Wednesday, December 10, 2014

Decorating the Tree

Today I have finally been working on some Christmas decorating.  I started way back before Thanksgiving and got the bare bones of greens and lights up for when the girls came home, then, after they left, I kind of burned out on the whole thing.  Adjusting to not having kids at home hasn't been easy.  So I pulled out the ratty, second hand tree that I have had for years and went to work. This may be the first time that I have not put up a real tree. Ever. The ratty tree was a fall back, an extra tree to tuck in somewhere, but never the main focus.  This is it's last Christmas, (Shall we observe a moment of silence?)  and since it will go to the curb after the holiday is over I decided to spray it with the two cans of spray snow that have been lounging in my basement for years.  I can't even remember when I bought them. I had my doubts that they would work, but they covered the little tree in foamy white in no time.
By the time I put the lights and decorations on, most of it had fallen on the floor.
 The first thing to go on were my mirrored disco ball ornaments and glittered stars.
Disco balls and glitter are my love language.
 And then the red and white ornaments.
You didn't think I could decorate a Christmas tree without red did you? 
I popped the whole thing in a galvanized tub, and filled that with a beautiful tattered crazy quilt that a friend gave me.  It is quite worn, but I hated to cut it up. This is the perfect way to use it:>)

 These photos were taken in late morning and the gloom is so thick you can cut it with a knife. I had to seriously pump up the exposure on the camera and in my photo editing program.
But the lights on the tree help chase away the gloom. 
I added crystal chandelier drops and greens to the chandelier, if the sun ever comes out I'll have sparkles everywhere.
I will be adding more photos of my Christmas decorating as soon as it's done and there is enough sunshine to actually take a photo.
I'll be honest, I'm woefully uninspired this year. I'm keeping it simple and trusting that my creativity just needs a resting period and will come back renewed and refreshed at some point.
But the truth is, that whether I decorate to the nines or just put out a few lights, Christmas isn't about decorating, it's about what is in our hearts and what we do for others. I am enjoying less pressure, less commitment, and less work this year.
How about you? How is your Christmas season going? Overbooked? Overstressed?
Maybe it's time to make some hot chocolate and take a breather.
Sending Love ♥


  1. I think your tree turned out beautiful Kathy. Yours is the second post I read today about making hot chocolate! I just mixed up my cookie dough and it is in the fridge. I will roll and cut them out tomorrow, and hopefully make some hot chocolate to go with them!

    BTW, something is happening in blogger and a lot of the blogs I visit, including yours are now requiring me to type out text/numbers to prove I am not a robot. I wonder if mine is too?

  2. So pretty! I love the Holidays :) I love peppermint hot cocoa.

  3. Kathy-Your tree is still very beautiful and I love the use of galvanized bucket and old quilt. It is really homey and looks nice.

    You are still way ahead of me. After not feeling well for a couple of weeks I am so far behind it isn't funny. I have a ratty tree in the basement, too, but I don't think I am going to drag it up because it is heavy as all get out and almost 10' tall. I have a couple of SMALL trees and I just may bring one of those up. NOT a good year for me so far. I got quite a bit of house things done but not much decorating.

  4. It looks very cheerful, Kathy. We are having a very low-key Christmas as far as decorating goes. I just haven't got the space in this house. But we may have a tiny tree...

  5. Very pretty!!! Due to allergies we have to do faux trees and greens. I miss the smell though.

  6. Your tree is so pretty and your photography is amazing!

  7. Your tree is wonderful! I love the way it shines and glows. I'm feeling extremely overstressed and overbooked because of the needs of my dear, little mother and the need to pull together my own decorating and schedule. I'm slow - the tree is up but only lights on it. It's beautiful that way but a luncheon here next week may require a bit of decorating. I'll get to it if only a little at a time. Thank you for sharing your heart and reminding me that it's not about the amount of decorations. It's the heart! I'm keeping it simple and we have a real tree for the first time in many years. Loving it and glad for every little thing I decide to do. I think I'll go have some hot chocolate and a few moments to breathe!

  8. Oh that first year of being an empty nester can be daunting. But you pushed through with your tree and now I am wondering if it really needs to go because it looks like the perfect tree for hanging your beautiful ornaments on...just the right amount of airy, light, and bright. Don't you worry, Christmas will descend when you least expect it...while you're baking, tweaking, having coffee with your Beloved.

  9. Hi Kathy. We all have this unrealistic idea of what Christmas should be. We all try and pull off a "Hallmark movie " Christmas and some years we actually manage to pull it off. The year I stopped having expectations of how Christmas "should" be and started accepting it as it was, I was much happier. That first empy nest Christmas is the hardest. Your tree looks beautiful. Hugs, Rhondi

  10. Hi Kathy - your tree is oh so lovely - is it really curbside worthy, seems it still has love in it. Oh my the crazy quilt is so fabulous with that spider web. Yes, to less stress and less expectations and to more love in and from the heart. Have peace in your heart. Best, Kim

  11. Your "ratty" tree puts my oversized Charlie Brown tree to shame! I love it....and I love your words. You have a way of putting a smile on my face with every single word. Thank you - you inspire me! xxoo

  12. I think your ratty old tree looks pretty special! Since we use a ratty old tree too, and I don't care, since we have no room for a full tree! I love all the glitter and glam you used. I am with you on less stress! Adjusting to an empty nest takes time so pamper yourself! I am stressed, this is the first year I decorated the whole house at one time...oh my gosh that was not a good made me so stressed out cause every room looks chaotic and unfinished. Learned my lesson on that one!

  13. O, Kathy...your ornaments are lovely...the tree looks so good. I am afraid I overstuffed my poor little tree but...oh, well.
    Seems a lot of folks aren't feeling the Christmas excitement this year. Could be that there's so dang much BAD stuff going on in Washington and other places that it's really put a damper on everything.
    ANYway, your house is looking wonderful...(and I can just almost smell the good things coming out of your kitchen)

  14. Kathy...that tree is not bad looking at all. And with the prices on live trees, I am tempted to buy a faux one. Your ornaments are so pretty and I simple love that you used a galvanized tub to put it in...very cute!

    You know I'm feeling behind but I'm very sure that it's better to take the time to do it the way we want then say, "Okay, good enough...I'm tired!" So, I'm plugging along.

    Sorry I have not been by. I just looked at the chicken soup in your last post and I'm craving it! :)

    Jane xx

  15. I think your tree looks great! I love all the shiny bits especially! We are taking a breather in these parts and enjoying every moment.

  16. It's always a pleasure to read your posts! Your tree looks lovely all lit up by the table. (On a side note, I love your drapery material.) Can very much relate to losing your decorating drive after your girls left. With college, and my husband on travel, I for the first time I hung the ornaments by myself. It was something I hope I never have to do again! But the girls and my husband were back home last night and that was the best Christmas present ever! If I don't get a chance to pop back in before Christmas, have a wonderful time with your loved ones and a most blessed Christmas!

  17. It doesn't look like a ratty tree - it looks gorgeous! We didn't store our white tree well apparently since some of the white branches are now beige. I read you can spray paint them so I'll try to remember to do that in the spring and hopefully get another year out of it.


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