Tuesday, June 5, 2007

Rain, Rain go away...

I know that many of you in southern parts of the country are praying for rain, but here in Michigan we have had it for almost a week and I am ready for a change. The lawn needs mowing, the gardens need weeding and I need some sunshine! My flower beds are out of control. My William Baffin roses have just begun to bloom, do you like how I managed to get the van bumper in the background of my photo? Ah well, the rose is beautiful and my lavender is ready to bloom and if I can get out there to weed I might actually be able to find some of my other flowers! The rain has beaten my large iris to the ground, although my small siberian iris by the fence are fine. My peony hasn't bloomed yet so that is still standing. Well hopefully we will get some sun in the next few days. We have two graduation open houses this weekend and I know our friends must be sweating bullets hoping the rain will stop!

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