Friday, May 18, 2007

See you soon!

This weekend is my (Gulp) 49th birthday. There, I admitted it. I have never been one of those people who won't admit to being more than 29 (Keeka!), not that there is anything wrong with that. ;>) I have even considered tacking a few years on to what I tell people, cause I look great for 60! LOL, anyway, somehow approaching 50 has been tough. But hey, I'm not 50, I am 49 this weekend, so my Hubby & I have a big weekend planned. There is an Art Fest in Lansing that we want to go to and we plan on dinner out and just fun together, then we will have a family day with the girls on the actual date (Sunday). I always feel young around my babies! I will be taking my camera along for the fun so I will share it all Monday. Until then, everyone have a great weekend! Can't wait to tell you all about mine!


  1. Have a wonderful birthday. 49 seems so chic and hip, don'tcha think? Blesssings!

  2. Happy Birthday! Glad I`ve discovered your pretty blog! Know how you feel about the 49 thing. I got there back in January. Turning 40 was one thing, but 50? I can`t imagine that one. Scary LOL


  3. Happy birthday Kathy...wish I were still at work celebrating with you...don't kid yourself you look great for 49. see you soon.....Anne B.

  4. I actually do that, tell people I am 54, and I just had a 49th birthday in May myself. Looks like Karla's Cottage and Kathy's Cottage have a lot in common!


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