Monday, June 25, 2007

A new Womens Movement?

I was very interested in the post from a few days ago on Cherry Menlove's, Tales From Pixie Wood. Cherry was writing about the movement in England back to homemaking. Cherry thinks that in America we are ahead of England in that we have Martha Stewart and others who are our role models and who have made homemaking respectable again. While I understand her thoughts (and agree very much with her message that we should all be proud of our lifestyles as homemakers!) I wonder if we are really that much more ahead of her country than she thinks. I have been so inspired and gratified to find so many who embrace their roles as stay at home moms and entrepreneurs in these blogs. It has truly been wonderful to know that there are still women who find enjoyment and fulfillment in their roles as stay at home moms and the art and effort they put into making their house and home a beautiful place for their families and themselves. But I don't think attitudes have changed that much or that quickly about homemakers. I think it is still a very new movement and one that has gained notice through these online journals of the women making it happen.
Just a thought. I think the stay at home mom still has a long way to go to getting the respect she deserves. Lets face it, Martha Stewart isn't a homemaker, she's an executive of a multi-billion dollar enterprise! I enjoy her ideas, but Martha I am not. What do you think?


  1. Hi Kathleen Grace,
    I have been a homemaker since 1979, and a mother since 1986, and I don't know if it's more accepted now, but I accept the role more now, or maybe I just don't care as much what others think. I'm not sure if that helps you at all, but thanks for making me consider an interesting question...

  2. You are right. And the whole setup here doesn't support the stay at home mom thing. Thankfully I got to stay home but it was only because our one income could handle it. Most people look at you funny for staying home. Cute photo!

  3. I have to think in America women who remain home or like to be home are in the minority. Saddly I find that the economy has forced women to vacate what alot of us would rather home. Afterall in the U.S. if we don't contribute to the meager Social security we get we really will get nothing. In England and many countries the women I think I've read fare better if they chose to stay home, we sure don't do we? Times do not support Mom at home and we really need to be!! Lori

  4. I would have to agree with all of you. Mary had an interesting thought, that she doesnt care as much what others think. I would have to agree that with time that we are more comfortable with our choices as women. Shabby (I feel funny calling you that) and Lori raise a good point too that there isnt much support for homemakers. Of course part of that has to do with choices sometimes. I live in a very modest cottage and drive used cars and make other choices that have allowed me to forego a career. But some people do that and still can't make ends meet without a second income. Thanks for your comments ladies!


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