Saturday, December 14, 2013

25 Days of Christmas ~ Watch the Snow Fall

 I should have adjusted the shutter speed to show the falling snow, you can just see it in the background if you look closely, but it was biting cold and the snow was infiltrating the neck of my coat in a  most chilling way.
Suffice it to say, with a winter storm warning and icy roads, it is a perfect day to putter around the house.  The lights are on, I'm tidying the house and later I will be making bread bowls for the pasta e fagioloi soup that Earl has been making for a little party we are throwing tomorrow.
It's cozy, it's warm and we are together...watching the snow fall:>)
A wreath hangs from the picket fence beside the chicken coop
What's the weather like where you are? Will you have a white Christmas?


  1. I want to be where you are right now! How pretty. We had rain all day today and it was about 36 degrees.

  2. It's a pretty world there! Yes, there will be a white Christmas. Tomorrow will be my cozy, putter day with snow coming in.

  3. Yes, we got about 6 inches last night and today. It is so pretty! I also stayed home and did Christmasy things:)

  4. Sun shining and 50 degrees here. Doesn't look much like Christmas outside. However the spirit of giving is everywhere and that is what makes this the most wonderful time of the year. Enjoy your little party tomorrow. Sounds so cozy and sweet with soup in bread bowls on a snowy day with friends. You have inspired me to have more company and share my home with more than family and close friends.

  5. Oh, I wish I was your neighbor! I'd love to smell the aroma of bread bowls baking as it drifts from your house to mine. And I'd love to be in the snow! We usually don't have a white Christmas. It's been very cold with bits of snow here but the weather changed. It's warmer - and raining. Over the past few days we've had fog and I love the way the world looks through the mist.

  6. Love the wreath in the snow. I am not sure if we will get a white christmas. We have had more snow this year than in a long time. We had a white Thanksgiving and I am hoping we do have a white Christmas.

  7. We have been having snowy weather here too and I love every minute of it. If it's going to be cold, might as well have snow! Fingers crossed for a white Christmas!

  8. So pretty!!

    Well yesterday it was rainy, foggy, and in the 50's. Today it's cold, cloudy and windy (although we saw someone in shorts and flip flops at the vitamin store) and tomorrow it's supposed to be even colder than today but sunny. Every day is different here!

  9. Wish it were snowing - could you please send some to Montana??? It looks beautiful!


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