Friday, April 4, 2008


Yesterday, BJ asked us for pictures of any roosters we might have. I have a few and thought I would share them! It is a grey, rainy day here so I had to use my flash and the pics aren't as nice as they should be but, oh well, it happens:>) Most of my roosters are on a little wall shelf in the kitchen by the door. On the top is one of my first little poultry figurines and a great sign I picked up at a church sale. I love the sign with the chickens!

Next is another little rooster that I love. I like how the black and white pattern of his feathers looks with the checks on the letter and the toile curtains in the kitchen.
I got this little hen and rooster salt and pepper when I went to Ann Arbor at the consignment shop. Very inexpensive and they are a bit chippy but I think it adds to the charm.

Of course my favorite rooster doesn't get to stay in the house! He is my little Bantam rooster out in the hen house. He does a great job of protecting the hens and he isn't mean like some (now deceased) roosters I have had. He's a sweetie. This was the clearest picture I could get of him because the little dickens never holds still!
I've had a long time love for chickens ever since helping grandma and grandpa on the farm. As a child I used to watch the baby chicks in the chicken coop for hours and gathered the eggs for grandma every night. I've shared a bit of my rooster collection (yes there are more), why don't you share too? Join the fun and visit BJ and send her your rooster pics too.


  1. Hi, I just love your rooster collection, still and real! Your little Bantam is adorable! Blessings, Kathleen

  2. Hi Kathy, that is the cutest sign and what a neat collection of roosters you have. Your Bantam rooster is gorgeous....does he wake you up in the morning? We used to hear one early in the morning and I loved it. Have a happy day...hugs, Linda

  3. I love your roosters! I sent my rooster photo over to BJ too. I even have a rooster tapestry, but I didn't send that one.

    Happy day to you!


  4. I love your roosters!! I have so many of them and love them all. I will have to do a post like this soon!

    Have a sweet weekend!!


  5. Oh so sweet Kathy! I love your rooster pet!!!


  6. You have a wonderful collection of roosters!
    I hope you have a great weekend!

  7. Kathy, thanks for joining in and sharing your roosters.

    The pictures are wonderful.

  8. I love roosters too! I enjoyed seeing all of yours! I have many roosters myself. One is a super long necked rooster. He is on my blog in my post about redoing my kitchen last summer.
    Have a great weekend Kathy!

  9. My Grandmother had chickens and I too enjoyed helping with them...Wishing you and yours a beautiful weekend...Mary

  10. Kathy,
    Great collection!


  11. Your rooster collection is lovely. I love them too, but my favorite is this lovely rooster with his feathers looking like a gigantic bow. Karen

  12. Fun things. Great picture of the real one!

  13. Kathy.

    Loved this rooster post! You have such a flare for taking photos. Your bantam rooster is just precious and he stood pretty still I think! I will wait with baited breathe for the "new etsy additions" I know they will be great! Hugs, Jan@daylilylane

  14. Hi Kathy,

    LOVE, love, love the K letter, where did you get the wooden letter? I figure I can paint one myself with roses, only using an S or an L.

    Lynne Laura

  15. I love seeing your roosters. I think they are timeless. You have a nice collection.


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