Sunday, November 16, 2008


Penny was wondering if we really use our aprons. Well goodness yes! I cook from scratch and I am notoriously messy. Practically a walking disaster when you get me near chopped veggies, sauces and flour. I need my aprons and I have a cute collection that I have picked up from various sources and some I have sewn myself. I keep them on hooks near the pantry in the kitchen. Do you recognise some of dear Penny's handiwork here? I love my mosaic heart peg and it looks wonderful with all the red and black in my kitchen:>) It was a special gift from sweet BJ and I think of you both every time I use it or see it!

That rosey black apron? In my etsy shop today. Earl says it looks like a party dress. I love this fabric and I really loved making it. If only there were enough hours in the day. I plan on making more at some point, but angels and birds are keeping me pretty busy this week. I have some new apron designs in mind when I get back to them. Do you wear aprons too?


  1. Pretty aprons!
    Thank you for your kind and thoughtful comments during my grief. God bless you!


  2. Oh, those aprons are just stunning! I particularly love the rosey black apron with the beautiful dotted black ruffle.

  3. OMGoodness, Kathy just continue to amaze me with your sewing skills. You are sooo good at it.
    This apron is the cutest thing...
    and I love how you display them.
    I only have 1 little apron right now but plan on adding to it...
    Gotta scoot over to your shop now...
    love, bj

  4. Kathleen, I'm back to thank you so much for the very kind comments you left on my blog. You are so very gracious! I'm still praying about your husband's situation, too!

  5. Hi Kathy!
    I love how you are displaying your aprons :-))))))). Thanks for the sweet mention.

    p.s. sorry folks, but that sweet black rose printed apron is now mine all mine!! Can't wait to get it Kathy and add to my collection!!

  6. wow mom. looks like you're going to have to mass produce those things if you plan on avoiding all out brawls for them lol. Great job, I love it!

  7. Just love your aprons. So pretty and festive. Blessings, Kathleen

  8. I love pretty aprons but I usually forget to put them on until AFTER I've messed up my clothes! I think I need a pretty hook or two for my kitchen. It's a small kitchen but I think I can find a spot somewhere to hang an apron or two. Your new apron is gorgeous, gorgeous, gorgeous! And cute on you, too.

  9. Wow, we caught Lauren cooking?

    And she didn't invite her favorite relatives (um, that's us in case she didn't know) to taste test?

    The apron is very cute!

  10. I saw that apron in your etsy store today! You did a wonderful job with it. If I wear an apron will I cook as good as you and Penny and BJ? I wish!!!!

    ((hugs)) Rosie

  11. Kathy, that apron is adorable and I love the pattern too. Penny's mosaic heart and peg look great in that spot. Have a great Monday. Karen

  12. I adore the apron. It's so cute, so you. I'm off to check out your Etsy shop. I'm sure I'm too late for angels and aprons.

  13. very cute "party" apron! lol

    after having almost ruined a couple shirts, I've had to start wearing aprons in the kitchen. I'm usually ok with not smearing things all over myself, but the bubbling sauces, soups, and other concoctions always seem to end up on me when I'm not wearing an apron.

    :) D

  14. What a pretty apron. I recently bought an apron that was made with pieces of vintage embroidery. I have it hanging on my pantry door and am still working up the "courage" to actually wear it. I cringe at the thought of messing it up.

  15. It does look like a party dress! So sweet on your little one...wait a minute...your little one graduated...who is this?

    I don't wear aprons but if I did...I have admired the one that says on it: Who invited all these tacky people? LOL!

  16. Oh yes, I absolutely love aprons! I tie one on everytime I cook. I didn't know until recently that I have this fetish but I am not ashamed and I will not seek professional help, instead I will continue to collect and create many, many more aprons for I simply cannot help myself, see?


    your rosey arpon is adorable!

  17. that apron is darling! I loved your article in Porch. And the cover!!
    Have a great week

  18. ok, I am back this morning and wanting to see YOUR KITCHEN. Have you ever shown it to us? It is looking so cute from what I can see...
    love, bj

  19. I use aprons too! I am like you in that I am such a messy cook!

    I am making some aprons for Christmas gifts this year! Did you use a pattern for the black floral one?

  20. Hi Kathy
    The apron you made is adorable and it looks so cute hanging on Penny's heart hook. Wearing amn apron like that might make cooking more fun!
    Hugs, Rhondi

  21. Aw Miss Kathy that has to be the cutest apron!
    Love the ruffle at the bottom!
    Hey if we have to wear an apron we might as well look cute in one!

    I do wear all of my aprons.....
    one at a time that is! :-)
    It makes me feel like I know what I am doing! Te-hee!

    Have a great week,
    Hugz, Dolly

  22. There is one lucky someone who snatched that apron up! It's a beauty. I just finished a blog post sharing my little bird from you so be sure to see.

  23. I love your beautiful apron! I made the apron I gave Penny and I'm like you..I wear an apron every time I walk into the kitchen! I'm a messy cook and it saves my clothes! I need to find a new pattern to make a full apron next!

  24. Kathy that is soo cute! I love the little flirty polka dot bottom! I try to remember to wear mine. It's much better when I do as I'm a very messy cook and I can't tell you how many shirts I've stained with various disasters!


  25. seriously....your pictures always remind me of something out of country living! LOVE that apron and yes, I too wish there were more hours in the day...I'd make aprons and fun things all day long!

  26. Boy, this knock-out apron must have flown out of your hands before it even made it to your you can sell every one you make!! Your choice of great fabric designs are what make yours special .....

  27. I love your apron!! You clever cookie, you!

    I use my old aprons, too. I figure they already have someone's cookin' stains on them, so they might as well have some more.


  28. Oh my make aprons too! I use my aprons.....I can't wait to see more of yours....I may have to treat myself!

  29. I loved this post - so fun and you are such a cutie.. thank you for always brightening my day when I visit! Love all that you create!


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