Saturday, April 30, 2011

Since it's almost May Day I thought I would share some photos of today's first Farmers Market visit of the season. The colors were vibrant and beautiful and I wanted to take every single thing home. I restrained myself though. The market was only half full of vendors this early in the season, and the prices and choices get better with more competition. Besides it's still a bit cold to plant any of these lovelies.  It was 33 degrees this morning when I got out of bed!
Yesterday Earl and I helped Lauren move into a new cute apartment. Still lots to be done but she had a place to sit and a bed to sleep in and most of her kitchen things put away when we left.  In two weeks, Victoria comes home for the summer from college, and in the meantime I have been making long overdue phone calls to friends who have been very patiently waiting for my classes to be finished so we can get together for lunch out or a coffee date. I am taking some time to sit back and relax and just think about things, but I am kicking some great projects around in my head and looking forward to having more fun things to share.  Forgive me if I've been antisocial, I'm Looking forward to looking in on my blog friends and  putting together a giveaway or two. 
Thanks for waiting for me. I'm back!


  1. Well, the photos and colors at the market are so appealing! I'm glad you get some down time. We were here waiting for you!

  2. Ooh, so pretty! Doesn't it give you major spring fever?

    Clarence and I were shoveling today to make a hot bed in the hoop house to baby our seedlings along. I'd like them off the living room floor (they're there to get sun thru the doorwall) but he doesn't want them to be too cold outside. Without the hot bed, the hoop house is still too cold at night so I'm hoping this will solve the problem. I'm ready for the nights to be a little further above the freezing point!

  3. The flowers are the market are beautiful. The Asheville farmers market opened last weekend, but we have not gone yet. There is a closer one to us call the South Asheville market and it opens in 2 more weeks.

    Happy for you that school is finished and you will have some "me" time!

  4. We don't have many markets around with these beautiful things.
    West Texas is sooo weird sometimes.:)

    Bet the apartment is so cute. Maybe you can share photos with us a little later.

    Enjoy your *me* time, so deserve it.

  5. Dear Kathy,

    Some things are worth the wait.

    Janet xox

  6. You are a great person helping someone move! That is always such an experience! I know we moved in November! The farmers market is beautiful. We still have so many cold days. I think Spring has to burst forth soon. HPS and enjoy your weekend. Anne

  7. Beautiful posies, Kathy! I'm glad you're on a break from school and I'm looking forward to seeing what projects you come up with!!

  8. Nice pics!
    I hear your relief about getting some time off. I can't wait to see your projects...congrats to Lauren on the new apartment!

  9. Some well deserved rest I think! Beautiful pictures. Makes me long for spring weather. We had a hard freeze last night. Have to wait til may 15 to plant anything. Mimi

  10. Those flowers are so pretty! How wonderful to have a farmers garden to attend. :o) I admire your self control. I too would have wanted to surround myself in such natural beauty.
    How fun that Lauren is settling into her new apartment. What a fun chapter in life!
    Have a great week friend!!
    love, Trish

  11. Hi Kathy!

    The Farmer's Market photos are gorgeous! Soon I hope you will be surrounded by all the glorious colors and textures and scents of Spring!! (33 degrees, really??!!)

    I hope you enjoy all the girly time you have coming...time with your daughters as they continue to grow and mature and stretch their wings, and time with your friends, near and far, who lift you up and share your joys as well as your sorrows...

    And we'll be right here, enjoying your posts and visits as always, whenever you are able...your time and peace of mind are so valuable. No worries here...we're not going anywhere!

    Have a great week Kathy!!
    Hugs & Blessings,

  12. BEAUTIFUL!!!!!
    Can't wait for our Market to get rolling for the summer!
    Have some great down time...enjoy to the fullest!
    xoxo~Kathy @
    Sweet Up-North Mornings...

  13. Gorgeous, gorgeous flowers! How nice that you have some time to do whatever you want, even if it's simply nothing! ::Jill

  14. What beautiful pics! the flowers are soo beautiful - love the dahlias!

    Thanks so much for stopping by The Old Parsonage - come back soon!

  15. What a cheerful trip to the Farmer's Market!

  16. What a cheerful trip to the Farmer's Market!

  17. Hi Kathy,

    That apartment sounds adorable. I bet you have been dreaming about lovely creations. That's what happens to me when I take classes. My mind wanders because I am so alive when I am learning something new. It's so inspirational. Have a beautiful mother's day.



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