Friday, January 11, 2008

Dream Jobs

My friend Mary over at Little Red House found treasure today in her own home! Go see, you will love it. Can you imagine finding something in your own home that you didn't know was there that was beautiful? It reminded me of what I have always thought would be the perfect job for me. I grew up in a rural area of Michigan, lots of farm houses. Big old rambling things that have so much beauty and history behind them. I love farm houses. Some look like rambling Victorians, some are simpler but you still know they are crammed with attics and closets and basements and nooks and crannies. Quite often, driving through these old farming communities you will see one of these gems abandoned. Barns left to decay, houses no longer loved and cared for. What does this have to do with my dream job? Every time I pass one of these houses I have the overwhelming urge to go in and see what may have been left behind! Can you imagine how fun it would be to go through attics and rooms? I bet you would be amazed at things that were left behind. I bet you would find treasures galore! How many of you have been to farm auctions where beautiful furniture and other things were stored in the barn? I have! I guess I am a treasure hunter at heart. Unfortunately, combing through abandoned houses isn't a real job. How sad. What is your dream job?


  1. Kathy, we must be long lost sisters! My grandma lived in Beaverton Michigan until my grandpa passed away seven years ago. I LOVE Beaverton and all the old farms up there! I too have dreampt of the very SAME thing! The abandoned farms and farmhouses seem so mysterious and strangly beautiful to me. And I love the overgrown nature around them. Maybe we should go exploring together someday, LOL!


  2. What fun that would be! Several years ago I received a box of treasures that dear older friends of ours found in a trunk in the old barn on his parents' farmstead where he was born and raised. I was the winner - old christening gown and slip, silk hankies, ladies camisoles, etc. They knew I love vintage linens and clothing. Let me know when you start your trek through attics and barns. Maybe I'll drop by and see what you're up to! ~Adrienne~

  3. I think my dream job would be in the same song but a different verse.

    I have been tempted lately to offer to clean up/out peoples flower beds for free if I could just keep the plants they don't want or take divisions of perennials that need thinned out. I would love that. I'd have the joy of working in the garden and reaping new plants to have in mine :-)

    Perhaps I should contact a senior center to do that for older people that can't take care of their yards anymore....hmmmm.....

  4. Most every day I find little treasures in the corners of our old farmhouse. Of course, it's usually dirty socks... =) Blessings... Polly (p.s. I'd love to be a treasure hunter with you. Are there two positions available?)

  5. I love this photo! It is so serene!
    Sandra Evertson

  6. Oh, I'm with you, Kathy! Sadly, there are not many old houses left in my part of New Jersey. They get torn down to build McMansions.

    Last year a town nearby forced an elderly couple from their home, an old Victorian in dire need of upkeep, and tore it down. After months of wrangling about what to put in it's place (a pocket park, a parking lot...) they sold the land to a developer who built an ugly new house. Aaarrrgh!

  7. My dream job would be a baker, and one day, I may make this a reality. For now, while my son is young, I will stick with teaching.

    My Dad has his own Grading Company and he is often hired to tear down old homes. When I can, I will go through and see what I can salvage. It always breaks my heart to see history demolished. So far my favorite thing I have found is a huge old beveled mirror. It measures about 5 feet by 3 feet and it hangs in my family room:)

    BTW thanks for your kind comment today about my homemade pizzas. Baking bread gives me such a sense of satisfaction, I am really looking forward to perfecting my technique.

    Have a great weekend my friend:)


  8. Hi Kathy....your dream job sounds like fun. A perfect job for me will be that of a writer in a charming cottage by the sea. Yes, all day writing, and looking out the distant blue until your soul becomes one with your mind.

    Have a wonderful weekend!

  9. My dream "job"? Baking bread in an old cookstove in one of those houses you pictured...that would be so fun! I have an old cookstove and want it set up so I can use it. I also love old barns...I would love to explore..

  10. Hi Kathy, I love this picture. I'd like to wonder thru the old farmhouses and just kind of imagine what the familes were like that had lived there and their story. Finding a treasure
    would be a bonus. If you need a helper I'm avaiable.
    I've always wanted to be a dancer...or I'd love to be a personal shopper. Happy weekend to you. Linda

  11. Oh Kathy I could share so many stories about rumageing thru old abandon house!
    When we lived in the city, and the kids were little, on weekends we'd pack a lunch and go for country drives! We'd spy an old abandon house and get excited, first hubby would make sure it was safe for us to go in.
    So many fun things we'd find!
    And so many stories about seeing ghosts and feeling people watching us!

    Now that my kids are grown they love to search for old abandoned houses to explore!

    I always tell hubby I want to renovate this and that house and I can see how it would look finished!
    So many where way beyond repair but if I had the money I'd rescue all those once loved beauties!

    Ou an old house like that makes my heart go pitter patter!

    I am off to see Marys blog!

    Hugz, Dolly

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  13. Hi Kathy, sorry that's just us above, only half finshed the comment and pressed post too early! Beautiful post Kathy and a lovely a photos. A treasure hunter, now that would be a dream job! Jacqui and I would have loved to be a ballet dancer and a singer respectively!! Oh well we can always dream! Have a wonderful weekend Kathy :) Jenn and Jacqui

  14. I love old home places and barns also. I have stopped on the road and just looked forever and took pictures.
    Id love to go in also,but im afrraid id get arrested. Maybe we can be go in and I will watch your back. the next place I go in and you watch mine. We have to share the treasures=)
    Great post girl.

  15. Hi Kathy,
    When I was about 11 my mom took me to North Dakota where she grew up. We decided to try and find the old family home she lived in. It was a huge farmhouse. We got there and it was abandoned. We waded our way up to the door and went in. I still remember it like it was yesterday, seeing my mom in all those rooms......with stained glass windows.....built in glass was treasures were found though! (only memories!)

  16. Oh! I would love that job too! Want to be partners? Farmhouses are my favorite style house. I get so sad, when I see one abandoned and falled down. I love barns too!

  17. I think we need to form our own Salvage Company and go state to state hunting for treaures!!!
    My dream job would be..... doctor,comedy writer and a junker... well one outta three aint bad!!!

  18. I too love going by old homes but feel so sad when they are abandoned and unloved. I just can't imagine why nobody is taking care of these places...there aren't many near where I live anymore but when I go up to drive along HWY 49 in the foothills of the Sierra Nevada Mtns. you often see old barns or houses that I hate to see left alone! There used to be one off HWY 395 in the Washoe Valley in Nev. that I always wanted. I wonder if anyone ever rescued it?
    Love Your site!

  19. That sounds like a dream job for me too. Maybe we could form a national company and call it "treasure hunters unlimited". How fun would that be? Rhondi

  20. I would love that job too! Old houses just have a magic about them...
    I think there are a group of us who could band together and form a corporation! WE would go around the world seeking treasures in old houses...then they would do it as a TV series for HGTV. *smile*

    I would also love to just be able to write something, anything for a living. Or be a Broadway producer. I think being a super model is out of the question.

    Have a sweet weekend! Oh! May I add you to my blog list??


  21. I love the look of these old houses ,what sort of prices do they go for? My girls and I would love to live somewhere like this,a touch of tlc and put in our own style we would love it!we don't want perfection or something new just somewhere to call our own!!I love the idea of finding lots of lost treasure and links to the past!Lucky you!Love from Kathyann and the girls at meg's mum's muffins


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