Tuesday, September 2, 2008

We dropped Victoria off at school yesterday. I was alright for all of about 10 miles on the trip back. Then, not so much. I miss her already. I want my morning hug. I can't wait to send her first care package. Did I mention I miss her?


  1. Awwww Kathy...

    Will this do?



  2. Oh Kathy! Here is a huge hug from me too!
    Just think of the wonderful time she is having!

  3. I understand. When they go off to college, you 'own' them a little less. I'll never forget the day I dropped my son off to join the Navy. There was such a pit in my stomach. I was proud of him, it was the right move, but I knew the Navy owned him at that moment and I had no control of them. Hugs to you Kathy! That is a TERRIFIC photo!

  4. Hang in there!! I know its tough! Darn kids, why do they think they should grow up?? lol Laurie

  5. Ah, I understand. Now, get that care package ready.

  6. Oh Kathy Im so sorry sweetie. I can truly feel the heartbreak. If you ever need to talk im here.
    Love and hugs,Brenda

  7. I bet you are getting that package ready as I write this. Hugs to you today!

  8. I have been thinking of you! Sending you a cyber hug....

  9. Ohhhh Kathy...I can feel for ya! I cried last year all the way home from Minneapolis...6 hours. It was horrible. Now this year she's only 2 hours away in Green Bay...whew!


  10. I'm right there with you on this one sister!

    My daughter called last night saying it had been a rough week last week...she missed her mom and dad! Who knew!?!

  11. My heart goes out to you. I know you must have such a mix of feelings. Happy for her wings to be spreading and missing her very much.
    Sincerely ~ Tricia Anne

  12. big...BIG....
    ((((((((HUG))))))))))))) from me, too. I know it takes a piece of your heart when they go off to school.
    Just remember that she loves you dearly.....
    love, bj

  13. Ahhh, I know you miss her. It's very difficult.

    Big big hugs to you!

  14. Kathy,

    It gets better... whatever you do, don't take Dr. Phil's advice and get a puppy to fill the empty nest.... ask me how I know! :)

  15. Such a beautiful daughter, Kathy. Kathy, grief is important, it's okay to cry, you are entitled. I only went through this just two years ago and it was so hard. It's a chapter, but the best one follows. That's why I still love summer so much because they are home again, and I can breathe knowing that they are safe at night in their own beds. I cherish this time too, because some day that will change also. The blessing is knowing that you are blessed with a beautiful daughter. The best part about when they go away to college...there are so many long breaks in between. Blessings, Karen

  16. What a beautiful girl! Have fun with your care packages~I do that with my daughter in Germany..


  17. It does get easier... I promise!

    At first our daughter cried as much as we did!
    Then she called every night to say goodnight and to let us know she was safe and in for the night!
    It got easier as the days and weeks passed!

    Sending virtual hugz for you all!

  18. Hugs for you Kathy! I have been really emotional knowing this is my daughter's last year at college.

    Have a great day!

  19. Here's another big hug! I would have been crying all the way there and all the way home (and have a major headache for the rest of the day).

    It WILL get easier!


  20. Oh I felt that way, too, when we first brought my son to school. But I felt better when I realized how much he loved it, and how much he fit in with all the other kids...

    big Hugs to you, Kathy!

  21. Oh Kathy :( ((((HUGS)))) It must be such an adjustment. I had a hard time and knew they would be home in a few hours. I know I will be the same as you when college comes. But at the same time, so proud. Victoria is gorgeous!!!

    Love ya,

  22. oh I KNOW how this is! Your daughter is beautiful....I know you miss her! It's sooooo good for her though......flying from the nest is what is supposed to happen....it's just that Mama bird doesn't adjust so well! Hugs!

  23. Hey, Im a Cathy with a Victoria and my V flew the nest last week. I totally understand your feelings. I'm counting down the days until I fly out to visit her.


  24. Oh, I know how hard that is!!! I think it hits us harder than we think it will!

  25. Good Morning Kathy, I know exactly how you are feeling!!! I have personally gone through it two times, with both my daughters!...I was just fine, being very postive as we got their dorm rooms together & said our good-byes, but then the minute my husband & I got in the car to drive home, I started sobbing!!..I was fine a bit later, but for that moment very sad!...Time helps! & so do lots & lots of those "care packages"! :)...What a darling photo of your daughter!...Enjoy your Sunday!...Heidi XO

  26. Such a lovely portrait of a beautiful girl. I know you miss her so...this will be your countdown to her first trip home and what a sweet time that will be!


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