Sunday, November 2, 2008


During my unfortunate computer problem, I received a couple sweet treats, one in the mail and another from my darling husband. The oversize cup and saucer you see below came from a fellow etsy seller, Fluffy Flowers vintage, who had seen one of my blackbirds and asked if I was interested in a trade. Well, why not? It was coming up on Halloween and little Poe hadn't been claimed so I took a look in her shop. I fell in love with the cup and saucer and a few days later came home from work to find this beautiful Johnson Brothers transferware set. It's really big so it is perfect for my morning coffee or tea. A little treat that didn't cut into my budget at all:>)
The second treat is the Mary Janes ideabook, cookbook, lifebook. A little something, something my sweetie picked up for me at a yard sale for $2. I am a big fan of Mary Jane's writing and ideas. We are both farmgirls and her writing resonates with who I am deep down inside.
It is filled with sewing ideas...
Decorating ideas.....
And cooking, this is an eggnog parfait. She said she used eggnog instead of milk in the recipe (below) and substituted gingersnaps for the chocolate wafer cookies. Sounds yummy! MJ is also a believer in eating very healthfully and used soy eggnog, this is where we part company, I can't stand anything soy so I would just use plain eggnog.
I may try this for the holidays. If you click on the pictures they will expand and you can see the recipe better. I am pretty sure her ChillOver powder is just gelatin.
Little treats like this can be so much fun. I love when they are also cheap thrills. And speaking of cheap thrills, I am coming up on 300 posts and it's time for another give-away to celebrate:>) Keep an eye open, tomorrows post will have more details and you will get to see what you can win. I'm hoping you all get some little treats this week too!


  1. Congratulations on your 300th post! I guess I'll have to come back tomorrow and see your blog! Isn't it nice to be back in bloggerland?

  2. Wow 300! I'm just about on my 200th post, much to my surprise!

  3. I'm quite ready whenever you need to try out some recipes or home dec ideas.

    Anything to be of help, ya know.

  4. Love your cup and book. The trifle is beautiful.

  5. Welcome back! What beautiful gifts and that eggnog parfait looks SO delicious. I am such a huge fan of eggnog during the holiday season!

    Michelle :)

  6. Yeah! You are back!! I love the teacup and saucer..and trading is a great way of getting something wonderful...Looking forward to your 300th...

  7. Hi Kathleen
    I think trading is a great idea. I'm coming up on my 100th post..can't wait for my 300th..
    Guess I'll be back to see your giveaway.

  8. Your Back!! the tea cup looks lovely...I love the barter system...

  9. Hi Kathy...I love the new cup and saucer and the pretty book...I love to barter and receive thoughtful little gifts from Tom, too!

    I received the book you sent in the mail...and will slowly read the stories...and pass it on when I am finished.


    and Blessings,

  10. I have fallen behind in my blogging and am just now beginning to catch up....
    You both got a great deal on your trade...I love trading. It usually ends up good for both parties.
    I know you will enjoy that book and how sweet for Earl to get it for you.

  11. I'm a MaryJane fan too. What a fabulous find! Looks like a wonderful book.

  12. I'm a MaryJane fan too. I have her books and I usually try to buy her magazine. That tea cup and saucer is fabulous! And how cool that you got to trade!


  13. That cup looks perfectly at home there. And I've got the same MaryJane book. Isn't full of inspirational ideas and photos?

  14. I love MJ's writing as well. I have her book "Maryjanes outpost" and have been blogging a bit about it recently because it has so many wonderful ideas.

    Congrat's on your 300th post!

  15. I adore MaryJane's books ...I have three of them and just was thinking last night...I need to sit down with a spot of tea and cozy up with them! The triple surprise looks very tasty!

  16. Thanks for the decor tips! I can always use new ideas! Keep them coming! Check out my blog - decorating advice is welcom!

    xo - Meagan


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