Wednesday, May 9, 2007

Here is a peek at the glass rooster I am putting in the mail today for my mom for mothers day. She has the hen in this color and when I saw the rooster I just had to get it for her. I can post this because my mom doesnt check my blog, she isnt a computer person, so I am safe!

It is a beautiful rainy day today with thunder and a light rain. Wish I could stay home and putter around the house instead of going to work...but that is what I say when the sun shines too! Good thing I work for the schools so I get the summer off. I have been a stay at home mom too long and now work feels a lot like prison to me. Poor hubby has been supporting us for all these years, I try to make home happy for him to make up for it :>)

Well, off to work and to drop mom's package in the mail. I hope my blog isn't too boring. I don't lead a very fascinating life, work, clean, try to find a little me time. I am at a stage in my life where I can try to change a few bad habits, t.v. - a HUGE time stealer and so easy when I am tired to plunk down and zone out. A few years of that and you realize all the time you could have been doing things that were productive or that would have brought me closer to friends and family. How many more conversations could I have shared with my family? More exercise, more time to read my Bible and grow as a christian and decent human being. Life seems filled with time thieves. A little stolen here and a little there and you barely notice. I suppose the computer could be in that category but I don't usually just sit and surf and I am finding so much inspiration in the blogs I have found. Inspiration to be more creative and more sharing. Anyway, I hope whoever is looking in on my little corner of the world will some day find some inspiration here too. Now off to work (sigh)!