Wednesday, August 6, 2008

The Bedroom.....

A few of you have asked what direction I am going with the bedroom. It gives me a great idea, you all have great taste, you're decorating divas! So, I am going to ask you to be a part of this whole thing. Give me advice. Let me know what you think. Remember, my budget is nonexistent! Here is the first element and the first challenge of the bedroom make-over. While out junking with a friend I came across 12 3/4 yards of this..... Polished, scotch guarded cotton covered in roses, primroses and ivy. My first choice in a color scheme? Not necessarily, but for $5, yes $5! I can adapt. I'm ready for a change and the way I see it, for $5 when times get better I wont feel like I wasted a lot of money when I redo the whole thing again. (I am the Queen of bargains!)Another section of the fabric. I want you to get an idea of all the colors...ignore the purple, I am going to pretend it isn't there... I am thinking that this calls for a garden theme. I know that the best way to decorate is to choose your fabrics first and get your colors from the fabric, and since I already painted yeah, I am going about this backwards, but the walls are a soft cream color and all the furniture is paintable and replaceable. What have I got to lose? Now for the dilemma. I have two very large windows that face south, so I get plenty of light. The problem is that flanking the bed are two smaller windows, about half the size of the south windows. Now I am just keeping it real here ladies, these are the before photos and they are supposed to look bad! I just threw the bed together this morning and took the picture, no staging, no fluffing. You have to love the crooked pillows and the old curtain thrown on the bed. Someday we will laugh about how bad this looks! We will right? Now,how do you dress the windows when they are different sizes? I need privacy and light control. I am thinking of valances above all the windows with the rose fabric, and full lace curtains below, but those small windows have me stumped. I love full, floor length panels at the large windows but I am afraid that would look dorky at the small windows. Any suggestions?


  1. Hi Kathy -
    I love that fabric you found. What a deal! I would probably do something like full, floor length panels at the big windows and do something with the small windows that ties them in. My first thought it to do a panel on each small window that you tie back or use a beautiful 'something' to hold them to the side. I envision the window on the left being 'tied' to the left and the one on the right 'tied' to the right. It would frame the bed and give a coordinated look to all of the windows in the room.

    I'm anxious to hear what others have to say. Your room will be lovely when you're finished, I know.

  2. Good, good morning, my friend,
    First, I LOVE your pretty bed. With that loveliness already in the room, you are already ahead of the game.
    I am in love with your fabric. You did so good on that.
    I love the color of your walls and if you do, too, why repaint? That fabric needs the softness of the wall color to really stand out, I am thinking.
    Now, if it were me...I would do that large window just like you want...side panels (these, of course, can be dummies so that you don't have to use a ton of your fabric), with the top being either a straight valance or make a cornice...then your beautiful white sheers...for the smaller ones...the sheers and valance or cornice and, if there's room and fabric...hang dummy side panels as WIDE as possible to mimic a larger window....In the meantime, be on the look-out at sales for some wooden shutters to fit those small windows and those, with a topper of some sort in the beautiful fabric would make KNOCK-OUT windows.
    I can't wait to read other ideas...
    love, bj

  3. I love that fabric, especially the purple mixed in. But you already knew that. ;-)

    I like the idea of framing the bed with opposing curtains on the small windows. That sounds pretty neat and different. Would you need more light control on those windows than that would give you in the afternoons? Of course, if the panel was wide enough, you could just untie them to block the sun.

    I saw wood shutters last week at GW. They were pretty small, tho. (7" & 8") I'll keep my eyes open if you want and let you know if I see more.

  4. Hi Kathy,
    I love the material that you found. I can't believe you found it for just $5.00. I once had someone come in and give me suggestions about the same problem in my family room. She suggested two different styles of curtains, curtains for the larger windows and valances for the doors. She said that as long as it was the same fabric that it would work. I know that whatever you do, will look great. I bet Penny would have a brilliant answer. Karen

  5. Love the fabric Kathy! And $5.00. I want to shop with you.

    I too think one panel on each side of the bed tied to the left or right would frame the bed perfectly. Love the idea of some lace panels or something.

    This room is going to be really great!


  6. Great fabric! To make all the windows look unified...I would do floor to ceiling drapes. That way you can't tell they are different sizes. I'm terrible picking paint so I can't help you there!
    Good luck!

  7. Hi Kathy,

    That is gorgeous fabric and for 5.00?! Wow! You are going to have some fun with it.

    If you have enough of it, I would do all of the windows the same to give you a unified look. I agree with Karen above to have a swag on each side of the bed and then you can untie them for light control. could also add a small sheer underneath to filter the light. They sell shear fabric at Joann's that is very reasonable.

    Are you going to paint your headboard? It would be cute painted white and shabbied up. Oh, and add some of your adorable pillows you make to the bed. Your room is going to be fab!!


  8. oh...have your curtain panels go all the way to the floor...


  9. Out of breath, running here as fast as I can to see this horrid room....Wait, it isn't that bad. You've got potential here. I always give only cautious advice when I can't actually stand in a room, but what I would say is that you can do the long panels on all windows. And like some others have said, you can pull them back left side to the left and right to the right.

    Then find two larger end tables one for each side of the bed. They don't have to match, but bigger would be ideal. Then if you have two larger lamps, set them close to the bed on the end tables. Then you'll have framed in a cozy nest for yourself.

    Have fun, looks like a great project.

    Happy decorating!


  10. wow, what a bargain! I think the garden theme is the way to go! I would go for the full length panels on your windows, i think they are big enough to handle it.

  11. I agree with Melissa about the larger bedside tables...and I would hang the curtains the same for all the windows - hang the rods for the smaller windows higher if necessary to give the windows all the same look.

    Great fabric and bargin!

    If you like your soft cream walls leave them and bring in more color through bedding or paint on the furniture! Have you considered painting the headboard? It would be lovely and cottage looking. I would also place a larger picture over the bed or a grouping of several for more impact - maybe some inexpensive plates? You can get plate holders at the dollar store!

    I can't wait to see what you do!

  12. I vote for using the windows to frame the bed. Left panel on left window, right on right.

  13. I certainly plan on changing the art above the bed. I hung the picture up there just to get it out of the way. I have some great green and pink plates stashed away that I think will go with the theme of the room and will probably go above the bed with some other art. Time to raid the basement!

  14. Hi, Just love the fabric and valances for the windows sound great and for the small window, just lace?? or make them like the other windows...and maybe pillows to match for your bed with leftover fabric.? Looking forward to seeing the after.

  15. Hi Kathy...

    I just love your choice of fabric...and love the price even more!!! I agree with the gals about doing all the windows the same...FLOOR LENGTH...with lace underneath. Then tie back to the left and right the panels on either side of the bed!!

    You're on your way.


    ps...thanks for the visit...and it's NOT so much that I think the AFTERS will be so much different...I need a change!!! So they will be DIFFERENT!!! LOL!!

  16. Well, I have to jump on the band wagon .... I love the fabric! You are going to work wonders with that $5.00!

  17. Hi Kathy, First of all that is gorgeous chintz! And your problem is a very common one!....treat all the windows alike, even the small ones. Make the valances with the lace panels, keeping the length on all to the floor....and make sure you take your valances almost all the way up to the ceiling. Nothing looks more non-cohesive than drapery panels of various lengths!...Doing it this way will make your room feel like you have just raised the ceilings, yet very quiet & cozy! Good Luck with your project!...and sorry for my lecturing...I have done this many times for clients & it has always turned out beautiful!....Have a great evening Kathy!....Heidi XO

  18. I am sooooo tired from the remodel and redecorating that I can't think straight, but I DO KNOW, sweet cottage chick, that I'd GRAB that fabric in a heart beat if I were you!!!!!!!

  19. I like the fabric and I'd do panels to the floor on all the windows. I'm thinking with the neutral walls and the flowered panels it will draw the eye to the panels and away from the mismatched windows. I can't wait to see the after because I'm getting ready to do my bedroom also!

  20. I am so late leaving my comment! I LOVE the fabric you bought. And the price is amazing! I am in agreement with the others that say treat all of the windows the same. All floor length. And larger nightstands when you can find them. I would love to see two nightstands that were different from each other, but related in color or style.
    Can't wait to see your room as is progresses!

  21. I have that fabric!!! It's got to be Waverley! I am ignoring the purple too:)
    I had full length drapes made (mine is in the living room). I think roman shades would look great for those small windows, don't you think? Or possibly toga valances. I agree, floor length would be too too much with the big bold pattern and the small windows. Good Luck and be sure and post "after" pics!

  22. That is gorgeous fabric!!! Hope to see pics soon!

    Hugs from St. Joe MI - Diane

  23. I'm new here, but that is sensational fabric. I'd go for painting the headboard also...maybe a softer version of one of the greens in that fabric that I would steal if I a) lived close enough and b)if I thought I could take you...but you've so many fans here that I'd never get away with it. I can't wait to see what you do though. I hate our personality, etc...I'm considering stealing the double sized bedframe on my son's bed when he leaves for college next month and MAKING it fit on our queen sized bed...if I have that in there, the room is already in my mind's eye.


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