Friday, December 13, 2013

25 Days of Christmas ~ Sleep In Heavenly Peace

This is the view down the hallway from the living room. I found a teeny artificial tree in the attic that I had forgotten and decided to pop it into an old crock for the bedside.  At the time I didn't even realize that I would be able to see it from the dining room, the living room and the hallway, but I turn that little guy on first thing every morning and it glows at me every time I glance that way.
The tree sits on an antique birds eye maple dresser that we found at a garage sale this summer. It was marked $35 and Earl offered them $25 and they took it! I thought it was well worth $35, it came with a mirror which I am not using right now, but that's why I love to take him along. he doesn't hesitate to ask for a lower price and I get all shy about it.

I made the little wreath by adding greenery from the cedars in our yard to a little grapevine wreath I found at the church garage sale. I love the boxwood wreaths I have been seeing, but they are expensive, and if you know anything about me it's that I'm a  tightwad bargain hunter.
Free greens work great, and the smell of cedar is so beautiful!
The little cross stitch cottage pillow was made from a little old embroidered linen I found for a quarter at another garage sale. I really love the red roofed cottage so I made it into a pillow.
I also made the heavy red plaid flannel pillowcases. They are the coziest things, really soft, and the red plaid is perfect for this time of year.
 Can you see the lace trimmed sheet? Here is a detail of it. It's an estate sale find and it is a beautiful heavy cotton with 3 dimensional crochet across the top edge. I think I paid $3 for it and since I like to use all cotton sheets year round, (flannel is too hot!) the extra heavy cotton is a nice weight for a top sheet in the winter.

This is what you get when you are in a hurry to take photos, I messed up the first time I lettered this and didn't wipe it down very well, it shows a lot more in the photos than it does in real life!
At any rate, I had this old frame in my stash in the basement. I believe I purchased this frame with some old art in it when I was a young teen while I was at an auction with my mom. You can see I've been a bargain hunter all my life! I brought it up, dusted it off and freshened up the gold with some rub-n-buff  that I found in the craft drawer last week when I was organizing it. I had forgotten I had it, lucky me that I found it because I really needed it for the frame. Earl cut a piece of Masonite to fit and I painted it with blackboard paint and hung it above the bed. Maybe it will help me sleep, do you think?
Stick a fork in me, I think I'm done! With decorating for Christmas that is.  I'm pretty happy with things now and we have a party coming up Sunday.  After that it's too close to Christmas to bother doing much else.  Are you finished with your decorating?


  1. Awesome! Romantic Country magazine should be calling you.

  2. That bedroom is so totally charming! Simply darling across the board. And I love the sentiment of "Sleep in Heavenly Peace." It's one that should hang above every bed. We all need our rest!

    Am I done? Mostly.

  3. Love the pillow covers you made and that sign over the bed is adorable!

  4. I could snuggle down into that bed and never get up! Love the plaid pillow cases!

    I am done with decorating. Now just enjoying the season.

  5. The framed piece is just beautiful...aged in such a great way!! I love the little dresser...what a deal. I need Earl with me, too. I am way to shy to negotiate. This is so pretty and so is the tree. I think the flannel pillow cases are cute and a wonderful idea. We've tried the sheets and well, for a middle aged, no, no!!


  6. ahhh, Kathy...this is magazine worthy. I love every bit of it...especially those pillowcases. Yep, you should put a few of those in the shop...I surely would buy a pair or two.;)
    I am totally done with decorating...but not finished with stocking stuffers yet.

  7. Your room is so cozy and sweet! I love the Christmas touches you added. I'm still working on the living room and dining room. Maybe I'll make it to the bedroom before Christmas - if not, another year.

  8. So pretty! I love all of the little touches. From the tree to the pillows! A bed I think we would all love to have in our homes!

  9. Can I come that room? And what about that lovely quilt at the foot of the bed with plaid binding? sweetness!!!

  10. Kathy
    the scene from the hallway just draws you in...
    And your bedroom is lke a trip back in time-I love it!

  11. How cozy! Is that a Scrappy Trips quilt on the bed?


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