Monday, April 28, 2008

I have finally been able to find the time to make a few things for etsy just in time for Mothers Day. If you are looking for something sweet, and handmade etsy is the place to find it! I found some beautiful embroidered vintage linen for Mothers Day and added Lily of the Valley, which is May's flower. I will be making a few more of these but since it is vintage fabric there will be a limited supply.
I had a great time garage saleing and antiqueing this Saturday, and I'll share some of my finds later this week.
I'll see you all later:>)


  1. Oh Kathy,,,,,this is wonderful! You do such a lovely job with your hearts and birds! Hope you are enjoying your week so far........ ((hugs)) Rosie

  2. Kathleen, this is a beautiful treasure, as are all of yours. I love the soft embroidered fabric and the sweet touches you have added. When you get a change you might enjoy the hearts on my post today. When I saw them I thought of you - even though they are very different from yours. I wished you were there with me so we could chat and enjoy them together. ~Adrienne~

  3. That heart is so pretty, Kathy! I love the addition of the Lily of the Valley.

    Hugs, Pat

  4. Hi, Sweet Kathy Grace...what a beauty of a heart. I can't wait to go over to see your new items....
    My mom is gone but I give daughter and daughter in law gifts on Mother's Day....
    I got so tickled when I was reading your comment on my bathtub posting...when you talked about how much you loved slipper tubs, I thought you were gonna say "especially if Harrison Ford is in there"!! hahaha...I am still giggling over it.
    Shame on me ;o)

  5. What a pretty heart! Kathy you do such lovely work! blessings, Kathleen

  6. Dear Kathy
    Another beautiful heart. They just keep on getting better and better. Oh how I wish I could afford to buy one right now. Maybe I'll give a hint to one of my kids for mother's day!
    Rhondi xo

  7. This looks stunning. My beautiful bluebird is a gift for my mom for Mother's Day. I have show and tell on my post today, and your bluebird looks so lovely, as well as your tags. I was just finishing the post, when I saw that you had popped by on the rainbow post. So, tomorrow if you get a chance, come have a peek at your lovely creations. karen

  8. Oh Kathy doesn't it feel good to be creating again?
    I bet you are loving it!

    This heart is beautiful {I love lily of the valley, they smell wonderful}

    Have a wonderful week,

  9. Kathy that is such a beautiful heart.
    The Lily of the Valley is so pretty too.

  10. Oh Kathy, that is SO beautiful! Lily of the Valley is one of my favorite flowers.

  11. HI Kathy,

    I just loved the linen heart with the lily of the valley. Since May is my birthday month, it has a special meaning to me.


    Lynne Laura

  12. Oooo you outdid yourself on this one! Verrrry nice.
    Mother's Day...Mama said not to get her anything. She means it.

  13. Oh Kathy, your new items are just beautiful!! You are so talented, I love everything!


  14. Thanks for stopping by ad all your kind words.

  15. just stopping by this evening to say "hey"...hope your day was good.
    hugs, bj

  16. Kathy this Mother's heart is beautiful and I think the vintage linen piece is so pretty. Kathy, when I first looked at this heart I thought...ring bearer pillow.. Have you ever thought of that? I think they would be perfect little pillows. Hugs, Linda

  17. That is so beautiful! I love all the details you put into it.

  18. This and all the other things you made are stunning....

  19. As always, it's just lovely!


  20. Kathy, the new hearts are beautiful! And I loved "Maggie" so much, I just bought her!! How adorable....Can't wait to get her.

  21. never stop to amaze me with your beautiful talents. I love the new hearts. They are beautiful. I know I just bought one...but after seeing the one with the 'Mother' charm; I had to have it. Glad to see you are back to creating again. Your work is amazing! Happy Wednesday ...alice

  22. just stun me with your creativity.

    I'm in love with your sweet hearts.

    BEE U TEE FUL...

  23. I've been seeing your face peek through the roses for so long and never had time to stop in. I don't even have time now, but what the heck! Your blog is beautiful and so is your work. I have a thing about hearts. A BIG THING ABOUT HEARTS! So we share that love and so many other things. Honey, I can't stay much longer. I'll come back when I have more time. I'm supposed to be doing so much on my own blog and here I am on yours. That is just pathetic!!! We'll chat soon! Until then, keep up your beautiful work and blog. Both are precious.

    You know what else? I see all the bloggers on your comment page I want to visit. I need more than 24 hours in a day. Or an assistant!

    XO Suzanne

  24. I have really enjoyed my visit to your blog. Thanks for sharing.

  25. Hi Kathy. I am so ashamed I haven't even thought of Mother's Day yet. That little heart is so sweet!

    Happy May Day!


  26. Hi Kathy,

    I've been here many times but I'm not sure if I've ever stopped to say bad...I LOVE your hearts (this lilly of the valley one is stunning) - and I really admire the beautiful photos you take of them too. Your whole blog is uplifting and beautiful in you mind if I add your blog to my "Cottage Inspiration" link list? Yours would be a wonderful addition!!

    Hope you have a wonderful Friday and a glorious weekend!

    Hugs and blessings,
    Becky S. at Just Bee n' Me


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