Thursday, August 28, 2008

Hi everyone, no pictures, no updates on the bedroom, it is a dark and rainy day and photos are just impossible. I have made progress and I will update as soon as the sun shows up again (maybe later today if the clouds go away!) I went back to work today to get things ready for the start of school next week. I am not ready for that. Standing in the school kitchen made me realize that this summer feels like it was all a dream. Everything is the same and it is like I just left yesterday. Is this the opposite of deja' vu? Or deja' vu itself? I don't know. The rain is coaxing me into a nap now. I think that is one of the best things about rain, so relaxing:>) So until later....have a great Labor day weekend.


  1. Enjoy your's the perfect day for it. I am envious. Still raining here too.

  2. Dear Kathy, enjoy your nap! Nothing is nicer than that feeling you get when you lay down and know, absolutely, that you are going to fall asleep immediately!

    Enjoy your holiday weekend. I think we are going to get your rain here tomorrow...

  3. A nap is a splendid idea. I'll see you later. ;-)

  4. I just woke up from the most delightful nap...and it is pouring rain here in West Texas. Now...I am hungry. Think I'll have a piece of white cake with fudge icing and a glass of cold milk...
    Can't wait to see your room.
    love, bj

  5. Enjoy your is miserable out today...of course I waited until today to run errands! Have a great long weekend!!!


  6. Thank you Kathy :) I am having waaay too much fun!
    I ran across another blogger today who was a lunch lady.
    Shhhh everyone! Kathy's sleepin'!

  7. I wish it would rain here! So dry...


  8. A nap on a rainy day ...oh, how perfect a day!

  9. Sounds like a perfect rainy day. I hope you enjoyed your nap.

  10. Oh Kathy, it was a dreary day, wasnt it? I am so sad for school to start, I can hardly stand to think of it :( I hope you had a relaxing nap!


  11. Hi Kathy, summer is nearly over for you and now back to school. Monday is the first day of Spring for us and I can't wait to see the end of a cold and dreary winter.


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