Tuesday, September 16, 2008

It's beginning to look a lot like...Autumn

Since the weather has turned cooler and the leaves are beginning to turn I have decided to embrace the season... Yes, the calender may disagree but in my head it is officially Autumn, and in my head is where it really counts isn't it? I have pulled out the silk flowers for the wicker cone on the front door and added a skeleton key and a cute charm of a little girl baking a pie to the bow. I think I want to stain this basket a darker color. Maybe later.
I have bought my first pumpkin at the farmers market and placed it in the urn by the front door. Bye-bye summer flowers. Their sad, leggy little blooms are now gracing the compost heap.
And I have added some silks to the top of the entertainment center. I am thinking I need a little more up here and when I get a moment I will add something. There is the model of the little church in town that Earl's great grandfather built. I just love it. The church is still standing, and although it has been remodeled and spruced up, the shape of it is just the same as this little folk art church. A great piece of history that I saved from a church clean-out without even knowing Earl's grandfather had made it! His mother came for Thanksgiving that year and told us about it. Anyway, it is decked out for fall along with some pretty baskets I have picked up at garage sales. This is all I have done so far but it makes the house a little warmer. I have pulled out some candles and begun lighting them at night, a sure sign that fall is here! I am working like mad on items for the etsy shop. It has been neglected long enough I think! Now back to work, I hope to have something fun to show you soon:>)


  1. Cute decorations! Love the little church!


  2. You have embraced autumn!! I'm cooking pot roast tonight -- a sure sign to me that summer is "done"...once I start to cook inside.

    I hear you about the spindly summer flowers -- that's how mine are looking. Soon time to change things up outside and in!

  3. Really pretty decorations - I especially love the pumpkin in the urn!

    It was finally cool this a.m. so I'm in the mood for fall decorating now!


  4. Very nice, Kathy. I love the church!!

    It's been a bit cooler...still in the middle 70's today...NOT quite fall yet, for me. But, even when it is fall, for me...I don't decorate with any particular FALL stuff! I LOVE the colors OUTSIDE...NOT INSIDE my house!!!


  5. I get so giddy when I see the first pumpkins out for sale. I have two urns by the front door that I like to put pumpkins on but the cat has taken one over as her sleeping spot - not sure how she is going to feel about me taking it over for Fall decorating.

  6. I love your fall touches...

    I always get excited when I see pumpkins each fall. I just love them. I may go get some tomorrow.


  7. Ahhh Kathy! Everything looks just wonderful!!! I love the arrangement on top of your cabinets! Keep up the awesome work!!


  8. Fall looks lovely on your house Kathy! I do that with my urns too! I haven't gotten in the spirit yet. But today was out first cool day. So I am starting to think fall.

  9. Very pretty .love the pumpkin in the urn.

  10. I love your door basket! So pretty! And the urn and bookshelf. The little cabin is wonderful...a real treasure.

    I am going to try to get more Fall out later this week. It would have blown away if I had done the whole porch last weekend! As it was, my wreath DID blow away! : (

    Thye weather is so much cooler now and the nights are perfect. *awwwww*


  11. Hi Kathy! Now, did you link this up to the Fall Nesting post? I hope so because you did a great job! And way to go, giving Fall a chance! We need MORE FALL, LESS WINTER! My own personal campaign! :-)

    Lovely pumpkins & urns.

    xo & blessings,


  12. Kathy, everything looks so lovely. I am going to steal your idea about the pumpkin urn. How fabulous is that? I have an urn like that, which is used at Christmas with a little light up Christmas tree. Your home looks so cozy and I love your front door too. Fall is the best. Karen

  13. Very pretty Kathy!
    You know...I'll bet it feels more like fall where you are than it does here. I can smell it though! The tobacco barns are firing.

  14. You have embraced the season beautifully! Your decorations are delightful.

  15. yOU have the sweetest and warmest home, Kathy girl...I love all your fall decorations and that little church is priceless....

  16. Love the pumpkin urn!! So pretty for a front porch display! Thanks for stopping over and offering your advice on my fireplace makeover. I'm so thrilled that you think it ok to mix different colored woods! Thanks again and hope to see you again soon:)

  17. Oh what a pretty urn, that looks lovely.

    Happy Fall to you,
    Kathy :)

  18. I really like your front door decoration. It is different. I may have to try something like that. So hard for me to decorate with orange. Come for a visit.


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