Tuesday, August 12, 2008

Taking a little break from sewing curtains for the bedroom:>) to weed in the garden. :>( One of those chores I absolutley detest. Probably because I spent so many years slaveing away in my parents 2 1/2 acre garden as a child. I love the flowers, I even love the produce, but the weeding, not so much.
The rain has stopped, and it is a beautiful day in the 70's, no more excuses not to get out there.
I will enjoy the end result though, and at least I have the flowers to keep me company.
*sigh* out I go.


  1. Kathy,

    Your flowers in the your garden are just beautiful and so are your pictures.

    Everyone needs a short break between projects but weeding? LOL Of course, that would explain why your flowers look so much better than mine.


  2. We're trying to reclaim the gardens from the weeds here, too.

    Thankfully, we had a lot of rain lately so they're pulling pretty easy.

    At least pulling weeds doesn't require thought-you can think of many other, more pleasant, things as you work.

  3. Why are weeds considered a negative? How did they get such a bad reputation?

    Maybe we should do a bit of "PR" for weeds, and change their image.

  4. I know you hate weeding, but look at your beautiful results! I WISH I could garden, but I have a condo.

  5. I hate weeding too Kathy! That is probably why I have so many weeds in my flower beds all the time, lol! Sometimes I bribe the boys to do it, lol!

    Your flowers are just beautiful!!! I love sunflowers :)


  6. I weeded last week and still have more to do....they sure are hardy. Pretty flowers and I especially love the morning glory.

    Happy belated anniversary wishes...having a get away and just being together sounds wonderful. Hugs, Linda

  7. Gorgeous flowers Kathy! I can understand why you don't like weeding - besides, it gets our hands all dirty. haha. Wouldn't you rather be sewing?


  8. Oh my ...... for someone like myself who waits all winter to garden, I have neglected mine terribly this summer! Weeding? I have forgotten how! One of these days I must stay away from my sweet little Lola and do my chores! Yay, right!!!!

  9. The sunflower looks very HAPPY! It should have a smile on it's face.

    I did not grow up on a farm or with a huge garden and I don't like weeding either. I never have.

    Tootles, KJ

  10. Hi Kathy -
    How would you like to have been the gardener in the Garden of Eden after Adam and Eve left? That was the origin of weeds, you know. I think of them when I'm pulling weeds and wonder what it would have been like to live without the 'sweet' little things. Your flowers are gorgeous. I loved the sunflower. I haven't planted any for years but think I might add them next year.

  11. Beautiful garden photos!

    I love it when temperatures cool a bit. It makes garden work more bearable!

  12. Hi Kathy! Your garden looks beautiful! Weeding is the worst, I must agree! I really need to weed the front...ugh!

  13. Kathy your garden is beautiful!

  14. You will only hate weedng until you cannot get down on your knees...then you will miss it like crazy and go mad because they grow and you cannot just get on your knees and weed your little heart out.


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