Wednesday, November 26, 2008

The centerpiece...

I save my holiday magazines. You do too right? Always something to be gleaned from a holiday decorating mag. When they get really outdated I throw them out. So I pick up last years Midwest living while I am "freshening up" my natural red hair color this morning and I see this pretty centerpiece.
Well I have all that great stuff! I knew Earl had some small antlers stashed somewhere, we have plenty of those fluffy pine boughs and I have a pretty silver bowl! So, tonight I run outside (in the dark), snip some pine and some Rue that is still green in the garden and put it all in my bowl. I try to give it that casual but elegant look in the photo above. I stick in Earls antlers and some clementines, (I'm out of pears drat it all!) and step back. I'm not feeling the love. too much pine? Too much Rue? Not enough pears or pinecones? I can run outside in the daylight tomorrow and try to do better. Or...I can say what the heck, I usually have to move the centerpiece off the table because we have so much food anyway. I think candlelight will be fine:>) Happy Thanksgiving, and don't sweat the small stuff ok?


  1. Leave it as it is...beautiful!
    Happy thanksgiving to you and yours!
    I love your blog...sigh...just can not seem to get mine going!

  2. Nice centerpiece! I can't see the antlers, tho'. Maybe there is something wrong with my eyes!?!

  3. Keep tweaking'll get it. Happy Thanksgiving.


  4. Happy Thanksgiving.
    I have missed reading your blog while I have been away from blogland

  5. I think it looks wonderful! AND that would be me...running out to the bushes in the dark, but I'd probably be bare footed! I'm going to do the same thing tomorrow in the morning! But I don't have antlers!
    Happy Thanksgiving!

  6. What a great centerpiece! My sweetheart would love it and we, too, have all the fixin's for it. Only one problem. My sweetheart is still elk hunting in Eastern Oregon - the far side of the state from home. I'm sure he looking for the perfect antlers for our Christmas table! We already have enough of those around here.

    Have a great Thanksgiving. Filled with much thanks.

  7. Are you kiddin' me, darlin'? Your centerpiece looks fabulous...sometimes, when we try to copy a picture, we tend to be disappointed if it doesn't look JUST like the photo. Trust me, friend...your's looks great.
    Me, too, on moving the centerpiece anyway...i never worry about one too much since it comes off the table right away and replaced betcha...that great looking turkey!!
    Have a blessed, bj

  8. Just popped in to wish you Happy Thanksgiving and I think your centrepiece is just fine! Don't sweat any small stuff just enjoy!

  9. Kathy I love your centerpiece...makes me want to go try one too! I have a great silverplate bowl that would be perfect. I hope you and your family have a wonderful Thanksgiving together!


  10. Oh Kathleen, you DO make me laugh!! "Ummm, no! I'm not feeling the love"! Tooo funny! I think you are just wonderful to even attempt to reproduce such a unique centerpiece. You know, my dear, it's not every woman who says "oh, I have some antlers stashed away somewhere!" I am so very glad I found your blog. You are so incredibly creative, and you have such a wonderful wit!! Thank you so much for visiting my blog and for your warm Thanksgiving wishes! I hope you found that cup of tea, and time for a little nap!

  11. If you are like a lot of us, you'll still be "tweaking" it for days! Add a couple of Christmas balls or trim and it can go through December. Love your blog....really cool!

  12. I am new to blogging but have found about thirty sites that I love and yours is one of them. I never knew there were so many women whose homes meant as much to them as mine does to me but here you all are.

    I love your dining room. It is so cheery. And I don't think I have ever made a centerpiece which is odd as I have two dining rooms... big & little. But I am now inspired to look around and see what I can come up with. Your centerpiece is really nice.

    Roberta Anne

  13. I think your branches may be longer than those in the magazine, but I still think it looks fab! :)

    I definitely keep my holiday magazines. Sometimes you can find old ones at thrift shops for quarters. I found holiday books from the 80's to present at a thrift shop a couple weeks ago. I bought a couple...just haven't posted my thrifted goodies yet. :)


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