Monday, June 11, 2007

What a beautiful weekend! The weather was perfect, and we had two graduation parties to help out with for friends. It is such a joy to see two more beautiful young girls look out to their future and all the things they are going to accomplish and enjoy in the coming years. So many adventures and new experiences waiting for them. And then I talk to the mothers of these beautiful girls. The Moms are the forgotten. They aren't all that happy about their own futures. They are being fired from a job they have loved and given everything to for almost 20 years. A job that didn't give a lot of vacation time, no raises, and now not even a gold watch of appreciation. No, nobody sees that these women are going through a graduation of their own.
Why don't we think of it that way? As a new beginning for us as well? Next year my youngest daughter will graduate and I am determined to see it as an opportunity. Some of the bad choices I made when I was younger I can remedy. It won't be as easy as it would have been back then, but who said life was easy? I can get weepy and feel lost,(and don't think I haven't ), or I can see it as a new beginning for myself. After years of my children being the focus of everything I have done, isn't it time for a little me time? Isn't that the battle cry of women everywhere? "I think of everyone's needs but mine!" we all scream. Well time to think of mine. I am 49, I'm not dead. If I live to be 80 (My gandmother lived to 93!) that is another 30 years. 30 Years is a LIFETIME people! I have been married a long time, but I still haven't been married 30 years! If I look back 30 years, look what I have accomplished since I was 19! Graduation age. My future stretches out before me. Maybe we should have graduation parties for parents too.

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