create beautiful things for an etsy shop, but apparently hold down several jobs (she's also writing a cookbook!) redo an old house while blogging about beautiful things, creating extremely wonderful devotionals, teaching bible school and finding time to just do nice things for people. Talk about feeling inadequate! How does she do it? Why can't I get that many hours out of my day? Do you think Brin is a pseudonym for a whole group of people who share her blog? I like to think so but it is probably just one woman who is amazing. Anyway, I don't want this blog to be about superficial things all the time. I want my readers and visitors to know who I am. Is that too deep for you? If I don't get comments from this post I will assume it is. And I will post about my latest garage sale find or my garden. I am not abandoning those fun things, but I want more. Do you?


  1. I understand Kathy! Believe me! I try to put a little of me in my blog too. And with 5 kids, I always have dust in the corners! :)

    I have added you to my blog favorites :)

    Thanks so much Kathy

  2. Kathleen -
    You've said exactly what I'm feeling with my blog. I'm new to the blogging world and would love to share my finds and treasures and the wonders of my family but there IS so much more to me, too. I struggle with sharing pictures of my house that show the reality of my unfinished projects, undecorated areas and the mess of living everyday life. There's no way to show pictures of how I visualize it, is there? Please don't hesitate to share who you really are - I will check in and read, enjoy and benefit by it. Yes, Brin is one of my favorites!

  3. Don't even wonder..my home is messy from time to time and there are only the 2 of us living here. And I think even Brin can't always keep up!(love your blog Brin)
    Go ahead Kathy share your thrift finds and tell us about yourself..that would be a good mix! I check your blog daily and you are in my favorites

  4. I whole-heartedly agree with you. My home is more often then not messy (notice I did say "home" not just house). When I do get a lot of hand made items made it's usually because I've worked into the wee hours of the morning over and over only to get right back up at 5:30am to start the day ~ again... but I love my family and my life. Post your thoughts, your wishes, your dreams, your worries, even what you had for dinner... that's what makes you ~ YOU, and it helps me to see there's someone else out there that struggles at times and at times has the time of her life.

    Take Care & God Bless,

  5. I see a lot of depth in almost every blog I read. Some posts are light hearted, sometimes we dig deep; sometimes we simply take an innocent photo of a cat in the sun, and that says it all for today. I love the idea of blogs and blogland. It gives depth to my commitment to the deep down worth of humanity. We hear so much of the negative, and we have been taught to believe there are more good than bad. But media-wise, it's been hard to prove. Blogs reinforce that head knowledge with glimpses into other people's lives, their gardens, a tree in London or a quick batch of scones from the Netherlands... It thrills me. It's wonderful to see comments of depth, of course. But I am a proponent of the dailiness of life and the importance of beauty in the ordinary... I love your ideas and your blog as it evolves to showcase your heart and soul. Keep on!

  6. Clearly you are attracting like-minded souls! The beauty of "our" type of blogs is the authenticity and honesty projected. Putting our real selves "out there" informs us and others. There are ideas to glean, joys to celebrate, and the encouragement of seeing our own struggles voiced in someone else's words....Blog on!


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