Thursday, December 12, 2013

25 Days of Christmas ~ Send a Card

I'll be honest, cards are often one of those things that end up getting crossed off my list without getting done. there is so much to do at Christmas time! But this year God has pointed out the blessings I have with my family and as I look around I know not everyone has the same kind of big, loving, get together for every holiday family that I often take for granted.
There are lots of people who can't get together with loved ones because they don't live close, there are many older people who have lost nearly all their family and are very lonely.
I can only imagine what it means to them to go to the mailbox and get a pretty reminder that they are remembered.
It is a tiny thing for me to take the time to write out a few cards for the lonely people I know. It doesn't really take much time. Better still a visit with some cookies or a little poinsettia in addition to the card may be all the Christmas they have.  It's a gift that costs very little in time and money, but means so much.
Can you think of someone whose day would be brightened by a card in the mail?
May God truly fill our hearts with love and our lives with praise as we celebrate this Christmas season. 


  1. I still send cards. Last year I didn't because we just moved into the house a month before Christmas.

    Today I was at the grocery store and near the plants. A lady picked out a poinsettia and then told me she was bringing it to someone in an assisted living facility. She had to get a small one, because the recipient had a small room. She also told me she used to be her home care giver. There are still some great people in this world, aren't there?

  2. Yes, I can think of someone - Me!

    I'll be alone for Christmas. I'll be alright, but think a little thought for me just the same. I'll love it. :)

  3. Hi Kathy....I still sound cards but each year the ones I get dwindle down...the price of stamps perhaps??...I just got my order from Snapfish today and ofcourse they look horrible....they turned my red VW Beetle pink...but only on the bumper....looks odd...But I will still send them out and Snapfish did refund my money!! Have a wonderful Christmas

  4. I do still send cards and I even make them. Love to do that. You are so right ~ there are many lonely people at Christmas and a card shows love. I want to do more of that (show love) from now on ~ not just at Christmas but all year.

  5. Couldn't agree more! I mailed all of mine on Tuesday. My thumb is actually sore from all of the writing I did. People truly do appreciate receiving a little something in their mailbox to brighten their day.

  6. Oh my this hit home. Hopefully I remember this post next Christmas. I use to stamp and make cards every year but the last few years I have not done that or sent any. I have bought a couple of boxes that I sometimes dip into and add to a gift. This year we made up some bags with cookies and some home canned goods for three of our neighbors that we delivered on Christmas Eve and I was thinking that I wish I still had time to sit down and send the rest of the cards that were in that box.


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