Wednesday, August 20, 2008

Button swap!

Today I came home from shoe shopping with my soon to be college kid and look what was inthe mail:>) My Button swap! Abbie over at Button Floozies was hosting a vintage button card swap for those of us who can't seem to get enough buttons. Mine came from Linda at Grace Filled Moments. These beautful mother of pearl buttons on a gorgeous Mermaid pearls card! I love it! The other beautiful card came from Abbie who hosted the swap and she added the most gorgeous white shaped buttons, thank you to both of you! It is funny, Earl and I went to a church flea market a couple weekends ago, right after our anniversary and I found the most charming button lady there. She had two tables full of the most fantastic buttons you have ever seen in your life! She told me that buttons are the 3rd most popular collectible after coins and stamps. She lives nearby and said she would look through my buttons and tell me if I had any that were worth anything, I'll let you know when I go! This lady goes to button conventions and told me her biggest sale of buttons to one person was $13,000 worth. Wow!

She held up some button cards for me to photograph and this was the only picture I got before my batteries went dead, Aarrrgh! I so wanted to show you some of the fabulous colors and shapes, she even had buttons made of gemstones. Maybe when I visit her I can get some more pics. These are Onyx and mother of pearl. Gorgeous!

I also wanted to update you on the bedroom re-do. It is coming right along, I am painting furniture, and I bought some curtain holdbacks that I am spray painting (because I got them on clearance don't you know and clearance isn't always the right color, although it is the right price:>) And a lampshade that I want to cover. It came to a whopping $12.55. Total so far,$17.55, sweet! Photos of the progress soon, I promise!


  1. Cant wait to see the bedroom redo!

    I dont envy you sending your youngest off to college! I am dreading that day already...I hope she is not going too far!


  2. The buttons are beautiful Kathy!

    Buttons are one of the few things I have NOT started to collect. Last weekend, we saw jars and jars and jars of buttons at a sale. The jars were pint-sized and she wanted $18 a jar. Nothing too fancy at all. I thought the price was a little excessive...and she would not negotiate.

    My re-do of the house is on hold this week. I just needed a week to do what I needed to do around the house.

    Tom has Friday off and we're going EARLY to a friend's sale. If it's anything like her sister's will be GOOOOOOD. Then, we're off to visit Jan from Feather Your Nest Antiques in Canton. Much to do before then and only one more day to do it in. week, back to painting. First the Master Bedroom, then probably spray paint things outside (or in the garage), whichever "feels" better.

    Have fun...

  3. You are doing great on the budget bedroom so far!

    I really just can NOT imagine spending 13 grand on buttons. No way.

    Some of them are pretty cool looking, tho.

  4. Wow! Awesome. I love these.

  5. I have never seen so many buttons. I love them!

  6. Loving the vintage buttons! I am looking forward to your bedroom update...I finished my lampshade today and will blog about it tomorrow evening....

  7. Love the buttons! And I can't wait to see the progress on your bedroom makeover.

  8. Your new button cards are very sweet and your blog is very pretty.
    I'm glad I stopped by to visit!

  9. I had no idea buttons could be worth so much! It looks like so much fun they are all so pretty.

  10. I know you must have been excited to get these buttons...and I am curious about the bedroom redo! Lots of things going on here, Kathy!

  11. $13,000?! Wow!
    I've never seen any like those on that last beautiful. I wish I could have mine looked at and appraised!

  12. I think buttons are such a fabulous collection! Glad you found the button will enjoy visiting with her, I'm sure.

    You are doing so good on your bedroom budget. I think I might try doing one on a budget...well, EVERYTHING we do around here is on a budget...I do need to watch every penny, it seems....
    Can't wait to see everything!
    love, bj

  13. Wow, $13000. on buttons?! Yikes! I can't wait to see your bedroom redo. It sounds wonderful!

  14. $17.55! That's incredible. I can't wait until you post some pictures of your progress.


  15. I can not wait to see the do over. Have a great weekend...M

  16. I love your story about the button lady! I'd love to meet her! I'm glad you like the button card and I'm so glad our paths have crossed! Your blog is delightful! LIna

  17. Can you imagine spending $17,000 on buttons? Wow!

    I'm loving the step by step of your makeover. I almost feel like I'm alongside. I am in your cheering gallery though.


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