Monday, November 17, 2008

Yikes! It's 11:14 and it has been such a busy day I almost forgot to post! But here I am getting one in just in the nick of time:>) Thanks for all the apron love. I have a few more in the works. I got a cool package in the mail today but it's late and I'm tired. No pictures til tomorrow. But I'll leave you with this glorious dining room from Have a good night:>)


  1. Hi Kathy...

    What a lovely dining room this is! I love it!!

    I have a number of aprons, too...and I use mine all the time, too!


    ps...thanks for all the comments and visits...I'm on-line again, but don't know for how long...still having internet problems

  2. Boy, you DID just make it in time, sister friend...ummm, do people REALLY have such lovely rooms??
    Have a good day today!!

  3. Well, with the holiday season in the "nick" of time seems appropriate :-). Now that is a gorgeous dining room!


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