Friday, June 22, 2007

Natashas Shabby Chic Matchbox Swap

I had some fun yesterday putting together and decorating the boxes for the matchbox swap. It is pretty hard to find things small enough that are special to go into the teeny little things but I think I did ok. I won't tell you what is inside because my swap partner is all the way over in Australia. I am sending these out today and who knows how long it takes to actually get to another continent? But I will post what she sends me and hopefully she will post these when she gets them and I will provide a link. I think I was only supposed to do one, but they are so small and I had so much fun decorating the boxes I did five. They will still all fit in an envelope, I'm sure.

Ok, so just so you know what I mean when I said I need to weed my garden... I went out last night to get it done (I am only half done!) and I actually found a teeny little foxglove that I didn't know I had. This poor crowded plant is only about a foot tall instead of the stately 4-6 feet it should be. It is a fair punishment for me since I have been waiting a couple years for this little guy to actually bloom, and here it blooms in such a pitiful manner. So back out I go today to see if I can finish the job of weeding out this bed....then I can start on the next. I could make a comment about the weeds of neglect stunting the good things in our lives but you can make that connection yourself I suppose and I really don't want to get preachy. Suffice it to say the lesson occurred to me as I weeded and found flowers hidden and (eewwww!) snake holes because the cover was so good. Fortunately I am not afraid of snakes. So what will I be doing today? Pulling weeds and watching for snakes as I pull!


  1. The matchboxes are so pretty! And she is lucky because she is getting 5! What a surprise that will be :)

    You should see all the weeds in my flower bed!!! THat is all it is, lol!


  2. Your matchboxes turned out so darling!

  3. These are just so pretty! And so delicate too :)
    Weeding yuk! But it`s sure a good comparison with weeding oneself. A little harder though...oneself that is.


  4. Kathy, i have never actually seen a foxglove, so thanks for sharing. i'm sure you know it is the source of our favorite heart drug, Digitalis, that keeps many,many, tired old hearts beating. Just don't let anyone eat it!! Love, Aunt Sharon

  5. Oh those little cute all together! I'm gonna have to do this craft and should have done the swap...regretting that now...
    Cute lesson about the weeds! I'm not scared of snakes either :)


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