Saturday, September 13, 2008

What I love about Autumn

Last week I wasn't ready. I couldn't throw in the towel on summer. It was too soon to give up the warm nights and fireflies. I couldn't think why everyone was ready for fall. What I was really doing was dreading what comes after fall. Cold, snow, sleet, short days, grey. Well, I just can't think about that right now, why? Because I finally remember why Fall is so grand. Color!
Rich Gold, Deep velvet red, a thousand shades of green. Rich, vibrant, exhuberant color!
And what better place to find it than the farmers market? Who can resist a small pittance for an armload of this beauty? Don't you want it all? I do! Click on the pictures to enlarge, you're in for a treat:>)
Uh huh, glorious!
I got some of these pansies to refresh my window boxes on the front porch, the deep red ones.
And of course I had to have some of the zinnias. Of course. Earl bought these for me, isn't he the best?
While I'm here I need to acknowledge an award given to me by the lovely Karen Harvey Cox.
This is such an affirming and sweet award. Just a simple "I love your blog", but that kind of says it all doesn't it? By the way, we are a mutual admiration society because I love hers too. It's one of my every day visits.

And Jan at Jan and Tom's place, tagged me to tell seven interesting things about myself. Goodness! I am sure I could find a zillion boring thngs about myself, but interesting? Hmmm. I've done this a couple times before so excuse me if I repeat myself, there just isn't that much interesting stuff to choose from...
1. I can pick up things with my toes. Not just easy things, teeny things. My toes are practically prehensile. My husband finds this endlessly fascinating. He is either easily bored or there really isn't a whole lot of other things that are interesting about me.
2. While many of you have moved numerous times (Jan has moved 43 times since 1982!!) I have moved only 4 times in my 50 years and have never moved outside of Michigan. We have been in this little home for 27 years. (I am really reaching, did you find that interesting?)
3. I have always loved little animals and sometimes they come to me. Like the 4 baby squirrels that ran up to me and climbed in my lap when I sat down, or the baby chickadee that flew into the basement window while I was painting a picture and landed on my knee. Really. I had a pet racoon when I was a kid and when I was 5 I climbed into grandpa's hayloft and sat for the longest time just waiting to hear where the new kittens were hidden. I found them too!
4. I hate to wear shoes. My feet feel smothered, and it makes it too hard to pick up things with my toes:>) Earl's grandpa used to call me "hillbilly" when we went over to visit, usually while he was barefoot too and with a big smile on his face. He loved me, bless his soul:>) I have been known to go barefoot in the snow. Not for long, but it has been done. Should this list be called seven strange things about me?
5. I love flowers. I love my gardens but I hate weeding. Weeding is a necessary evil and I will force myself to do it at least once a year, whether the garden needs it or not. Unfortunately, it usually needs it.
6. I never thought I would use my sewing skills to make money! My grandmother taught me to sew when I was little, about 7 or 8 and the first thing I sewed she made me rip out and fix the mistakes!!! She was teaching me the importance of getting it right, a lesson I wasn't too thrilled with at the time. For years I didn't sew at all. I picked it back up when my girls were small and it was so much fun to make all those little dresses. Now, I use it to make goodies for my etsy shop. In fact, I plan to do some more sewing tonight.
7. I don't do those emails where you send me 10 names to send a recipe to and I will eventually end up with 147,596 recipes sent to me. I. hate. those. things! Or the ones where if you are a real Christian you will pass this on? Aaarrrgh! God doesn't require spam as a sign of devotion! I'm sure of it! How fascinating was that? Have you had enough? Are you glad I didnt have to come up with 10 interesting things? Me too, you can see I was really reaching with that last one. It is more of a pet peeve. Now if you wanted 10 of those I bet I could come up with them.... but you really don't want to go there.
I hope everyone has a brilliant weekend:>)


  1. So much beautiful color! I love it! The flowers are gorgeous.

    Congrats on your award! (I can pick up things with my toes too!) Ha!


  2. Such wonderfully colorful flowers!!!...and a LAUGH, too!...Make that 7 laughs!!! I love #7 especially!! I hate those emails, too! I usually DELETE!!!

    Thanks for playing...

  3. Those flowers are so beautiful Kathy! I haven't been to a farmers market in a while. Now I have to go find one!

    I think you are very interesting and funny too! I really enjoyed getting to know a little bit more about you. AND I LOVE YOUR BLOG TOO! It is one I make sure to visit every day.

  4. Beautiful flowers....and such reasonable prices! I love your blog too Kathy, and it is always nice to learn more about you!


  5. Thank you for checking in on my updates about Don's recovery...I think he looks so handsome and healthy

    Enjoy the change of seasons!

  6. Hi Kathy
    I love the colors of fall. Iknow what you mean about not wanting fall to come. When we lived in Canada I was never able to really enjoy fall because I knew that cold weather was close behind. Now that we live in NC and have mild winters I welcome fall as a lovely break from the heat of summer.
    Thanks so much for praying for my family in Houston.
    Hugs, Rhondi

  7. Thank-you for all of that beauty. I really needed to feast on this tonight. I agree with Karen about your blog and I agree with you about hers. You are both a blessing to my life...m...

  8. Flowers can make any room feel wonderful and bright. What great pictures of some beautiful flowers. I love sunflowers with a bunch of bittersweet in between!
    -Sandy Toes

  9. Kathy,
    I love all the things that you said, and I find you one of the most interesting people in Blogland. I hate those e-mails too, especially the ones that say if you want your prayer answered send this to ten of your friends in the next two minutes. To the best of my Bible knowledge, God isn't on a time clock. I love your photograph of the flowers, especially the ones sitting next to your adorable lamp. Have a lovely day. Karen

  10. I used to wonder why my sister-in-law picked up the house with her toes....then she got pregnant and explained that she couldn't bend over to pick things up! She had 4 kids...I guess it just got to be habit :)
    Those flowers are really striking! I crave fall all year long...I'd never try to hang on to summer!

  11. I clicked on your blog from Lavender Hill Studio and was glad to find another Michigan girl like me, born and bread, lived in Michigan my whole life, and in the same little house for the last 21 years.I don't think I've visited your blog before which is strage because I blog wiith many of the same bloggers that you do. I enjoyed looking at your posts and enjoyed reading about some of the same places I have been, like the Yard Sale Trail (I agree with you that everything is way, way over priced) and the Royal Oak Garage Sale. Royal Oak has a flea market every Sunday that I visit frequently too.I'll ad you to my blogroll and please visit me when you get a chance.

  12. The flowers are wonderful. They make me want to go out and get some right now.

    I know just what you mean about those e-mails. Really!!! I just don't think God is keeping track of e-mails. ;-)

  13. I love the little sign that says "MINI BOKAYS" I think I'm going to change my spelling of the word, too. As an ode to the Farmer's Markets everywhere!

    Love your beautiful blog!

  14. Beautiful flowers! COngrats on your award!
    Sunday blessings,
    kari & kijsa

  15. Beautiful farmers market!!

    Love the 7 random things about you! They are always so fun to read! I pick things up with my toes too!

    Have a great night!

  16. Hi Kathy,

    I arrived here through Kitchen Logic's blog, and I'm glad I peaked in. Hope you don't mind.

    I'm a fellow Upper Midwesterner (Minnesota), and fall is my favorite time of the year also. I love the crisp air and that last blush that all the flowers are putting out before the frost comes. Unfortunately, no vendors at our local farmers market have had any flowers yet this year, but I keep hoping. Love your pictures, and also love your blog. I'll be putting you on my Google reader and checking in frequently.


  17. We love all of the color combinations you can use for fall!
    Happy Sunday!
    Karla & Karrie

  18. I'm not ready for the end of summer either....with warm days and coolish nights I'm just not ready to let go! I do LOVE fall is one of my favorite seasons. I HATE winter and the cold and ice.....
    I LOVED your list....mainly because I'm a BIG toe picker upper. It facinates my husband too and he always gets a laugh....I learned it from my mom who was the queen toe picker upper....and the barefoot in the snow thing...yep...thats me! Sprinting out to the car "real fast" has been known to happen around here too!

  19. I adore this posting, Kathy. All that color is just breathtaking. In fact, I am stopping by the groc. store today for ....FLOWERS. Sadly, we don't have a good Farmers Market here. Guess it is just too hard growing all these pretties out here in West Texas.
    I also enjoyed the 10 things...especially, OF COURSE, the fact about how you pick up tiny things with your toes. Like your hubby, I find that very interesting ! tee hee...
    love ya, girl

  20. oh, i just love those sunflowers! I know what you mean abouit fall. I am so ready for fall, not winter yet, just fall!

  21. oh, i just love those sunflowers! I know what you mean abouit fall. I am so ready for fall, not winter yet, just fall!

  22. What a beautiful splurge of color!
    Ditto on #7!

  23. Wow, lucky you, I would have loved to only move 4 times. I am more like Jan and have moved over 40 times. lol !! I too hate the "FWD, FWD, FWD" emails. I delete most unread. I agree, Jesus loves us and will Bless us without working for it. That is what HE lived for :) Happy Fall !!!

  24. Aren't these colors just glorious? They made me smile just to see them in you photos. : )

    I loved reading yor list...I too hate weeding. Oh how I hate it and this year, after the drought settled in, the weeds took over! I spent 6 hours last Thursday weeding and cutting and aqrgh was I stiff and sore!

    I also have the shake my head at all the forewwards that tell me something wonderful will happen if I send on this or that prayer. I really don't think God works that way! *grin*


  25. Add me and most of my kids to the "pick up stuff with your toes". It comes in really handy when pregnant.

    Um, moves....not going there as it is depressing...from 1997-2002 we moved 3 times - 'cross country. As for all the others prior to


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