Saturday, November 15, 2008

Church dinner

This is the one picture of the church dinner that I took. Guess when you are trying to serve upwards of 100 people dinner in a timely manner it doesn't leave much time for picture taking. The centerpieces were done with fall foliage from Michaels (70% off!) and some tower vases the church already had. Everyone seemed to enjoy their meal (note to self, never make lasagna in a stainless steel pan again, it imparts an unpleasant metallic taste! Am I the last to know that?)
Fortunately most people had the chicken or pork. It was exhausting but I think it was successful. Our church owns 38+ acres that we want to build on. It is wooded and beautiful and the decorations were meant to carry that theme. This dinner was a pledge drive of sorts. All I can say at this point is I am glad it's over. I was way too tired to eat by the time we were done.Look what I got today:>) It's awesome. I need to sit down and take my time reading it tonight. Go get one here!


  1. The dinner sounds wonderful! The table settings were beautiful. Congratulations for surviving! And congrats on the magazine. ~Adrienne~

  2. Dear Kathleen, how very good of you to arrange such a wonderful dinner. I don't doubt at all that you were exhausted after such an undertaking! I am certain everyone enjoyed themselves and I pray that the fund raising was successful! The centerpieces were truly lovely. Congratulations on making the cover of that wonderful magazine!

  3. WHEW, GIRL...that is a lot of people to feed and I can just imagine how tired you are. So glad it was all good and now it;s OVER!!
    love, bj

  4. I love to sit down at a white tablecloth! It looks so classy. I did not know that about those pans. I know you were tired!
    That woodsy setting sounds wonderful. A sweet place to worship.

  5. The setting for your dinner is lovely. The theme was perfect for the cause. I hope your church is closer to its goals because of this dinner.

  6. Very pretty dinner tables. What a difference it makes to a meal to have attractive surroundings, and to feel the care that haas gone into the arrangements.

  7. Kathy,

    It looks just lovely....I would like to have dinner with all of you there! I am a Michigan girl after all...

    Congrats again on Porch!


  8. MOM! wow, you did a really good job chica. I just wanted to see pics of a few certain deserts, and possibly some o that fancy food ya'll served. JUST OVER A WEEK UNTIL I COME HOME!!!! I'm so excited aren't you???? I love you tons and tons. xoxoxoxo

  9. The dinner sounds and looks like it was a huge success. The centerpieces look stunning!

    I received my copy of Porch as well. And excited was I to sit down last night and take a long, long look through the lovely and inviting pages. I loved reading the article about you. Congratulations on being on the cover. What a great little magazine.

  10. Hope you raised lots of money with the dinner. How exciting for you to get that magazine. Those are your hearts on the front aren't they?


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