Friday, March 26, 2010

Celebrating Three Years at Kathy's Cottage

Three years of blogging has been one of the best things that ever happened to me.  I have never been a journaler.  I think the piece that was missing for me in journaling was the visual. I'm a very visual person. Not that I don't love words, I do, but they were not enough to spur me on to a commitment with pen and paper. Now blogging... blogging has it all!  The joy of pretty pictures, the ability to put my heart out there on my sleeve, and the joy of finding friends from all over the world!  It has helped me through empty nest syndrom and given me the encouragement to follow my dreams. What can I say but thank you?
And what better way to thank you than with a give away of a cottage. A red gingham cottage with a polka dot roof, ric rac gingerbread trim and a garden out front. Polka dot curtains at the windows and a happy flower garden with vintage pearly centers. Can you believe I even found the perfect little door knob button in my vintage stash?

Leave a comment. Don't worry about being a follower, don't worry about spreading the news on your blog, (although if you do I would love it) Just tell me why you visit.  Tell me your favorite post or photo over the years. Just say hello:>)
I'll draw a name on April 2
And by the way, you will find more cottage pillows in my etsy shop.
Thanks for stopping by my little corner of the internet. You have all had a hand in making me happy.  I love you for that:>)


  1. what a lovely..lovely are so talented..happy to have found your blog ;-)

  2. What first drew me to your blog is that you live in MI, where I was born and lived most of my life. Second was "Saved by God's grace" as am I, and then your love of sewing and creativity, draw to thrift stores, yard sales, reading, etc. Wish we had met when I was in MI. We would have probably been inseperable! Do hope I am drawn for the pillow - no one would love it more! :-)

  3. You have the most darling pillows of anyone I've ever seen, honey. Just outstanding.

  4. Kathy, that is just the cutest pillow I've ever seen!!! It's adorable and how generous (and true to form in generosity) of you to gift this away to someone!!

    3 years you've been blogging...where does time go? I'm glad you blog so that we could of the riches in my life!! xoxo

  5. Kathy, you have out done yourself with your new pillows! They are absolutely perfect. So sweet and welcoming.

    I always love visiting your blog. You are my far away friend!

  6. It's me again...I can't stop staring at the pillows. Amazing...magazine worthy!!

  7. Cute.ness. That cheery pillow could brighten up any cloudy day.

    I got to "know" your sister through her blog and then came to visit you. You are both very talented and wonderful ladies.

    Becky K.

  8. wow! congrats! love the pillow.. perfectly beautiful!

  9. Hi Kathy~
    I'm sure I came over here the first time becuase I found you through another blog but the reason I follow and visit as often as you post is because of your lots of areas! Your recipes are always "do-able" and I love to see what you've made or how you decorate orwhat you've found. Very comfortable here for sure! This pillow...makes me swoon. I love flowers in crafting. I make paper flowers because I do stuff with paper...the flowers on this cottage melt my heart!
    Thanks for this chance!

  10. You don't need to enter me in the drawing (what if I won? someone might think it was rigged)but I wanted to congratulate you on 3 years of blogging. You already know that you are the reason I started blogging.

    As for why I visit? Because I love you and love seeing what you're up to in between times when we can talk.

    The pillows are all beautiful, as always.

    Talk to you soon!

  11. Hello dear friend!

    Oh girl, that is one unbelievably precious is PERFECT! LOVE it!! I was just looking in your Etsy shop and saw the other adorable house pillows...goodness gracious, what a talent!

    Congratulations on three years of blogging!! I am so thankful that you decided to share your little corner of the world with us...what a blessing it has been to know you! I was an admiring lurker long before I finally said hello, and we've been fast friends since. I think what drew me to you the most was your sweet spirit and sincerity...which comes out in your posts in a thousand different ways. Whether it's decorating, sewing/crafting, family, cooking, or just plain are authentic...the real deal...and that is very refreshing!

    I wish you all the best in all you set your hand to do! May the Lord continue to bless every part of your life!

    Hugs & Blessings,

  12. I visit (and have you on my sidebar) because I love the variety! A bit of this, a bit of that...and your photos are always amazing!

  13. Kathy, I think you've outdone yourself this time. Your darling red-checked pillow would look so cute sitting next to my black toile house pillow you made!

    It was your blog that actually opened my eyes to the blogging world. Your photography of the little details of our lives has really opened my eyes to the beauty that surrounds us every day, no matter the season. I thank you from the bottom of my heart for helping to re-activate my senses!

    Jane @

  14. I liked the post about your husband falling through the ceiling. What was most inspiring was your positive attitude about it. Seems like daily setbacks can be taken one of two ways and you showed there's a way to laugh and see the good side of everything.

  15. Happy 3 years of blogging. Like the other blogger, I was led to your blog by a link to a link. I was then attracted to stay because you live in Mi as do I, so it felt like you were a friend and I was hooked. Your crafts are beautiful, especially your pillows. Would love to have a chance to win one. Thank you!! LindaSonia (

  16. Wow! You are so gifted. I have trouble sewing on a button. I have just looked at your Etsy site and you have such beautiful things.
    This is my first visit and I have thoroughly enjoyed mysel. Thanks.

  17. I just found your blog a couple of weeks ago. I love all of the colors that you use they are so bright and cheerful. I am inspired by your pinwheel quilt and I have started my own.

  18. how very sweet of you and very generous too! please count me in, I do so enjoy visiting your blog :)

  19. Congrats on three years of blogging. I have only been an active blogger since Nov and it has saved my sanity! Love the thrifting and fun things you show and share. This pillow is adorable. Keep on writing and I will keep on visiting. I am a follower because I ENJOY your blog.

  20. Three years...awesome. I just celebrated my first year on one of mine and will be doing another first year on the other this week. I can't wait to celebrate my third...and more. I love blogging also..

    I'm one of your 'newbies' but I was attracted to your blog because of your pictures and how comfy you are!

    Sweet pillow (o:

  21. my favorite post ... about a year ago, you made an apron ... I've never quit thinking about it ... i have the pattern saved to my desktop, but do you think I've conquered the sewing ...NO ...
    thanks sweetie, for brightening the room every time you walk in

  22. I love coming to visit, and am a follower. I think the things that give me most pleasure are your beautiful hearts. I make hearts too, but yours are so very different, so prettily trimmed, so imaginative.
    I love the cushion too!

  23. Oh, this is the best! I love it. So homey (!)

    I am so happy that you are celebrating. And I am so happy that I met you. We've been sharing parallel lives!

    Have a happy weekend, Kathy.


  24. What an absolutely darling pillow! How creative! Anyone would be lucky enough to win one of those! Congratulations on the 3 years of blogging. I think I have passed my 3 year mark as well! How did I miss that! Will have to do a giveaway myself once I get settled after the move! xxoo

  25. Pssst I forgot to tell you why I visit. I fell in love with your creativity when we were partnered in the Gift of Jewels swap! I just had to visit your page, and I was so enthralled that I just have kept coming back for more. xxoo

  26. I love your little gingham house and would cherish it! whoever wins will be very lucky, things like this really make a home, I love your work. thanks.

  27. Happy Blogiversary! I agree with you on blogging. I am not a writing person but I love pictures so blogging is a wonderful outlet for me to enjoy. Your gingham house pillow is so cute!
    Have a wonderful weekend!

  28. Three years of blogging! Congratulations! That's quite a feat, and a wonderful one at that!

    Kathy, I just adore your blog! I love visiting just because of who you are. I feel as if we are neighbors who can visit and sit on the front porch for hours upon end.

    You give such inspiration and you are as creative as can be. Just look at those cute little cottage pillows! Gorgeous!

    Congrat's on your blog-a-versary! I'm celebrating 200 posts and have three great giveaways. Pop on over when you can!
    ...your blogging friend, Alice

  29. Happy Blogiversary! I LOVE your pillows! I love your photos. I love your creativity. Visiting your cottage is always a blessing.

  30. Me! Me! Me!

    Hey, I've got some red gingham curtains that could become one of your snazzy pillows if you're in a sewing for hire mood.....

  31. I visit your blog because you inspire my creative side. I tend to be too serious about things and it's nice to visit a fun blog that motivates me to lighten up and do something fun and creative.

  32. Via via I came on your blog and I've to say this adorable house cushion draw my attention immediatley! I'm totally in love with it.... Exactly my favorite fabrics and colors! So I'll give it a try! I've browsed through your blog and I absolutely can't pick a favorite picture, they're all beautiful!
    I'm a follower from now on!
    Hugs from the Netherlands

  33. What a dear cottage pillow! I also love the black and white damask pillow you have in your shop. You are so talented! Congratulations on your blogaversary!

  34. I love your blog...your art is the kind and style I love! Homemade is far superior to store bought. Your gingerbread house pillow is beyond fantastic and some lucky winner will be able to display it in there own home! I have my fingers crossed!
    I remember seeing the Christmas door decoration on your red door. You said it didn't cost anything to make. Your husband must treasure your creativity and talent. You remind me of the Godly lady that would rise early and take care of her family. Thanks for the chance.

  35. Hi Kathy,
    You have a darling blog. So pretty and fun to look at. Your pillows and aprons are so adorable. I also like to create and love to "visit" talented people such as yourself.

  36. I came across this blog via your etsy shop (I've been eyeing the cake stands!) and just had to follow it :)

    Love this cottage pillow! Red gingham is one of my favorite fabrics.

  37. How adorable! I found your link at Kim's Daisy Cottage. I've enjoyed my first visit. Congrats on your anniversary! I just goofed up and messed my blog up terribly, so am starting all over basically. ♥

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  39. Kathy, I think I first noticed your blog when you mentioned going to Shipshewana; I grew up in northern IN and it got my attention. Congratulations on 3 years of blogging; I only became enlightened to blogs in the past 6-8 months. You make such beautiful things! I thought I had seen it all, until I saw this remarkable red gingham pillow. How lovely! It would be a true joy to whomever receives it. Thank you for your blog and God bless.

  40. Hi Kathy,
    I love your colorful photos, your pretty pillows and your blog just feels HAPPY!
    Happy Blog Birthday, as I like to say!
    Thank you for having a giveaway.
    Deb :)

  41. Hi Kathy...I have been following your happy blog for agis... love the colors and the easy so view outlay. Keep up the fun blog. ;)

  42. New at this blogging! Just stopped by on a visit! What a happy pillow! So nice to meet you and I shall return!
    Have a great day!

    Pink Hugs,

  43. Hi Kathy,
    Your photos are beautiful just like your blog, love visiting here.
    What a sweet and lovely giveaway, so bright and cheery. Happy Blog Birthday.

  44. Hi Kathleen Grace..You have been busy! Love the cute..
    I just like your blog..and your name, LOL
    Kathleen Lynn Grace

  45. I love the picture of the chair almost the color of the eggs in the nest . I had chairs just like that but white . I loved them , wish I still had them . Pretty pillow . I really enjoy your blog . It's one of my favorites even though I don't leave a comment often enough on any Blog .

  46. Dearest Kathy,
    congratulations on your 3 wonderful years of blogging!
    I am so happy that we met and are friends!

    Why do I visit your blog???
    many reasons........
    Because you inspire me.
    Your blog is very welcoming and your talents are amazing!
    You have a way of comforting with words!
    We are sisters in Christ.
    We like a lot of the same things...
    geesh I could go on and on!
    Mostly because I love you!

    Hugz, Dolly

  47. Dear Kathy
    Congratulations on 3 years of blogging. Your words express my thoughts about blogging too and I have so enjoyed getting to know you. I love every post that showed a photo of something you made. You are so creative with your sewing projects and I absolutely love the new pillow and would be so thrilled to win it.
    Hugs, Rhondi

  48. Congratulations on 3yrs. I love the pillow.

  49. That is just about the cutest thing ever! I love it. laurie

  50. Ooops! I'm really not trying to get my name entered twice (although that would be nice!!). I forgot to congratulate you - 3 years of blogging! I'm soooo impressed. laurie

  51. lol i visit your blog for the pretty pictures and to find out about the big stories (like dad falling through the ceiling!) hahaha. just kidding about that last part- i mostly just visit because i love you and i think you're awesome and i like keeping up with the little every day things that i miss out on since i'm not there every day. i love you mom! congrats on 3 years! :)

    <3 Lauren

  52. Hello Kathy,
    I found you on the blog: my every day things, from Elly and I was curious. So here I am. And I must say I realy love your blog. What a beautiful things you make. And congradulations with your three years of blogging. I've just started this year, and I must say I LOVE it!!! I love your post in Febrary 12. about 1 Corinthians 13 because Love is the most important thing. And I think blogging helps also to respect and love other people.
    I'm glad I found your blog!
    Greetings from Holland,

  53. Sorry I deleted my first message because I thought the expression of my words wasn't good.It's a bit difficult to express myself in another language.
    Have a great day,
    Greetings, Ester

  54. Kathy, it has been three DELIGHTFUL years reading your blog! I feel like I'm sitting at a table over coffee and visiting with you, maybe a craft in each of our hands, and of course a lovely bouquet of something on your table. I leave feeling like I've been with a kindred spirit. For my favorite photo, there are too many. The one I always remember is one of the early heart pictures that I think your daughter was holding?

    I was saying last week to my Bible study group that I have always been a journal drop out, trying many times to start by unsuccessful. One replied, "But you do journal! You have your blog." By golly, it counts! Like you, it is all about the visual.

    I would love to have my name in the hat for that ADORABLE cottage. It will be a true treasure for somebody.

    Wishing for more years of 'visiting' with you!

  55. Hello Kathy, I explored your blog just a few hours ago... what a nice photo's! And I don't know which story or which photo is the nicest. I love them all!! And your give-away... I have no words in english for such nice, beautiful pillow. I send you my congratulations for three years of blogging. And when you cannot read my english... I'm so sorry...

    Kind regards, Marian V.

  56. Ah, my friend, I'm so glad we met through this wonderful world of blog. You have been an inspiration, a friend to lean on, a source of blog help, a reason to smile and much, much more. Happy blog-o-versary. Your cottage pillows are so sweet. Glad you are still sharing them with us. Here's to more great blog years ahead.

  57. Kathy, I don't know how you do it (well I do - you're very talented and creative)! That is soooo incredibly cute cute cute! Honestly, the cutest pillow ever.

    Congratulations on three years of blogging. It's been three great years of getting to know you!


  58. Positively LOVE that charming pillow! Your creativity amazes me!

    My favorite post or photo would have to be the one of the "Home" pillow. I kept trying to buy one, but they kept selling out! I finally got one and I absolutely love it! The quality of your workmanship is outstanding. = )

    Congrats on your blog anniversary! So glad my path crossed yours.

  59. Vibrant colors...if i have to put a label on what i like about your work, it's your bold color choices. You encourage me to try new combinations and of course, it doesn't hurt that your work is incredibly beautiful. Happy three years!

  60. Hey Kathy, I'm not sure if I've left a comment for you before, although I read every post you write. I feel we inhabit similar worlds (children becoming adults, creativity takes a backseat sometimes to the day job, trying to be a Godly Christian woman and impact those around us in a positive way). Love the red gingham cottage and would give it a place of honor in my home if I'm lucky enough to win it. :-) Pam

  61. Haven,t been by in a bit. Wanted to say hello and catch up. So much has been going on in KY.....m....

  62. Cute cute cute cottage!

    I too enjoy blogging for the same reasons...jotting down a few words and sharing my photos and sometimes photos of others. I'm also an empty nester (married daughter, only child) and this is a release for me and a time to share with others.

    Thanks Kathy! :)

  63. Hi Kathy.
    What a sweet give a way! Your pillows are just darling! I adore your cottage pillows that are currently listed in your Etsy shop!
    Sincerely ~ Tricia

  64. Kathy-I truly enjoy your blog. Blogland has the best people I think! They make life especially sweet! You are a joy! Luv~Betty

  65. Hi Kathy!
    I just found your blog some one elses side bar. It´s allways so nice to meet new people here in blogworld.

    Congratulations on your blog anniversary.
    You have so beautiful giveaway and your blog is very intresting and lovely.
    Have a nice day to you!
    Warm greetings, Lennu from Finland

  66. Hello - didn't know how else to reach you but wanted to let you know you are the winner of my giveaway! Please stop by when you have a sec or email me your address :-) I also mentioned your giveaway too. Have a great day! -amy

  67. I LOVE this pillow and would LOVE to be entered into your giveaway!

  68. I love the hearts you made on Snow day! I love making small projects like that, too and made pretty hearts for Christmas last year. Thanks for the giveaway! ♥

  69. Congrats on winning the runner., I came over from Into Vintage. Your blog is great!!
    I adore the gingham pillow!!

  70. Good morning Kathy. I have just joined you as a follower. I know it wasn't part of the give away..but how could I not. My newest blog is Rick-Rack and Gingham..she was born last week and is still being When my eyes saw that house..oh heart captured her!!
    Looking forwared to following you.


  71. Such a lovely giveaway! I of course love the hearts you make, as I'm a fellow heart-lover.

    Congratulations of three years of blogging! ::Jill

  72. Wow! This is amazing! I will be haunting your blog now that I've found you!

  73. I'm just popping in from Into Vintage, and I'm so happy to discover your blog! That cottage pillow is the cutest thing I've seen in a long time! Please enter me to win, and thanks for the chance. I'm off to check out more of your blog now!
    Happy Monday!

  74. oh, oh, oh, it's red! Woo hoo! Funny thing is I saw this posted on another blog and thought wow, I bet someone is copying Kahy's idea of the house on the pillow. Then I read it was your giveaway! He,he!

    My favorite posts have been the converstions between you and Earl. The one that really got me was shortly after Earl got laid off and one of the girls had to be somewhere early. It sounded like he thought you should take her but you said he'd have to make your coffe early before he took her. It was cute and sweet and funny all at once; a very personal look into your wonderful relationship and positive outlook.

    I also enjoyed when all your nieces come over to sew and craft with you. That's so cool because so many teens don't want anything to do with grownups or arts and crafts. It's wonderful what a gift you're giving them!

    Then you throw in all those fabulous photographs and sweet designs, you've got us all hooked!
    Congratulations on 3 years! I'm still a few months away from my first blogversary.

  75. Hi Kathy,
    I just found your blog on "My Everyday Things", Elly's blog. Yours is so beautiful and I will be visiting often. I would love to win your adorable pillow, it would fit perfectly in my house.



  76. I can't imagine that I haven't seen your blog yet - so glad you won Amy's giveaway, or I might have never known! The pillow is adorable, and I'm not saying that just because I hope I win it.

  77. How cute is that! I love it! Actually, this would make THE perfect gift for a dear friend of mine, who goes crazy over red gingham....... should I be lucky enough to win, I would love to gift it to her.

  78. That cottage pillow is just the cutest - especially the garden out front. I saw the mention of your giveaway on Amy's (Into Vintage) blog. Lucky you to have won her latest giveaway. I recently bought one of her runners and it is so nice. You will love yours. I'm off to check out your etsy shop. Carol

  79. I love visiting - just to see how things are going in your life and seeing your gorgeous creations
    Congratulations on three yeasr of blogging

  80. Three years of blogging -WOW -I check in on your blog everyday -I just enjoy your projects and your talent.

  81. I come to your blog because you are just so-darned-talented!!!

  82. I come to your blog because you are just so-darned-talented!!!

  83. Love your pillow. Just wanted to say hi and I will return.

  84. I came over from Amy's blog...congrats on winning the beautiful runner! I just love your pillow! I am a red/white kind of girl and this just makes me smile! Thank you for having this might like to come over and say hello...I have a blog that looks alot like your pillow! :) Have a good week! :) Sandy

  85. Ahh that is lovely! I just found your blog but am loving it. Thanks for the chance!

  86. cutest pillow ever! Would look great at my house. ;) Glad to have found your blog. :)

  87. Good Morning Kathy Sweetie...
    3 years wow...I am coming up on 1 year in June.

    I love to come and visit because you are so creative and you make unusal and beautiful things. This pillow is so darn cute. My dining room and kitchen are done in cherries, and yes (I had my eye on the backing to that quilt) and I can see this pillow in one of my side chairs. How precious it is. Thank you so much for the wonderful opportunity to win this beautiful gift of love.

    Have a beautiful Tuesday sweetie. Country hugs...Sherry

  88. Kathy, congrats on your anniversary! I would love to enter your drawing for that most adorable pillow. I found your blog through some comments you made on another. I kept seeing your picture by your name pop up, and I thought, "She looks like fun. I'll go check out her blog," and I love seeing what you do. You are SO talented.

    When I started reading your posts, I can remember thinking how pretty your pictures are and how talented you are. In terms of my favorite post, I would be hard pressed to pick one, but I do love the one below this one with those gorgeous tartlets on the chair! You just have such a gift for display and design, too. I love the crispness of your photos and the bright, clear colors. You're doing a super job!


    Sheila :-)

  89. Kathy~ Congrats on your three years. I just found your blog and I love it. I will be back. Your
    pillow is my color and I love it
    so please enter me,if you can I
    don't have a blog,but I blog hop
    all the time. I am so glad I found
    you.Have a good day.:O)

  90. If I could live in a little cottage, it would look just like that! I'm new to your blog and I would love to be entered into your giveaway.
    I'm also doing a giveaway on my blog! Please stop in and say, HI!"

  91. I just love all your cute crafts, you are so talented. I especially love your house pillows, that's actually how I first discovered you was that adorable black and white cottage pillow, so cute! Have a great day and thanks for the giveaway!!

  92. That pillow is gorgeous! It would look great on my yellow wing back chair near my kitchen. Have a good day Kathy . . and thanks for including me in your giveaway!

  93. Hi there! I love visiting because I feel like I'm visiting a neighbor! I feel welcome! It's just cozy and welcoming here! I am so glad that you also came to celebrate my 2 year blogoversary with me! Thank you so much!
    ~TattingChic ♥

  94. stumbled upon your blog and i'm so happy i did! i adore that little pillow!!

    when you get a chance, stop by my blog, i'm having a ruffle inspired giveaway!

  95. Okay outdid yourself with this is the felt flowers and ofcourse that door knob....I won't even way I would be lucky two years in a row!!

  96. I can't get this photo to load but KNOW it is something special!
    Yesterday I surprised a friend with the heart I got from you....she was so overjoyed Kathy I can't tell you.
    She said her daughter wanted it badly LOL.
    A post of yours that sticks out in my mind showed Earl's cheesecake bites...dipped in chocolate :)

  97. I love to visit your blog because it is charming and I love all your creations! Very inspiring!
    Happy 3 years! karen....

  98. I guess we started blogging about the same time..I think mine was in about Oct. of '07...we've both seemed to really enjoy it, too. Blogging came at a very good time in my life and has been so rewarding.
    I have so enjoyed the years with you. I've watched you go through some pretty hard times but never once complaining. Always holding your head up high and forging along with high hopes. You are such a pleasure to know...and I can just imagine how much your family loves you!!

    This pillow is amazing, Kathy. I am so selfish..I have one of your beautiful pillows and several lovely hearts but.....but....
    I WANT THIS ONE, TOO.!! :))
    Thanks so much for giving us a chance at owning it.
    CONGRATULATIONS on your 3 years...

  99. Kathy, I follow your blog for many reasons. I love you, you are tremendously talented, your chicken soup made me start drooling at the pix, You always have something sweet and positive to say when in your situation it would be so easy to whine. THe cottage pillow is beautiful but, like Karen, don't enter me in the drawing. I just can't wait to see what you will be creating when you actually have some training in school. Do not let them rob you of your originality. It is one of your best talents. LAS

  100. came from Amy's... the pillow, red/white, checks, a little cottage, it's everything I love!
    CONGRATULATIONS on 3 years!
    Cherry Hill Cottage~

  101. Oh dear, I can't pick a favorite. I've enjoyed so many of your endeavors and I'm afraid I haven't been here since the very beginning. I guess one of your posts that always comes to mind if the collapse of the dining room ceiling. What had to VERY frustrating you wrote about with grace and fortitude. That's why I enjoy your blog.

  102. This is my first time to your blog ~ came by way of Christa@Countryheartsathome. She is *advertising* for you! I hope a newcomer can enter your giveaway ~ what a sweet prize!

  103. What a beautiful cottage you've made! Wow! I saw your give away on someone else's blog and haven't visited before, but I like what I see and will come back again. I would love to join your give away!

  104. Hi~ I came over from Elly's (My Everyday Things), and what a nice blog! I checked out your Etsy shop - cute stuff; but this red house is perfect! I hope I win - I love Red, Polka Dots, Cottages, and Gardening!

    Congrats on three years!

  105. Hi Kathy - I am new to your blog (found you through Into Vintage whose pilloows live all over my house). Please enter my name in your drawing for the wonderful cottage pillow. : ) Carly in PA

  106. Happy Easter and Happy Spring, Kathy, Thanks for all of the inspiration you give us in your blog. I love coming to visit. Please enter my name in your drawing for that cute, cute pillow.


  107. Congratulations, Kathy!!!

    I visit because you are always refreshing and uplifting. And, I love seeing all of your beautiful creations.

    You're a good friend to all.

  108. Hi have just discovered your blog and love it, love quilting and what a cute pillow!! Judy

  109. congratulations!I am so in L O V E with that pillow! i so enjoyed your chicken soup post. it looked so delish i swear (only word i could think of to describe my feelings) i could smell and taste it! yum!

  110. I like to visit here because it's always upbeat and real and colorful. Oh and happy !! I like the happy here.

    Gwyn Rosser @ The Pink Tractor

  111. Kathy,
    Congratulations on your three year anniversary. You were one of the first avitars smiling back at me when I crated my blog.

    I just love this new pillow design. Everything you create seems to be sewn with love. Please enter me in your giveaway.

    Happy Easter Kathy.


  112. Wow...I LOVE the pillow...I saw the pic on another blog & had to pop over. Please enter me for a chance to win. I'm gonna go read all your older posts now - just love all your photos! Congrats on 3 years of blogging :)
    Smiles, DianeM

  113. Its so cute! I have my fingers crossed!

  114. Kathy I'm a fan of your blog and your beautiful creations (I have several of your things.) I enjoy visiting your blog because we have a lot of the same interest. My favorite post was oddly enough the chicken soup post. That picture of your homemade chicken soup haunted me until I made it for my family. It was delicious. I look forward to reading all about your new journey as you head back to school. Happy Easter to you and your family.

    Rhonda L.

  115. Kathleen, oh I'm so glad I came by to see what your Easter Eggs were all about and found your giveaway. Love your cottage pillows and would love to be entered in your giveaway.
    Happy Easter,

  116. though I am new to your blog...I have surely enjoyed your delightful place and your sweet spirit. I would love to try for the give away, your little house pillow is truly sweet. Congrats to your bloggy accomplishment...hope to see more..
    Happy Easter blessings to you and yours!!! Mica

  117. What a cute pillow! And the colors are wonderful. Please enter me in your drawing. Happy day.


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