Tuesday, April 15, 2008

One. More. Day......

Whew! Finally, today is my last day at the tax prep place (get those taxes postmarked by midnight ladies!) I worked 10-1:30 at job #1 yesterday and 2:30-9 p.m. at job #2. No breaks at either job. I think tomorrow I will come home from my school job and take a wonderful nap in what is supposed tobe 70 degree sunshine. YES!
Mary is showing some of her favorite linens this morning and I thought Iwould share a few of mine. I so admire the women who took the time to make such beautiful things for their homes. My mother sent me some of these. The Basket above was found at a yard sale by my sweet husband and he knew I would like it so he bought it for me:>)
These adorable kittens came from Phyllis's Flea market friday, pretty handmade lace on the bottom too!

This is one of a box of vintage linens my mom sent me recently. A beautiful spring scene surrounded by pink crochet (?) lace. So pretty. You can click on any of these for a closer look. Some have a few stains that I need to work on but sweet Adrienne gave me the advice to soak vintage linens in Biz and warm water to remove stains and it has worked really well for me in the past. Have a great day, I'm off to work:>)


  1. whoooowhoooo....LOVE your blog!....I see we are Kindred Spirits with our love for the embroideries and yumminess!...I am going to bookmark your ETSY shop too...I love reinventing those treasures from the past, also!!Thanks for visiting my blog...beeeeeeee sure to check back soon!....creative blessings, Debbie

  2. The word for today seems to be "fabulous"! I'm using it on this comment, too! I wish I had the patience for embroidery.....I love the look of it so much! Perhaps I need to work on my patience! LOL

    :-) Rosie

  3. Hope your last day on the extra job goes quickly and you can start your regular schedule soon. A nap tomorrow would be a good thing!

    Thanks for sharing your beautiful linens. I just love the vintage pieces that were lovingly stitched by gentle hands. Glad the Biz is working for you.


  4. Okay, so I think you need a wonderful hand crocheted lace hammock for tomorrow with an embroidered pillow!

  5. Kathy, I love your linens! I'll be thinking about you today, and hoping you get a nice long nap tomorow. :)

  6. Congratulations on April 15. You made it.

    I use Bix, too. And, sometimes I have added in a little Clorox 2.

  7. These are all so pretty...I, too, love these and I have quite a few pieces from my aunt and mother. I never really know how to display them, tho. We live in such a dusty area, I don't like them out as they just seem to get dusty....
    How do you show yours off??
    hugs, bj

  8. Beautiful - I love embroidered linens too (wish I had the patience to do some myself). I didn't know about The Biz for getting out stains - I'll try that!


  9. Hope you get all rested up.Yes tax season is over and we are all paid up.Now I need two jobs lol.

  10. I just love your pieces. So pretty and feminine.

    I'll have to show off a bit of my own collection some day.

  11. Just surfin' the blogs and stopped by for a visit.

    Nice Blog!


  12. Ok - I thought I left a message, but I guess not - lol

    Kathy I bet you are thrilled your are finished with the Tax job...

    Love your embroidered linens...I have been looking for some embroidered pillow cases that have just red or red and yellow embroidery..

  13. I am loving your embroidery items. I have some pillowcase I need to get out and finish embroidering. I am wishing you a day filled with sunshine and rest...Mary

  14. I too love vintage linens, especially the hand embroidered ones. I love to use them in my sewing projects, and how sweet of your hubby to buy that beautiful piece for you :)


  15. These are beautiful Kathy! I love embroidered linens. I dont have many but I love them. I think you and I have the two sweetest hubbies in the world! :)

    Love ya,

  16. Thanks for stoping in . I love your vintage items , so pretty to look at . Your Blog is great . As you can see I really love old things and pictures . I'll be takeing pictures of more of the many things my parents left me . Stop in any time . Mary

  17. Hi there, don't ya just love emb
    roidery work ?



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